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19 May

Mushroom Risotto


My favorite recipe for mushroom risotto with tips for making it perfect!

Risotto may sound like a pain to make, but it’s probably simpler than you think. While you do have to watch the stove for some time, time flies quickly when doing that—especially if you’re enjoying a glass of wine from the bottle you just opened for the recipe (like I always do).

Tips for making the perfect risotto: The type of rice that’s commonly used in risotto is Arborio. Never wash the rice. Washing takes off the rice’s starch, and starch is needed for the dish’s creaminess. Cooking liquid. One liter of broth works best for me to cook this recipe to the texture I like, but if you want it...
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19 May

Hi, Come Trenders! We’re On Social Media (Finally)!

Hello, readers! We are finally on social media - about time, right? Give us a follow or like using the icons below - that way, you can be even more informed and up-to-date with the trends trending around the world and can enter for a chance to be a part of giveaways & even be featured! See you there!                  ...
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18 May

7 Old Hollywood Inspired Cocktails

One step into the Waldorf Astoria and you feel as if you've been transported back in time–and in a lot of ways, you have. Walk through the luxe hotel lobby with high, intricately detailed ceilings and into Peacock Alley, the hotel's legendary bar, and you'll see what we mean. This is the place where martinis and manhattans are ever-flowing, and many a celebrity has sat atop the plush leather bar stools to sip one. At the helm of this cocktail institution is Frank Caiafa, the lacquered wood bar top his cherished workspace for over ten years. Caiafa is the first bartender to make a new bar book for the hotel since it's first during the prohibition era in 1931. "I...
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17 May

This Two-Minute Banana Parfait Is Your New Go-To Breakfast


Pull together this tasty Banana Breakfast Parfait, a crunchy and sweet combo of yogurt and fruit, in under two minutes!


4 Nilla wafer cookies, crushed
3/4 cup vanilla yogurt
1/4 cup granola cereal
1/2 large banana, sliced


1. Add 2 crushed vanilla wafers to the bottom of a glass or small jar.

2. Spoon half of the yogurt on the vanilla wafers, followed by the granola and a layer of banana.

3. Repeat the process and top with a sprinkle of granola.

Serves 1



From Stylecaster

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17 May

The Best Burgers In NYC


With Paris and potentially Los Angeles in it's rearview, New York may just be the hub for the best burgers in the world. The burger menu in our hometown is a true melting pot, including a variety of classic French, innovative New American and gritty fast-casual options. These classics paired with the groundbreakers make New York's burger selection unbeatable, diverse and undoubtedly delicious. With mouths watering, here is our short list of the city's best.

Minetta Tavern

We're fairly certain that not one New Yorker will dispute that these burgers are the most decadent, luxe items one can place between two ends of a bun. While the Minetta Burger is a classic not to be discounted, the Black...
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17 May

Lonely Planet Names The World’s Most Breathtaking Bars


In a joyous combination of two of our favourite activities, Lonely Planet has announced a list of the world's most breathtaking bars for enjoying a cocktail. As if we needed any more destinations to add to our bucket list, the company's new book, 50 Bars to Blow Your Mind ($11), goes on sale today, and it's packed with speakeasies, cave bars, rooftop venues, and secret dwellings that will make you want to book a flight and order a Negroni at the same time. Our top pick? Northern Lights, a über-cool Icelandic venue with spectacular views of aurora borealis.

Via Conde Nast Traveller
Via Conde Nast Traveller
Sky Bar | Bangkok Perched 63 floors up from the bustling streets of Bangkok, Sky Bar sits above the Earth's exosphere, so guests...
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17 May

Forget Cake vs. Yeast, Potato Doughnuts Are the Greatest

Do you find the chewy denseness of the cake doughnut totally irresistible? Or are you a devotee of the light and fluffy yeast doughnut? It doesn’t matter what side you are on, because potato doughnuts are here now, and they are truly the best thing that’s happened to doughnuts—or potatoes, for that matter—in a long time. I first encountered the potato doughnut on a trip to Portland, Maine. Desperately seeking breakfast for the drive back to New York, I stopped atThe Holy Donut, recommended to me by my Airbnb host. Intending to buy one, I ended up buying five—raspberry, toasted coconut, lemon, chocolate sea salt, and ginger. They were the tastiest doughnuts I had tried in a very long time: fluffy...
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16 May

Toasted Hazelnut Granola


I'm not a breakfast person. I never have been. I don't know if I ever will be. It's like being a morning person; you are or you are not. Maybe the two tie in together because I am certainly not a morning person.

My breakfast is usually a big mug of tea. That's it. When I wake up, I never feel like eating. I might be hungry when I wake up, but for the first hour of being awake, I don't enjoy eating, no matter what it is. Crazy, right? After about an hour, I get ravenous. I mean, wolf down anything I can get my hands on.

But even then, I still don't want breakfast food. I just...
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15 May

Strawberry And Mint Scones

I'm not really the kind of person that lazes in bed all morning and hits the snooze button a million times before getting up. In fact, I wake up and actually physically get out of the bed within the first couple rings of my alarm. I know that if I hit the snooze button, it just prolongs the pain of getting out of bed. Once I'm out of bed, I go about my routine of my morning tea and whatnot. I'd be the ideal partner for someone who wants breakfast in bed because while I get up, they can fall back asleep. I could whip up some delightful treats and they would wake up to the smell of freshly baked...
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15 May

Step Up Your Baking Game with These Savory Tomato Cupcakes

When I saw this recipe for tomato cupcakes with balsamic frosting on How to Philosophize with Cake’s blog, it took me a few minutes to comprehend what I read. Savory dessert is so in right now, and when I saw this recipe in particular, it struck a chord in me. I had such a problem trying to imagine what these would taste like that the only way to find out would be to make them. I printed out the recipe and headed to the market. The recipe didn’t specify what type of tomato to buy, so I bought two containers of vine ripe tomatoes. I can’t believe how nervous I was over tasting the cupcakes! I kept imagining them tasting like spaghetti...
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