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17 Sep

An Atypical Los Angeles Retail Store

Virgil Normal Los Angeles native and stylist extraordinaire Shirley Kurata opened Virgil Normal with partner Charlie Staunton to cater to a very Southern California demographic: those who live a “balance between city life and the great outdoors.” The shop, named after its location at the cross streets of Virgil and Normal, stocks everything from Rodarte jerseys and tees (Kurata helps style the Mulleavy sisters’ fashion shows) to curated selections of perfect vintage finds that evenJustin Bieber has rocked.   Contact : 323.741.8489 / Visit Website Address : 4157 Normal Avenue, Los Angeles, 90029 Source –
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15 Sep

Travel Beauty Tips for Every Girl On the Go

Whether traveling by plane, train, or automobile, the art of "getting there" can wreak havoc on our skin and hair. This can be especially tricky because, due to space and TSA restrictions, you can't take along every single one of your favorite beauty products with you. So if you may be planning an end-of-summer vacation or maybe taking a weekend road trip with girlfriends keep these tips in mind the next time you hit the road. They will help your skin and hair stay in better shape, plus they should make you feel better during your travels, too! image: atlantic pacific 1. Ziplock bags are your best friend. Not only does TSA ask that you pack all your liquids together in one, but...
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8 Sep

View From My Window: Photographers From Around The World Share Intimate Scenes Of Their Home Ccity

When we set foot in an unknown country at the star of a holiday, we have strongs hopes of dipping below the radar and discovering something outside of the typical tourist trail. Which is why we're fascinated by a new photo series which captures views from homes in 27 countries, from Colombia to Australia. Named The View From Here, the collection of pictures take us on an intimate tour of the way some live and how their window view makes them feel. "The descriptions people submitted capture the thoughts and raw emotions of what they experienced while looking out their window, resulting in a unique perspective from people around the world," says the folks over at Somfy, the interiors website behind the project. Somfy contacted 41 photographers around...
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1 Sep

A Tailor Who Does Alterations for Givenchy and Isabel Marant

Christy Rilling Studio   Christy Rilling has quite the reputation within the fashion sphere. “I believe tailoring can make or break an outfit, and Christy is the best in the business,” says stylist and shoe designer Tabitha Simmons. Simmons in not alone in her recognition of Rilling’s impeccable, subtle skill in alteration—Rilling is also a Givenchy, Isabel Marant, and Dolce & Gabbana campaign favorite. Contact :  212.564.8307 / Visit Website Address : 325 West 38th Street New York, NY Written by Tabitha Simmons, writer for Source –
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25 Aug

10 Of The Best Vintage Stores In Europe!

Everywhere you look there are shops that mirror history. And we’re not talking about museums or galleries, but about vintage (thrift) stores. Whether you want to dress yourself to mimic a part of history, or accessorize yourself with retro pieces, there’s plenty on offer.A small warning just ahead, there were so many options to choose from! If you’re missing one from this list, or you don’t find your city among them, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great spot. Search our locals’ tips, and you’ll find plenty!1. Paris Vintage – BarcelonaThe owner of Paris Vintage, a French native by the name of Dorian, has dedicated her  life to the world of fashion. According to our Spotter Sol she knows so much...
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20 Aug

France’s Iconic Versailles Palace Is Opening a Hotel

Versailles is about to let tourists do way more than imagine living life like French royalty. Reuters reports that the famous palace is building a hotel to let people truly live like pampered kings and queens. Three run-down buildings built in 1680, originally designated for officers, would be converted in hotels. They're technically outside of the park, but many rooms will overlook the famous Orangerie garden from the southeast corner. According to France 24, one of the buildings is a massive mansion, and guests could potentially stay in the same rooms as the king's senior advisers. Written by Megan Friedman, writer for Source - Le Journal de Dimanche reports that the palace is considering the hotel to boost its bottom line financially, though a similar...
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5 Aug

Where to Shop in Copenhagen, According to the City’s Most Stylish Girls

Some think New York is the most stylish city in the world. Others would argue it’s Paris. But we think Copenhagen deserves to be high on the list—just click through any Tommy Ton slideshow and you’ll find that some of the chicest girls on the street-style scene hail from Denmark. With Copenhagen Fashion Week kicking off this week, we asked five of the city’s best-dressed locals to give us the scoop on their favorite designer boutiques, where to score vintage YSL, and—of course—what they’re planning to wear to the shows. Click through the slideshow for can’t-miss tips from Pernille Teisbaek, Alexandra Carl, and more. written by Emily Farra Source -  ...
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3 Jul

POLE POSITION ; Concept store showcase Poland’s best art and design

NO WÓDKA is a showcase of Polish art and design that aims to break through some stereotypes about the country, starting with the name. Don’t let the lack of booze put you off though, as the Berlin pop-up concept store has got plenty of other attractions to recommend it. It’s designed around the idea of a walk-in wardrobe; rather than use traditional wall-mounted shelves, interior architects KONTENT constructed a self-supporting interior frame made of scaffolding which brings several benefits. Using the frame structure, the retail space has been divided into two separate areas. The front section contains moveable parts, such as the counter and window displays, which can be reconfigured as necessary. The weight-bearing rear section also provides a degree of...
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2 Jul

Home / Unusaul Store; VENAFRO, ITALY

Home / Unusual Store; the architect’s vision is in the name. Luigi Valente states his intention for the retail space to be “a place like home”, but on the contrary “a fantasy place that projects the client far away”. It’s perhaps a paradox too far, unless you live in the future, but what Valente has undeniably achieved, is a thoroughly exciting retail space that belies its diminutive space. Exposed concrete, monochrome colour scheme, arty lighting and Zaha Hadid-esque seating; it’s all very en vogue, and all very effortlessly realised. Luigi Valente’s Home / Unusual Store may not be a fantasy-land cum home, but it’s a bloody good looking shop, and surely that’s all that matters…   written by James Davidson Source - Photography  Stefano Pedretti...
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29 Jun

Your two-shop-stop for Parisian style in Japan

Two stores, one concept: to deliver Parisian style to the fashion conscious consumers of Tokyo. In a romantic gesture worthy of the capital of love, Maison Kitsuné opened the doors at its sister stores on St Valentine’s Day, with each venue offering a different facet of the brand’s Euro-cool. Naturally both stores are located in the ultra-chic Aoyama district – one providing high-fashion but ready-to-wear outfits, and the other, Cafe Kitsuné, leaning more towards lifestyle, with record label merchandise and more casual wear on the menu. Everything from the floor up has been given plenty of thought by by brand co-founder Masaya Kuroki and architecture office FHC for this return to the firm’s spiritual home – Kitsuné means fox in Japanese....
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