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28 Jul

The Healthy Brunch Spot Meatpacking Has Been Waiting For


The Wild Son


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53 Little West 12th Street
New York, 10014

Yes, there are requisite brunch cocktails, and a wine and beer menu, if you must, but The Wild Son is all about healthier fare—a refreshing change for its Meatpacking environs. Start by perusing the lengthy list of delicious nonalcoholic beverages (the Dark Lemon Soda made of lemon, honey, salt, and activated charcoal, is divine); expertly brewed coffees (in addition to lattes and the like, try the sparkling vanilla cold brew made with Madagascar vanilla and cane sugar); and all manner of delicious juices. Then turn your attention to the food. Many dishes are familiar (breakfast sandwiches, pancakes) but almost everything follows the restaurant’s “healthy philosophy”—the gluten-free buckwheat pancakes...
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28 Jul

Earl Grey Panna Cotta Tarts


There’s something about sipping on Earl Grey tea that makes us feel oh-so refined, like a bunch of yet-to-be-crowned royals. Why yes, good sir, do dunk the leaves once more!

If the classy brew does it for you, too, you might just like to check out this recipe from Kitchen Heals Soul, which works with the tea flavour in edible form. Ooey and gooey with a crumbly crust, these panna cotta tarts are infused with Earl Grey tea leaves, and have a few more sprinkled on top, just for good measure. Please note: they must be devoured with a pinky in the air.




From Frankie

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26 Jul

A Food Truck Owned By a Real-Life Prince

There are about 4,000 food trucks in Los Angeles, but only one that we know of is royal-owned—and proud of it too:Prince of Venice. On the roll for about a week now, the bright blue truck, painted with Federico Fellini’s memorable quote: “Life is a combination of magic and pasta,” is the brainchild of a bona-fide prince, and the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars winner, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Prince of Piedmont and Venice, the grandson of Italy’s last king. This entrepreneurial noble has partnered with chef Mirko Paderno, an expatriate Italian, to deliver fresh and healthy pasta dishes, made with a combination of local and made in Italy products, to go. Savoia has plans to expand to...
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25 Jul

How To Eat Your Way To More Hydrated Skin


Beauty is only skin deep—so you better hope your skin looks damn flawless. (Insert Beyoncé hair toss.) If your complexion tends to veer on the dry, dull, and flaky side, and no amount of slathering on moisturiser seems to be doing the trick, it may be time to turn to another method. Enter: the diet for hydrated skin, or rather, the seven foods you should start eating immediately if you want glowing skin. Though we’re fans of putting various kitchen staples on our faces, there are also skin benefits that come from simply consuming certain foods. And the best part? Chocolate is on the list.

#1: Broccoli

To help us create this list, we turned to...
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24 Jul

Thai Chicken Zucchini Noodles

Zoodles are the star in this easy 15 minute Thai Chicken Zucchini Noodles recipe with Spicy Peanut Sauce – only 363 calories and packed with a punch of flavor! So is it weird that I want to get married again? Not to someone else. Sheesh! To the same wonderful man that stole my heart 10 years ago! But ever since I’ve started second shooting weddings (and binge watching “Say Yes to the Dress”) I’m convinced I could plan a phenomenal wedding the second go around. (not that the first one was bad either, it was great) But, I mean really. There are so many cool things nowadays that we just didn’t have 9 years ago. Ahem… Pinterest! Basically your wedding is planned out to the tee and the cutest...
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18 Jul

11 Foods You Probably Didn’t Know Were Low-calorie


In general, I try not to worry about calories and I'm usually pretty happy to eat anything in moderation. Nevertheless, I still like to know what indulgences aren't crazy high in calories. Bear in mind, though, that the term "calorific" is relative, and doesn't always equate to "healthy." Here's a list of 11 surprisingly low-calorie food and drinks:

1. Kit Kats


If you can summon the will power, just 1 stick of a normal Kit-Kat bar will add up to only 54 calories (the whole two finger bar has 107 calories, while the four finger has 232).

2. Chicken Nuggets

It all comes down to moderation. For two tasty chicken McNuggets, you...
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15 Jul

An Ice Cream Crawl Through L.A.

About eight years ago, a friend from New York said to me—the way people from New York sometimes say things about L.A., as if they’ve finally figured it out or like it’s as inexplicable as the stock market—that the problem with Los Angeles is there aren’t enough ice cream shops. It was true. An ice cream shop isn’t an ice cream shop; it’s a place you always remember from your childhood. For me, that was the iconic Wil Wright’s, Baskin-Robbins (and one of my sisters magically worked there), and Schrafft’s (my mother’s favorite) in New York. She always got a hot butterscotch sundae over coffee ice cream with real whipped cream and toasted almonds. See, I remember that. It’s a place...
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14 Jul

Eating Pasta Can Actually Make You Slimmer

After years of carbs being demonised as bad for you, we finally have a study confirming that pasta has a place in a healthy and balanced diet. A study published in the Nutrition & Diabetes Journal has found that pasta may actually be better for your waistline, rather than making you put on weight. Although it's worth noting that this study was carried out by researchers at the Neuromed Institute in Pozzilli, Italy – and Italians are the kings of pasta. The study of dietary habits and BMIs of more than 23,000 people from two different areas in Italy found no link between eating pasta and gaining weight – and those that consumed it regularly, but in moderation had a "lower waist...
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13 Jul

How To Make Macarons Just Like The French

Strolling into the Laderee store off Paris’ iconic Champs-Élysées under the mint and gold awning to choose from endless rows of rainbow-hued macaroons is a quintessential French experience. Though it’s unlikely that we’d ever dream to create these dainty meringue delicacies ourselves, until now. Martha Stewart, unsurprisingly, has just proved that it it’s easier than we first imagined. While they may be slightly more challenging than a batch of chocolate chip cookies, these perfectly rounded, sweet-filled delights are the definition of crowd-pleaser and are worth every bite.   Ingredients Macarons 1 cup confectioners' sugar 3/4 cup almond flour 2 large egg whites, room temperature Pinch of cream of tartar 1/4 cup superfine sugar Filing (select one) Coconut: 1 cup Swiss Meringue Buttercream, mixed with 1/3 cup angel-flake coconut. Pistachio: 1 cup...
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13 Jul

Today In Bleak: Starbucks Just Raised Its Drink Prices

Some of your favorite Starbucks beverages just got more expensive. The company announced on Tuesday that it made a “small price adjustment” in most U.S. stores. The price increase isn’t huge—according a statement by Starbucks, “customers will experience increases of 10 to 20 cents on select sizes of brewed coffee, and 10 to 30 cents on espresso beverages and tea lattes”—but if you’ve got a regular ‘Bucks habit, that change can add up. The good news is that, according to the company, 65 percent of their beverage prices remained the same, and they expect the average customer’s spending in the store to increase by just one percent. The even better news is that those price increases seem to be going to good use, because the company plans...
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