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23 Feb

Eat and Drink Your Way Through Seoul

If there’s one word people consistently use to describe Seoul, it’s fast. Fast construction, fast Internet, and, of course, fast food. In this city of millions, trends catch on like wildfire. It’s not uncommon for hyped-up restaurants to have lines around the block one month and shutter the next. “There’s so much experimentation going on right now, there are a lot of head-scratching dishes,” says Joe McPherson, founder of the food blog ZenKimchi and author of the e-book Seoul Restaurant Expat Guide. “But even the traditional restaurants are improving—using better ingredients and better preparations.” To do Seoul right, travelers need to balance glorious classics like Daegu-style short ribs and crispy mung bean pancakes with newer, zanier concoctions (whipped cream and...
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22 Feb

Korea’s Paris Baguette Is Now A Real Parisian Boulangerie

Boulangerie Paris Baguette

South Korea-based bakery chain Paris Baguette, which has over 3,000 locations around the world, has finally opened a storefront in its namesake city. According to the Korea Herald, it is located in Central Paris near the Pont Neuf Bridge and is called Paris Baguette Chatelet. The 200-square-meter, 46-seat store is "expected to serve as the company's global flagship store." Yonhap News Agency writes Paris Baguette will "hire French bakers and focus its menu on French breads, pastries, and sandwiches" in an effort to appeal to local consumers. The menu will also feature "exclusive" items like fresh cream chiffon cakes and special "stuffed" breads. Hur Young-In, the chairman of SPC Group — the parent company of Paris Baguette — tells...
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22 Feb

The Top 9 Korean BBQ Restaurants In America!


Korean BBQ is one of the biggest thrills in dining. There’s something about grilling your own meal that just appeals to, well.. everyone. Fresh grilled meats and vegetables are a healthy dining out option but Korean BBQ is more than just the food. The companionable and entertaining atmosphere found around the grill is unmatched in any other dining setting. Korean BBQ is just a fun way to spend a night out.

Image Source TabelogNY
Image Source TabelogNY

Location 3505 Gwinnett Pl Dr Ste 101, Duluth, GA 30096

Phone (770) 946-1000

For our top Korean BBQ pick we travel to Duluth, GA. Breakers Korean BBQ offers a different BBQ dining experience. The restaurant oozes sophistication and class and offers a zen-like environment. White booths, low...
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22 Feb

Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

we’re back with another morning hack! last time we shared this simple pancake recipe that can be made ahead, and today we’re sharing a baked oatmeal bar made with Quaker Oats. i like to work out in the morning, it starts my day on the right foot and leaves me feeling energized for the day. i know there are split opinions on eating before working out but for me, personally, i have to eat something about 45 minutes before or i’ll start feeling really weak half way through my workout. i’ve been making a version of these bars for the past few months and thought i’d share the recipe i came up with usingQuaker whole grain oats....
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21 Feb

Korean Bibimbap for Vegan

Ahoy, mateys! I’m back with another f*cking recipe to share with you guys. But before that, I have a question…. have you ever experienced the 4 stages of arousal? Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm and Resolution. I just want to say that if for some reason you haven’t, you are guaranteed to experience it in today’s recipe. Fair warning. Stop reading now if you want to preserve your innocence. Anyway, back to business: Korean food is one of the best food on the planet. Bibimbap, in particular, is the rockstar of Korean cuisine. Korean Bibimbap is basically a dish of steamed rice, served with sautéed seasonal vegetables and meat and served with an addictive Gochujang chilli sauce. Of course, we don’t...
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17 Feb

Korean Bulgogi and Kimchi Nachos

Korean Bulgogi and Kimchi Nachos 800 6130
One of my favourite game day snacks is nachos and this time I though that I would combine them with one of my favourite cuisines, Korean cuisine, and so I present to you these Korean themed nachos with bulgogi, kimchi and plenty of melted cheese! Bulgogi is Korean BBQ beef that is marinated in a tasty sweet and salty sauce that is absolutely divine all by itself but it gets even better in these nachos. Kimchi is fermented cabbage that is on the sour side and can be spicy but when combined with the sweet bulgogi and the melted cheese it mellows out and really brings these nachos together! From there you can top the nachos with what you want...
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17 Feb

Best Vegetarian Recipes


Whether you have made the full vegetarian plunge or just want to mix it up, sans the meat, once a week, these healthy, meatless main dishes will have you swooning.

Rösti Casserole with Baked Eggs

From fresh garden salads to hearty stews, and even a mock meat loaf, this collection of vegetarian recipes will leave you full, happy, and certainly glad you chose these healthy meatless meals. In honor of our 25th anniversary, we compiled a collection of our editors' and readers' favorite vegetarian recipes from the past 25 years. Based on research from, we pulled the Cooking Light recipes that received the most votes and highest star ratings.   First Up: You'll love this Rösti Casserole with Baked Eggs....
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17 Feb

Harry Potter Themed Coffee Shop Opens In Nevada


They have butterbeer and nutella lattes, so yeah. We need to go there.

​It doesn't matter how many gimmicky chocolate frogs we taste or Griffindor scarves we buy - we'll never stop getting excited over a new Harry Potter themed thing we can eat, visit, or display proudly in our bedrooms.

And so the grand opening of Bad Owl Coffee in Henderson, Nevada is cause for a whole round of celebratory butterbeers. Followed by some frantic bank account checking as we try to justify saving up for a plane ticket.

The café is - as you've probably guessed by our JOY - entirely Harry Potter themed.

Good morning from Platform 9¾! ⚡️ Guys. This is already my favorite coffee shop & it just opened today....
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16 Feb

Korean Fusion Food


Korean Food meets Western Food.

Korean food is known for its delicate spices and its umami-like flavours found in dishes like, Kimchi, and Bulgogi. So when Korean food is cleverly infused with conventional western food, it becomes a unique delectable. Here are some of Korean Fusion Foods worth a try:


One of Korea’s favorite street foods, Ddoggochi (떡꼬치) which are skewered rice cakes covered in various sauces, meets Bacon. The bacon gives it a crisp and  salty taste, as oppose to the soft texture of the rice cake, giving it a refreshingly new taste.


Traditional Mexican food meets a Korean traditional dish to create Kimchi Tacos. The punch of spiciness in Kimchi wrapped in either a soft or hard taco shell brings contemporary, new flavours to fusion foods.

[vc_single_image image="10610"...
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16 Feb

Korean Soju Cocktail Recipe

Since it is St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to share a cocktail recipe. Our fridge is constantly stocked with a few basics: milk, yogurt, string cheese, eggs, strawberries and soju! What is soju you ask? Well, soju which is packaged in a distinct bright green bottle, is Korea’s national liquor and can be found right next to the kimchi in any Korean household and social gathering (proof here). Soju is an alcohol typically made from rice, wheat or barley, but modern producers often replace rice with other starches such as potatoes, sweet potatoes or tapioca. It is a clear liquid, comparable to vodka with a slightly sweeter taste. It’s usually taken as a shot however, just...
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