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12 Jun

Nivea Dolls Get Sunburnt to Teach Kids about Sunscreen

  To help teach kids the importance of sun block, Nivea made and distributed dolls made of UV sensitive materials that turn red when exposed to the sun without sunscreen. Kids could apply sunscreen (Nivea, if you please) to the dolls so they won’t burn. Teaching kids a valuable lesson, while also offering a distraction for when it’s time to lather them up—kids can apply sunscreen to their dolls, while parents apply it to them. Don’t forget to get an extra bottle of sunscreen for the doll, moms and dads. (Cha ching!) Brought to us by the winners of the 2014 Cannes Mobile Grand Prix for the ad that turns into a kid-tracking bracelet. Source –
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9 Jun

Transgenders Are Making Their Own ‘VANITY FAIR’ Covers

Among other wonderful things, Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover has sparked some amazing conversations about the visibility of trans people in our society. Crystal of Ramble On, Amazon posted a thoughtful, moving essay about the importance of visibility for all trans people, not just the ones who exemplify our cultural ideal of beauty. She writes: A lot of people have explained it better than me recently, but a large contingent of the trans community has engaged in a lot of dialogue the past few days, ever since Vanity Fair announced their Caitlyn Jenner's cover story, most of which revolves around the idea that the world only seems to embrace us if we're wealthy enough or lucky enough to adhere to white,...
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8 Jun

Will Google Photos Become Fashion’s New Favorite App?

Until Google can offer us computerized pants—a real thing in development with Levi’s—we have Google Photos to keep us busy. And that it will. The new app launched today offers a full suite of possibilities, allowing for more complex commands and options than one might find in their Camera Roll or on iPhoto. The software allows you to store all the photos you take on your phone; search through them with precise keywords; and make them into movies, animations, collages, and “stories,” as Google calls them, which are sort of like digital scrapbooks. Then you can share the above in huge batches using an auto-generated link. The search function might be Google Photos’ most addicting feature. The app allows you to...
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