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23 Feb

The Entrepreneur’s Field Guide To Using Social Media Channels

I’ve been on an eight year journey of trying to figure out how to use social media to build a business. As I mentioned last week in 4 Basic Elements Of Successful Social Media Strategies, I believe that if entrepreneurs are not leveraging social media, they are already late to the game. But the whole notion of setting out on this path was daunting to me in 2008, and things have only gotten more complex since then. Whether you’re a social media veteran or are overwhelmed about where to start, picking the right social media channel to use can be overwhelming. Over the years, I’ve experimented (and failed) a number of times as I have found my way toward using this powerful breakthrough...
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21 Feb

10 Businesses You Can Start From Your Dorm Room


What do Microsoft, Dell, Napster and Facebook all have in common? Aside from being among some of the most market-shaking companies of the last quarter century, they were all also created by college students.

Sure, not everyone can be the next Mark Zuckerberg, but starting a small business while in college is definitely possible. There are several options that require little to no startup capital and can be done without an office space. Entrepreneurship in college can help make valuable connections while also generating some income to cover tuition, meals and those very expensive textbooks.


Here are 10 ideas for starting a business from the comfort of your own dorm room.

1. Information technology (IT) consulting Information technology is one field where having years of experience can actually work against you. College students typically have the...
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21 Feb

Lessons I Learned From Ditching My 9-to-5 To Work For Myself


A year ago, after months of late nights and weekends spent working my side hustle, I made the leap into freelancing full time. Since then, I’ve been consulting for various small businesses, helping them launch their online presence and get noticed by the media.

Time has flown since I packed up my little corporate office and called it quits, but at the same time, I feel like I’ve packed in about 10 years’ worth of learning.

Here are nine of my biggest lessons from my first year flying solo. 1. There's no such thing as taking a vacation. Don’t get me wrong -- I travel pretty frequently. I’ve think I’ve taken more trips in the year since I quit my nine-to-five than the five years before that. That said,...
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18 Feb

8 Inspiring and Creative Cosmetics Companies


The beauty business is a huge industry, and with a seemingly endless supply of brands large and small covering hair, nails, makeup and skin care, it can be hard to stand out. But some companies find a way to make a name for themselves or do what no one else has done before. Whether they're taking products typically laden with chemicals and turning them all natural, putting a scientific spin on skin care or creating products more colorful than you've ever seen, these eight creative beauty businesses are sure to inspire you.


Glitter once, glitter forever #midnightcowboy #color #inspiration #thenewhabit
Habit Cosmetics(@habitcosmetics)님이 게시한 사진님, 2015 11월 24 오후 11:59 PST

Manicure lovers know that most nail polishes contain some not-so-natural ingredients. Habit...
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17 Feb

Kylie And Kendall Jenner Join Kim Kardashian In The World Of Mobile Games


There's a lot of selfie-taking involved

And so the Kardashian/Jenners take another step along their path to world domination. Just after sharing their first proper fashion collection with the world, Kendall and Kylie Jenner presented another one of their impressive accomplishments to the internet: They're getting in on Kim Kardashian's business -y venture by making their very own game for us all to download onto our iPhones and become inappropriately obsessed with on the immediate. The sisters' first ever game is appropriately named Kendall & Kylie, and is available on the App Store from today. It's already in the top five most downloaded apps of the day, because that is the power of this family.   ITS HERE! the Kendall and Kylie GAME is now...
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15 Feb

Business Idea : Fashion


Businesses You Can Start on Your Own
In any economy, a part-time business can bring in extra income, give you a fallback plan if you lose your job, or plant the seed for a larger venture. In a downturn, it's hard to argue with preparing a backup plan. Of course, starting a business is always risky, and you will almost surely spend more than you make at first. Previously, we offered advice for recently laid-off workers considering going into business for themselves. Now we're offering snapshots of 20 part-time solo business ventures that could turn into full-fledged businesses, including tips on getting started and links to in-depth articles.

Artisan Food Purveyor A growing number of consumers are becoming conscious...
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11 Feb

How Secondhand Clothing Gave This Woman a Second Chance

Rita Cortese was a divorced single mother struggling to make ends meet as a full-time insurance underwriter. Wracked with concern about raising her 2-year-old daughter, she sought a career change that would give her more flexibility. That’s when she learned about Plato’s Closet, a secondhand clothing and accessories franchise. She fell in love with the concept and thought it would be a great fit for her southern New Jersey location. Within days, she was on a plane to the company’s Minnesota headquarters. Once there, she was sold -- literally. She refinanced her house and investment property, borrowed money from her parents and maxed out her credit cards to purchase a unit, which she opened in April 2006. With massive inventory and...
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