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1 Nov

This Woman Uses Glitter To Turn Stretch Marks Into Art And The Results Are Stunning


These are so beautiful.

Instagram collage artist Sara Shakeel has become known for her spectacular images, where she often superimposes different photos together to create beautiful alternate realities.

Thirsty💦🌊🌊 . . CollageArt.SaraShakeel #backtobasics . . #art #wave #collageart #water #thirst #blue #juxtaposition #gloss
Sara Shakeel(@sarashakeel)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 10월 23 오전 9:47 PDT

Tea Delicacies 💎 . Happy birthday @makeupbymario !!! as an artist i admire you & your work from the core of my heart! 💎🌹 lots of prayers, happiness & success for you & happy birthday once again! from a girl far far away! 🙏 🌈 . Love.Sara . P.s i just got to know about the shooting at vegas! I hope everyone is safe and fine! 🤕 i heard 20 got killed...
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1 Nov

Four Good Reasons To Drop Everything And Go To The Salon Du Chocolat 2017


Crunchy or melted, cocoa can be enjoyed in every way possible at the Salon du Chocolat 2017. From sugary treats tothe origin of cocoa beans and transporting your taste buds to Japan, here are 4 game changing ways to make most out of this 100% chocolate event.

An insight into the production of cacao ‘What if chocolatiers and pâtissiers were the New Adventurers?’ This is the theme of the Salon du Chocolat 2017, which invites everyone on a journey. It’s a tasteful journey which transforms the Cacao Show space into a world tour for the senses. Accompanied by international music, the public is invited to learn more about the countries which produce the precious cocoa bean: from Colombia, to Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Ghana, Venezuela...
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1 Nov

The Best Online Consignment Sites To Score Vintage Designer Fashion

Terry Richardson

Why not gift a unique vintage piece this holiday season?

With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time of year to both buy and sell consignment pieces. Whether you're looking to gift unique vintage fashion finds or to earn some holiday shopping cash by cleaning out your closet, there are plenty of online consignment sites ready to get you started.
We rounded up our six favorite sites sure to help you earn some money by selling your clothes and accessories. And if you have nothing to sell, these are also the sites to shop all the designer items your closet needs.

1) Vestiaire Collective SHOP Known for its vast collection of Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Céline and more, Vestiaire Collective is an...
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1 Nov

Is This Age-Old Treatment The Ultimate Cure For The Modern-Day Cold?

Perhaps it was the yo-yoing temperatures outside, or the looming deadlines inside, but last week I was battling a serious cold at the office. No matter how much vitamin C I took, or how early I fell asleep, my nose remained stuffy and red—and that lump in my throat would not go away. Which is why when I heard Soho’s Pratima Spa recently added the traditional Ayurvedic practice of Nasya, which opens the nasal cavities and strengthens the upper respiratory system, to their roster of detoxifying facials and four-handed massages, I immediately signed myself up. (The 5,000-year-old treatment can also be found at the Gwyneth Paltrow–approved Surya Spa in Los Angeles and Iowa’s destination resort, The Raj.) And so, in lieu of running to The Row sample sale with my...
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1 Nov

Where To Eat, Shop, And Party In London, According To Lady Clara Paget

Photo by Bartek Szmigulski.
You would hardly know from looking at Clara Paget’s Instagram that her proper title is Lady Clara Elizabeth Isis Paget. Her account is a frequently updated mixture of goofy videos, memes, pictures from late nights out, and the occasional cameo from BFF Cara Delevingne. But maybe that’s why we like her so much—Paget is by definition an “aristocrat,” but she handles her pedigree with an ease that is both approachable and irresistible. The 28-year-old feels just as at home acting in front of the camera and posing on the red carpet as she does posing for selfies with her glamorous pack of girlfriends. And through that very feed, you can’t help but get the sense that Paget is the woman...
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1 Nov

Kendall Jenner Turns The Clueless-Era Cardigan Into a Crop Top

00-story-kendall 2
Kendall Jenner might have brought the bling for her Halloween costume in Gucci’s bejeweled spectacles, but it was her demure off-duty ensemble for dinner with Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin that really sparkled. The runway regular has made waves with her street style catapulting every major trend: from sleek futurism (Matrix sunglasses and leather trench coats) to carrying next season’s ‘It Bag’ (the magazine clutch). But last night, Jenner took a throwback piece, the cropped cardigan, and breathed new life into the Clueless-era staple through clever styling tricks. Jenner wore her cream, ribbed top like all the cool girls are wearing their bombers, with a hint of shoulder. This lent the model a directional silhouette which was accentuated with high-waisted plaid pants. Plimsolls and a retro...
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1 Nov

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Halloween Costume Is A Big Ol’ Spoiler


Why is her head in that box!?

(First of all, turn back now if you haven't seen Se7en. You've been ~warned~, so no complaining.)
When it comes to Halloween costumes, celebrities consistently bring their A-game. And while Kim Kardashian's Cher and Lauren Conrad's Cruella Deville are definitely in this year's top five, Gwyneth Paltrow has turned it up this year (even though it's definitely a case of 'less is more'in terms of effort), and turned out to be quite the surprise contender for this year's "Best A-List Costume." Colton Haynes is shook!
In a totally meta move, Gwyneth decided to dress up as herself. Well, sort of. The actress decided to pay homage to her own character in the 1995 classic Se7en by wearing a literal cardboard box on her head.

🎃 Gwyneth...
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