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22 Sep

Why Marc Jacobs Uses The Word ‘GIRL’ Instead Of ‘WOMAN’

He may have bombshell Adriana Lima fronting his new campaign, but the designer's definition of sexy is quite the nuanced thing.  PAOLA KADUCKI/SAMIRA NASR This article appears in the October issue of ELLE, on newsstands now. Adriana Lima is not the kind of woman who tends to be kept waiting. Particularly when she's wearing a mere whisper of sheer black net and 27.26 carats of Chopard diamonds, her eyes half closed, her feline form arched in what looks like ecstasy, just waiting for the arrival of her paramour, who is…here! Yes. There he is! With the glossed hair of Rudolph Valentino and the post-bender professionalism of Don Draper (suit crisp, jaw unshorn, mood…stormy), Marc Jacobs steps onto set, sidles behind his new muse,...
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20 Sep

Can You Be Punk And Still Sell Clothes? An Interview With Gareth Pugh

Plus, how much does Beyoncé boost sales? Imagine you are being hailed as the next Alexander McQueen. Your fashion show invites are harder to obtain than Gigi Hadid's phone number. Your private clients include Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. For Gareth Pugh, 34, that's not a dream—it's just his life. Though to hear his take, it's not so different from the one he had ten years ago, as a London Fashion Week neophyte. "The perception of how I work now is quite different from the reality," Pugh tells "We keep our team ​very ​small, because when you become a bigger conglomerate, you lose control...
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17 Sep

Gaybies: In Their Own Words

Earlier this year, two friends of mine - a female couple - broke the news they were pregnant. It was stupidly exciting for everyone: they'd been trying for months to conceive and now it was real. Like my boyfriend and I, our friends are a mixed-race couple, so I spent the next few minutes idiotically fawning over what the baby might look like. "Oh it's going to be so cute," I said. "It'll have your hair, but your eyes, and—" "Uh, Ben," one said, laughing. "That's not actually how it works." (That's right: for a moment there, same-sex parenting seemed so natural and inevitable to me, I'd actually forgotten the basics of biological reproduction.) Right now, roughly 11% of gay adult men and 33%...
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17 Sep

This Couple Recreated the “101 Dalmatians” Intro in Their Adorable Engagement PhotosDisney

tcollier2/Imgur ​One of the most beloved scenes from the 1961 Disney classic 101 Dalmatians is the meet cute between Roger and Anita, who are literally tied together by Roger's dalmatian, Pongo. Roger and Anita fall in love and get married, as do Pongo and Anita's dalmation, Perdita, and so the story begins. Disney So when one couple took their engagement photos, they decided to recreate the iconic scene from the future bride's favorite film, using their dogs, Mookie and Izabella, in place of Pongo and Perdita. Once the photos were posted on Imgur, they immediately went viral, because this is just beyond sweet. Melissa Biggerstaff Melissa Biggerstaff Melissa Biggerstaff [caption id="" align="alignnone"...
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13 Sep

Bridget Jones’s Baby: Patrick Dempsey Joins The Cast Alongside Rene Zellweger And Colin Firth

Hold on to your big knickers Bridget Jones fans, there’s news from Hollywood about Bridget Jones’s Baby, the third – and probably final – film in the series. It’s been almost a year since Renee Zellweger teased us with the ‘it would be fun’ comment about reprising her role, and even Colin Firth has grown impatient. Talk about the film as a serious goer first began in 2012, but was reportedly stalled by script issues and Hugh Grant’s indecision over whether to get involved. By 2013, with still no word on when filming would begin, Firth said in an interview: “The way it’s going, you might be seeing Bridget Jones’s granddaughter’s story being told by the time we get there,” and sometime last...
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10 Sep

Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s New Products

We're still reeling from last night's excitement at ALL the Apple news. With so many new nuggets of technology information, it was difficult to keep up. So we've selected the important bites of information you need to know. 1. The selfie button Apple knows what's important. They actually coined the phrase 'emergency selfie'. Kim Kardashian would be proud. The new iPhone includes a new function which will make it so much easier to whip out your phone and nail that selfie. You know, because when the lighting is perfectly on point, you just need to capture the flawless moment before the sun goes in. Natch. 2. New emojis  iOS 9.1 has introduced some amazing new emojis. Can we get a 'HELL YES'? Finally we have a button that will...
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9 Sep

Angelina Jolie Speaks Out About The Shocking Extent Of Isis Sexual Atrocities

"It's a violent, brutal, terrorizing weapon."GETTYSpeaking at the UK House of Lords as part of a committee on sexual violence in war,​Angelina Jolie described the shocking ways that ISIS is using sexual violence as a "dehumanizing weapon," specifically detailing the horrific atrocities against girls as young as 7.Angelina explained: "For over 10 years I've been visiting the field and meeting with families and survivors of sexual violence who felt for so long that their voices simply didn't matter. They weren't heard and they carried a great shame." In one particularly harrowing memory, Angelina recalls the devastating story of a young girl who had been raped numerous times by the Islamic State. "I remember distinctly meeting this little girl who was very young, perhaps 7 or 8,...
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9 Sep

Lady of Liberty

In this striking series of images Thang LV and Alina Zamanova comment upon the problems surrounding gender equality in today’s society. The series “Lady of Liberty” is the result of a collaboration between photographer Thang and Ukrainian illustrator Alina. Thang is currently London-based and has worked for big clientele in the fashion industry including Italian Vogue. Alina initially studied graphic design in Kiev where she evolved her practice through more traditional artistic techniques. Upon moving to London she studied fashion illustration at London College of Fashion, and later worked for Alexander McQueen. The series is inspired by the identity politics which continues to surround female images today. Thang described the concept to Wonderland as “a meditation upon how women continue to be...
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8 Sep

Alexa Chung Launches Fashion App, Villoid

Alexa Chung has added yet another string to her varied bow by announcing the launch of her new fashion app; Villoid, which promises to be “your very own endless dressing up box”. Available from today via the iTunes app store, it allows you to follow your favourite brands – including ACNE, ASOS, Chloé and Burberry – as well as stylish fellow users, and create ‘style boards’ featuring your favourite products and inspirational images to build up your own profile. Imagine a mix between Instagram and Pinterest. Uniquely, it offers a ‘buy’ button, allowing you to purchase items from affiliate sites directly from the app. Villoid's Instagram account describes Chung as "co-founder and secret mastermind" of the app. On her own Instagram account, Chung...
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6 Sep

Get Your Hands On Prints From a 1992 Kate Moss Love Story Shot In New York

Kate Moss' angelic teenage visage and New York City's subways and sidewalks are the dual icons of Stephanie Pfriender Stylander's 1992 shoot for Harper's Bazaar; a love story featuring La Moss in the Big Apple's romantic hot spots with top 90s male model Marcus Schenkenberg. The then Paris-based photographer Pfriender Stylander was asked to shoot the editorial in New York with a fresh new face who had lots of character, and selected Kate Moss from photocopies sent over by an agent in London. The black and white shoot was Moss's first editorial in the US. Inspired by sixties filmmakers Jean-Luc Godard and John Cassavetes, the images have a cinematic quality, with some tinted and printed on dot screens, an homage to Andy...
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