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27 Oct

Apple Is Facing a Huge Lawsuit for This New iOS9 Feature

​​Apple is facing a $5 million lawsuit, with users claiming the company didn't properly warn customers of a feature in the iOS9 update that could leave them majorly out of pocket. Wi-Fi Assist, which is part of the iOS9 release, is supposed to ensure that users have the strongest Internet connection possible at all times. But it does this by automatically switching to Mobile Data if the Wi-Fi signal is weak. Apple explains: "With Wi-Fi Assist, you can stay connected to the Internet even if you have a poor Wi-Fi connection. For example, if you're using Safari with a poor Wi-Fi connection and a webpage doesn't load, Wi-Fi Assist will activate and automatically switch to cellular so that the webpage continues to...
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27 Oct

Cameron Russell Mobilizes a Model Army to Save the Planet

Mei Tao A group of supermodels leading hundreds of their fellow citizens across the Brooklyn Bridge in the name of climate change may seem like a far-fetched idea, but that’s exactly what happened at this weekend’s People’s Pilgrimage. Spearheaded by model-activist Cameron Russell, the event brought out Lily Donaldson, Bella Hadid, Toni Garrn, Grace Bol, Arlenis Sosa, and Barbara Palvin among a host of other fashionable names. In spite of the star-studded participants, the underlying message was decidedly down-to-earth: taking action to bring visibility to an issue that impacts the entire planet. Inspired by Yeb Sano, the Filipino diplomat turned activist who has been a prominent figure in the debate over climate change, the group’s peaceful protest...
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26 Oct

From Call Girl To Talking Canine: The Many Turns Of Annaleigh Ashford

The Tony winner channels her animal instincts opposite Matthew Broderick in Broadway's 'Sylvia.'  MAARTEN DE BOER She's been Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked. She was nominated for a Tony for her supporting role as a snappy, lovelorn shoemaker in 2013's Kinky Boots. She won a supporting-actress Tony this year for her hilarious portrayal of a childlike candymaker who, despite her dismal dancing skills, dreams of being a ballerina in You Can't Take It With You. And on Showtime's Masters of Sex, her Betty Dimello, the mouthy call girl–turned–sex study assistant, has ascended to fan favorite. If there's one through line to Annaleigh Ashford's characters, it's pluck. Next, the 30-year-old actress will play Matthew Broderick's talking dog. Seriously. In a role originated...
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25 Oct

15 Really Easy Pinterest Halloween Decoration Ideas To Try This Year

1. Spider Ice Cubes As if this one needs explaining  - all you have to do is put plastic spider toys in your ice cube trays before filling them with water and sticking them in your freezer. Hey presto, scary drinks. 2. Glow in the dark tonic water And while you're at it, make ours a G&T, because tonic water apparently glows in the dark under really bright lights. 3. Napkin holder fangs Is this the easiest Halloween decoration idea of all time? Stick a pair of fangs under your napkin at a dinner party and you're good to go. 4. Toilet roll faces​ If you've got trees or bushes outside your house, this is GREAT. Cut pairs of eyes in cardboard loo rolls, snap a glow stick...
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22 Oct

The Best Hourglass Bodies Of All Time

From the days of vivacious pinup girls to Old Hollywood icons à la Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, an hourglass physique has always made for stars. In honor of Kim Kardashian's 35th birthday today, we're celebrating all the celebrity women over the years best known for their incredible curves.   Written by Lauren Alexis Fisher, writer for Source -
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22 Oct

Watch Sasheer Zamata And A Clueless Guy Hilariously Demonstrate How Privilege Works

If you don't think privilege is real, chances are you're the one benefitting from it the most. The ACLU has released a charming video starring Saturday Night Live's Sasheer Zamata that hilariously demonstrates what privilege is and how it works. In the video, Zamata and her well-intentioned but clueless white male friend are taking a stroll, talking about equality. He sees things as being pretty equal, and remains positive and upbeat about how progressive the world is becoming. Zamata, on the other hand, gets catcalled, personally feels the erasure of women and people of color, and is stop-and-frisked by a police officer—experiences that her white, male counterpart fails to notice—or sees differently—because they're not happening to him. Understanding privilege is an important concept...
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21 Oct

The American Cancer Society is Now Recommending Women Get Fewer Mammograms

Up until now, the American Cancer Society has recommended that women have annual mammograms starting at age 40. But on Tuesday, the group issued new guidelines suggesting that women with an average risk of breast cancer start annual breast exams at the age of 45, and continue once a year until age 54. After that, breast-cancer screenings should be continued every other year, as long as you otherwise have a clean bill of health. So why the sudden change? The modifications correlate to the rising evidence that mammography is not always accurate, especially in younger women, and the idea that breast cancer is not common enough in young age groups to make mammography worthwhile. In fact, it seems that premature breast screening can lead to false positive test results and unnecessary biopsies. As reported in the...
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20 Oct

DIY Shaggy Seat Cover

If, like us, you’ve got piles of wool and yarn taking up space in your crafty stash, why not use some to make a soft and shaggy get-up for your favourite stool or seat? Not only will it make plonking your behind on a hard wooden surface a little less bruisey, it will also add a pop of sweet colour to your room! MATERIALS: wool stool pad – this one was around $8 from everybody’s favourite Swedish furniture store! needle and thread 1.5 metre ribbon cardboard scissors INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Sew the ribbon to the bottom of the stool pad so you can tie it onto the stool securely once the shaggy seat is finished. Make sure the centre of the ribbon is in the centre of the pad and...
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19 Oct

Woman Documents Ten Years Of Online Harassment On Instagram

As a woman on the internet, abuse, being “othered” from spaces and creepy sexual messages, are practically an occupational hazard. You want to chat to friends, have a social media presence, meet like-minded people, immerse yourself in fandoms or learn about new things? Expect to be made to feel uncomfortable. It’s depressing, but undeniable. And the longer you’ve been around, you’ll more you might relate to that. You can block the user giving you shit, report them to whatever platform’s help service you’re on. But the reality is that IRL authority haven’t yet caught up with the nuances of dangerous online sexism. One musician from Los Angeles has come up with the perfect idea to garner some real attention around the issue and...
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18 Oct

The Most Popular Halloween Costume In Every State

In case you're still in search of the *perfect* Halloween costume (it's less than two weeks away, you know), here's what everyone else will be wearing. The folks at Influenster surveyed over 42,000 people across the country, collecting the deets on their costume choice for 2015. According to their report, 84 percent of the U.S. population will be dressing up for Halloween—so don't be one of the lame crowd that doesn't. Of that way-more-fun group, Influenster determined the most popular costume for each state. The super-original American public has made the minions and Frozen's Elsa this year's top picks. (Seriously? Frozen came out almost two years ago, guys.) Beyond that, Disney princesses and characters still reign supreme in several states. (Surprise, surprise.) Alice...
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