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6 Jul

How To Make The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

The holidays are a time for cookies, and if you have plans to bake classic chocolate chip cookies in the near future, take note. Not all chocolate chip cookies are created equal, and there’s actually a science to baking the most perfect chocolate chip cookies around. Changing an ingredient—by even just a small amount—can make a cookie become more chewy, crispy, or dense. Substituting oil for butter, brown sugar for white sugar, and baking soda for baking powder can all change the taste and texture of a chocolate chip cookie. So how can you possibly know how to make your ideal cookie? Ozy has taken a scientific approach to making cookies and found out the best ways to make every type...
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4 Jul

The 5 Ultimate American Soft-Serve Spots to Hit Up This Summer

Here’s the backstory behind America’s alleged original soft-serve ice cream recipe: A guy by the name of Tom Carvel, born Athanasios Karvelas, started selling ice cream out of a truck in 1929. On Memorial Day weekend in 1934, he got a flat tire, pulled into a nearby parking lot, and sold his half-melted ice cream to people driving by. After nearly selling out his stock, Carvel eventually decided to make a bigger business out of this less-than-frozen ice cream variety and he created his own top-secret “soft serve” recipe while also patenting a low temperature ice cream machine. Dairy Queen, however, happens to refute Carvel’s claim. They say that they invented soft-serve. Whatever the truth is, Dairy Queen, ice cream...
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3 Jul

Boozy 4th of July Drink Recipes to Start Pinning Now


It's almost the fourth of July! You know what that means—BBQs, beaches, and definitely a one round (or five) of Miley's "Party in the U.S.A." (Don't apologize.) Make sure the party is a good one with these drinks that you'll actually make because 1) they're easy 2) they require so little effort. *Sparklers*


Three ingredients, serves eight—what more could you want? 'Merica!


1.5 cups Smirnoff® Raspberry

3 cups Lemon-Lime Soda

Red, White, and Blue Fruit (for garnish)


Mix together and enjoy.

RED, WHITE, AND BLUE SANGRIA Think of it as an adult take on punch. Ingredients: 2 bottles of Bai5 Brasilia Blueberry (or similar blueberry drink or juice) 1 can of Wakiki Coconut Bai Bubbles (or coconut water) 1 750ml bottle of...
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3 Jul

How To Make Mulled Wine At Home

As winter well and truly sets in, we’re ditching the margaritas for mulled wineand we couldn’t be happier about it. Not only does it turn winter from bearable to brilliant, but it transports us to a time we were strolling around fairy-lit Christmas markets in the Northern Hemisphere which is always a welcomed memory. If you need us this weekend, we’ll be curled up in front of the fire underneath a cashmere blanket, mulled wine in hand.   Mulled Wine   Ingredients Serves 12 20 whole cloves 2 tangerines, clementines, or small oranges 2 750-ml bottles Merlot 3 cups fresh apple cider 8 Lady apples (optional) 2 cinnamon sticks plus 8 for garnish (garnish optional) 2 green cardamom pods, cracked 2 cups tawny Port   Method 1. Press stem (pointed) end of 10 cloves into each tangerine, piercing through the skin. 2. Place tangerines, wine, cider, Lady apples...
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30 Jun

Curried Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe
This post is the first in my year-long partnership with McCormick, because I’m a firm believer that we can all use a little spice in our lives.  Back in the day I could peel an egg like no other. As a kid, I vividly remember my Uncle Tom showing me a magic trick. “Hey, Heidi, do you want to see something special?” Well, of course I did! I was 10 years old! How could I not? Uncle T knew how to make a presentation out of just about anything so when he showed me how he could peel an entire shell from a hard boiled egg in one movement, I was transfixed! The shell easily fell from the white orb in his large hand in one complete, in-tact ribbon. It became my mission to...
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30 Jun

How 5 STYLECASTER Editors Cook With Chickpeas

Chickpeas—a.k.a. garbanzo beans—are one of the holy grails of vegetarian foods: Their nutty flavor is tasty and plays nicely with lots of other ingredients, and they pack a major protein punch (one cup has 15 grams of the recommended 46 gram recommended daily intake). But whether you’re a vegetarian or not, anyone can appreciate the versatility and goodness of chickpeas. I asked five staffers how they use chickpeas in their kitchens and diets, and got a handful of recipes—some sweet, some salty, some spicy—that will make you want to keep a can in your cabinet at all times. Bonus: A couple of these meals are beyond easy, which means you can whip them up when you’re feeling lazy or beat, but would prefer to make something rather than do Seamless. Healthy + easy...
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29 Jun

Granola Parfaits With Peaches & Blueberries


Fresh peaches are in season and are especially sweet this summer. Pair this juicy fruit with vanilla flavored Greek yogurt, fresh blueberries and granola for an instant breakfast or a fancy dessert.

Trying to stay healthy this summer? There's no guilt diving in to these sweet parfaits. I used 100 calorie Greek yogurt for this recipe and paired it with a crunchy granola made up of whole grain oats and dark chocolate pieces.

These healthy parfaits are a simple way to add the protein and calcium you need throughout your day. Better than a bowl of cereal!

And what's better than using up those fresh and juicy peaches from the farmstand. Nothing tastes better. I'm pretty sure these parfaits would taste delicious with any type...
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28 Jun

8 Creative New Hot Dog Toppings that Put Ketchup and Mustard to Shame


Why should ketchup and mustard get the monopoly on hot dog toppings? From a ginger-scallion relish to a Buffalo–blue cheese takeover, we’ve got eight new-wave treatments that are more than just condiments: They’re a way of life. (P.S. These dogs are cookout game changers, but any of the accompanying slaws and sauces would slay on their own too.)


Hawaiian Dog
Paprika Honey Mustard + griddled Canadian bacon + Pineapple-Jalapeño Relish

Buffalo Dog
Blue Cheese Dressing + Celery Slaw + crumbled blue cheese + Frank’s hot sauce

Ssam Dog
Hoisin BBQ Sauce + Ginger-Scallion Relish + cucumber spears dipped in gochugaru

Elote Dog
Mayonnaise + Charred-Corn Salsa + raw tomatillo wedges + Tajín Clásico seasoning

Ranch Dog Ranch Dressing + potato chips +...
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27 Jun

Get Ready People, Starbucks’ Latest Rainbow Drink Is Here


It's pride month, so obviously all of our food/makeup/hair/beverages need to be rainbow colored. Last week, the not-so-Secret Starbucks Menu Purple Drink was taking over Instagrams and lives, but now grammers are sipping on a new color.
Starbucks' Orange Drink is the new drink to try and Foodbeast has cracked the code. It's just orange mango juice, two scoops of powdered vanilla bean flavoring, and coconut milk over ice.

The hype is real. #OrangeDrink #PinkDrink and #PurpleDrink on deck this summer. The new orange drink has orange mango juice, 2 scoops of vanilla bean and coconut milk. 🍓🍊🍇 📷@marckharrat #Foodbeast #dailyfoodfeed #orangebang
foodbeast(@foodbeast)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 6월 24 오전 10:59 PDT

Do your Instagram a favor and try one ASAP.

Sunday Funday starts now! 🐭💛 Starting my Disney morning off...
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26 Jun

The Comforting Pizza Recipe That Is Actually Pretty Healthy

As the brisk weather continues to grace us with its presence, we love nothing more than quiet nights at home rugged up in front of a crackling open fire, glass of red in hand, and a homemade pizza cooking in the oven. To make these nights even better, The Woollahra Hotel has shared with us its famous prosciutto pizza recipe so your winter nights in are not only warm and cosy, but restaurant-quality. If every night looked like this, we’d happily let the cooler temperatures settle in for good. Scroll on for arguably the most delicious pizza recipe you’ll ever try. Ingredients (Dough) 4kg flour 80gm salt 100ml olive oil 20gm yeast fresh 2L water Ingredients (Pizza) 100gm diced mozzarella 100gm pizza sauce 20ml olive oil 1gm sea salt flakes 60gm prosciutto 20gm...
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