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14 May

Fly boutique

Fly Boutique carries both newer designer and vintage items such as Chanel, Missoni, Gucci,Dior and Pucci just to name a few. Jean Marie also has her own line named Puglia. Since 1996 she has been reconstructing vintage items and creating beautiful dresses, tops, bikinis and bags. All of these items are recycled from vintage pieces that are no longer desirable in their present condition. They are all one of a kind. Fly Boutique has always projected to its clients a new concept in recycled and vintage clothing, accessories and furniture. It has become more mainstream, but with a minimal, simple and charming yet glamorous style that appeals to all generations. 128 S Main St, Petal, MS 39465, United States +1 601-336-5124...
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16 Mar

TAKING SIDES ; Geometric Stockholm fashion store

If you thought Dagmar was a nightclub that Dirty Den set fire to in Eastenders, then firstly you’re old, and secondly you clearly haven’t been clothes shopping in Sweden much; Dagmar is a fashion brand run by three sisters with a new in-store shop at the super-swanky Stockholm department store Nordiska Kompaniet (NK). There may be two sides to most stories, but there are three sides to the story of design firm Guise‘s interior work – taking a cue from Dagmar’s association with the Art Deco movement, it started with the simplest geometric shape, the triangle, and expanded on its possibilities. Stacking the triangles together, Guise constructed display frames with many different ways to arrange the clothes, hanging in the traditional...
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29 Dec


They say men and women are two different species, and at this second shop from denim vendor Tenue de Nîmes, the designers have approached the task at hand with that very tenet in mind. The team – architect Pim van Lingen, interiors man Jacob Roeland, art director Joachim Baan and Tenue de Nîmes’ founders Rene Strolenberg and Menno van Meurs – split the shop in half, one for the Martians and one for the Venutians. The ‘Mesdames’ section is light, soft and colourful, while still using a modern look that exploits industrial architectural features. The blokes have been sent to the basement, the shop equivalent of the garden shed, with a more rough and ready aesthetic. There are lots of other little...
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