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3 Oct

7 Alternatives to the Denim Jacket


The next time you go outside (HAHA), keep a casual tally of how many girls you see in boxy, oversize denim jackets. Nothing wrong with a classic, but also nothing wrong with wanting something more individual. Below, seven creative options you'd be hard(er)-pressed to find multiples of on the street.


Diletta Bonaiuti(@dilettabonaiuti)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 9월 23 오전 3:39 PDT

Napoleon is probably rolling over in Les Invalides right now, but who cares? He's dead and can no longer participate in fashion shenanigans. You, however, are not, so channel half the dudes on BBC, and pull out your coveted Stella McCartney for Gap Kids version. Or shop the dozens hitting the high street now (this Mango one is ace).


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3 Oct

How Public Access T.V. is Bringing Back New York Cool

Public Access T.V. might just be the saviors of Downtown cool, and they haven’t even released an album. Part new wave, part post-punk with a hefty dose of gritty rock ‘n roll, the band has drawn comparisons to The Strokes’ Is This It. But that’s too easy. With guitarist Xan Aird’s infectious guitars and lead singer John Eatherly’s wailing vocals, heightened by drummer, Pete Sustarsic, and bassist, Max Peebles, Public Access T.V. isn’t at all a Strokes rip-off—and they’re definitely much more than a fleeting buzz band. After two painstaking years, and losing their apartment in the 2015 East Village fire, the boys are finally gearing up to release their debut album, Never Enough, tomorrow. The songs evoke an effortless New York attitude,...
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2 Oct

Designer Gabriela Hearst on Her Ideal Escape from New York City


Gabriela Hearst, 39, has a namesake label that's fast becoming a fashion-set must-have. But when the mom of three needs to get away, she heads to her childhood home in Uruguay—where the nearest town is nearly two hours away. Here, a look at the escape.

Gabriela Hearst
 / Tom Hines
Gabriela Hearst / Tom Hines
The Estancia Vik José Ignacio hotel
 / Courtesy of Vik Retreats
The Estancia Vik José Ignacio hotel / Courtesy of Vik Retreats
The life: I lived on my family's ranch, surrounded by horses and cattle, until I was 17. I took over the sheep-breeding and merino-wool operations after my father passed away in 2011, so now I fly back several times a year. It's very remote—the closest city, Paysandú, is over two hours away. I bring my three kids when I can, because it's important to me that...
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