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21 Oct

The American Cancer Society is Now Recommending Women Get Fewer Mammograms

Up until now, the American Cancer Society has recommended that women have annual mammograms starting at age 40. But on Tuesday, the group issued new guidelines suggesting that women with an average risk of breast cancer start annual breast exams at the age of 45, and continue once a year until age 54. After that, breast-cancer screenings should be continued every other year, as long as you otherwise have a clean bill of health. So why the sudden change? The modifications correlate to the rising evidence that mammography is not always accurate, especially in younger women, and the idea that breast cancer is not common enough in young age groups to make mammography worthwhile. In fact, it seems that premature breast screening can lead to false positive test results and unnecessary biopsies. As reported in the...
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20 Oct

DIY Shaggy Seat Cover

If, like us, you’ve got piles of wool and yarn taking up space in your crafty stash, why not use some to make a soft and shaggy get-up for your favourite stool or seat? Not only will it make plonking your behind on a hard wooden surface a little less bruisey, it will also add a pop of sweet colour to your room! MATERIALS: wool stool pad – this one was around $8 from everybody’s favourite Swedish furniture store! needle and thread 1.5 metre ribbon cardboard scissors INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Sew the ribbon to the bottom of the stool pad so you can tie it onto the stool securely once the shaggy seat is finished. Make sure the centre of the ribbon is in the centre of the pad and...
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19 Oct

Woman Documents Ten Years Of Online Harassment On Instagram

As a woman on the internet, abuse, being “othered” from spaces and creepy sexual messages, are practically an occupational hazard. You want to chat to friends, have a social media presence, meet like-minded people, immerse yourself in fandoms or learn about new things? Expect to be made to feel uncomfortable. It’s depressing, but undeniable. And the longer you’ve been around, you’ll more you might relate to that. You can block the user giving you shit, report them to whatever platform’s help service you’re on. But the reality is that IRL authority haven’t yet caught up with the nuances of dangerous online sexism. One musician from Los Angeles has come up with the perfect idea to garner some real attention around the issue and...
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18 Oct

The Most Popular Halloween Costume In Every State

In case you're still in search of the *perfect* Halloween costume (it's less than two weeks away, you know), here's what everyone else will be wearing. The folks at Influenster surveyed over 42,000 people across the country, collecting the deets on their costume choice for 2015. According to their report, 84 percent of the U.S. population will be dressing up for Halloween—so don't be one of the lame crowd that doesn't. Of that way-more-fun group, Influenster determined the most popular costume for each state. The super-original American public has made the minions and Frozen's Elsa this year's top picks. (Seriously? Frozen came out almost two years ago, guys.) Beyond that, Disney princesses and characters still reign supreme in several states. (Surprise, surprise.) Alice...
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13 Oct

Jennifer Lawrence Gets Real About The Gender Pay Gap

Source: Getty We always knew ​Jennifer Lawrence was one of the coolest people in Hollywood. Aside from all the other stuff, now she's sat down and told us all how it is when it comes to the gender pay gap. Writing her thoughts in a letter as part of Lena Dunham's amazing new Lenny Letter newsletter (which if you haven't signed up for, btw, what have you been doing with your life?) we knew it was going to be good just taking one look at the title: "Why Do I Make Less Than My Co-Stars?" J-Law starts the letter by admitting that, although her circumstances aren't relatable to the average woman (because we're talking millions of dollars that "frankly...
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13 Oct

The 2016 Met Gala Theme Is Announced! Fashion in an Age of Technology

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Fall 2013                         Photo: Catwalking / Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced the new theme for next year’s Costume institute exhibition: “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.” The upcoming exhibition will focus on the dichotomy between handmade haute couture and machine-made fashion. “Traditionally, the distinction between the haute couture and prêt-à-porter was based on the handmade and the machine-made,” explains Andrew Bolton, curator of the Costume Institute. “But recently this distinction has become increasingly blurred as both disciplines have embraced the practices and techniques of the other.” [caption id="attachment_7116" align="alignnone"...
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11 Oct

One Day Is Not Enough, Melinda Gates Reflects On International Day of the Girl

October 11th was International Day of the Girl, which is one of my favorite days on the internet. There will be speeches and tweets, Facebook statuses and fundraising campaigns—all centered on the world's young women. Social media will be filled with opportunities for you to learn more about the realities of girls' lives both here in the U.S. and around the world. Some of these stories will be inspiring. Others will be frustrating. You'll confront urgent reminders about continuing inequalities in areas like education, child marriage, nutrition, healthcare, vaccines, economic opportunity, and sexual violence. Almost every girl faces at least one of these challenges. Many girls face all of them. But Day of the Girl isn't only about highlighting the inequities girls face. It's also...
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7 Oct

7 Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Almost Entirely At CVS

Why make life harder than it has to be? I have a theory: Underneath it all, a good chunk of the people who "hate" Halloween (me included) don't actually hate Halloween. They're stressed out by Halloween—the needing to get a good costume, the not having of any ideas for said costume, the procuring of this costume in an unfun way. Like the two options I usually end up with: paying too much on a pre-bagged getup from a giant Halloween pop-up shop ($59.95 for a 12 inches of blue spandex and a plastic wand?), or  DIYing something that turns out to be less passion project, more anxiety inducer. But not this year. This year I'm knocking the Halloween costume errand off my to-do list while...
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7 Oct

ModCloth Just Removed the Term “Plus-Size” from Its Site

Online clothing store ModCloth just made a big move and stopped selling plus sizes. Well, sort of. The retailer is still selling clothing that's size 16 and above, and in fact is expanding those offerings, but it will no longer be calling the clothes "plus-size." Instead, ModCloth has dropped the "Plus" section from its site navigation, integrating larger sizes into the rest of their lineup instead. The move comes after an Internet campaign to #DropThePlus, which went viral after models noticed that thinner and thinner models were receiving a "plus" label for no reason. (Can't a model just be a model, and a woman just be a woman?) Melissa McCarthy, who just released her own clothing line, insisted that her items be sold in the general women's section, no matter...
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6 Oct

Why It’s In Our Nature To Wear Bling

CREDIT: ISIDORE MONTAG, Why Bigger is Better: Dries Van Noten spring/summer 2016 “Only those with no memory insist on their own originality,” said Coco Chanel. Too right. The maximalism trend currently taking the fashion world by the scruff of its holier-than-thou, plain-navy-cashmere-swathed neck has echoes that probably reach back to the first cavewoman to mix and match her animal pelts. As Aileen Ribeiro, professor emeritus at the Courtauld Institute says: “Overly rich and sometimes inappropriate and vulgar dress occurs over all the centuries. It’s a human failing.” Ribeiro has spent months researching blingy outfits for A Portrait of Fashion: Six Centuries of Dress at the National Portrait Gallery. The book, which focusses on around 190 works from the NPG's collection,...
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