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6 Apr

3 Pinterest-Perfect Ways to Style Your Backyard for Spring


Warmer weather brings out aspirations of gorgeous edible gardens, pinboards of Pinterest-perfect backyard parties with your besties, and dreams of a relaxing oasis to enjoy all season long. With just a few decor pieces and some simple tricks, you — yes, you! — can turn that outdoor space into the backyard of your dreams. This week’s edition of Decor Resolutions will show you how to style a yard, no matter how much space you have to play with. So grab your potted plants and scroll down to see how we’d style the area for the boho home, the minimalist abode, and the preppy space.


Add ambiance and charm to your backyard by stringing up strands of watermelon string lights across your space....
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5 Apr

The Love-Hate Relationship Every Girl Has wWith Movie Makeover Montages


Some things can make any movie, however bad or Michael Bay-ish, better. A dance number. A wicked soundtrack. Meryl Streep! But throw in a makeover scene, and we'll at least give you a 60 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, even if it's a buddy comedy with Jeremy Renner, featuring Smash Mouth. Fine, an upper 50. Yet however enjoyable it might be to watch a diamond in the rough get shined up real pretty, it's hard to not be a little like, "Hmm, this changing-yourself-to-appeal-to-someone-else thing doesn't feel right, my dude."

Satisfying! But Paolo is so mean! And why can't a princess have Gucci hair anyway? To further investigate the Glow-Up Paradox, first, some thoughts. Pros Makeovers are often set to Hoku or...
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5 Apr

Interiors Inspiration from Milan’s Marble-Clad Hallways

Labyrinth, vestibule, hallway: there are myriad terms by which to reference a building’s entranceway, and such an array only serves to highlight how distinctly underrated they are. In Italy, they are known as ingressi – an elegant term which mirrors the majesty of Milan’s many exquisite hallways – and they are also the subject of new coffee table book, Karl Kolbitz’ Entryways of Milan, published by Taschen, which launches this month. Goethe once wrote, “Every beginning is cheerful; the threshold is the place of expectation,” and it’s this approach to a hallway as a discreetly powerful and potent space that occupies the book’s approach. Since the 1500s, Milan has been dubbed the ‘ugly city’ – its 20th century foray into industrialism only furthered the...
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4 Apr

Kate Spade’s Spring Home Collection Is Here—and We Want Everything

If you loved Kate Spade New York's first furniture collection back in 2015, get ready for even more dapperly designed greatness. Today, everyone's favorite preppy brand launches 40 new items for its spring collection, extending its furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories with fun and tailored AF items that scream spring, while keeping the sophisticated bubbly style synonymous with the rest of the line. Each item takes inspiration from one of three different types of New York women—the creative and cultural magpie (seen in mid-century inspired pieces), the pop art aficionado (statement-making black and white standbys), and the modern jazz maven (who loves jewel tones and bold color combos). The breadth of the additions spans your whole home, so whether you're looking...
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3 Apr

The Best Beach Reads for Your Island Honeymoon


Relax and rejuvenate with a good book.

The wedding planning frenzy is finally over. Decompress after months of preparation and celebration with a good book on your island honeymoon getaway

While you’re sipping on a tropical rum punch, enjoy a captivating book that you won’t want to put down. And even if you’re just taking a spring break trip to the beach, browse this list of buzzy books for your next vacation.

1. BIG LITTLE LIES BY LIANE MORIARTY Though released a few summers ago, this thrilling novel is still being talked about, as it’s recently been adapted into a must-watch HBO mini series starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, and more. But we suggest reading the book before binge-watching the...
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31 Mar

Tattoo Artist Tati Compton on Instagram and the Occult

There are a few things Instagram loves, but essentially it mostly comes down to cool people, clever imagery and human flesh. It’s rare to see someone manage to propagate this holy trinity as brilliantly, succinctly and cliché-avoidantly as stick ‘n’ poke tattoo artist Tati Compton. Her beautifully expressive linework and distinctive illustration style have placed her firmly in the vanguard of artists leading a recent revival of the somewhat primitive stick ‘n’ poke technique. For the uninitiated, in contrast to the buzzing needle gun used in most tattoo application, stick ‘n’ poke uses a needle dipped into ink, which then punctures the skin to create a permanent mark. Historically, the practice was mostly favoured by folk drawing onto friends, or...
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30 Mar

3 Decorating Ideas to Take Your Breakfast Nook from Winter to Spring


After a long season of hygge vibes and bottomless hot coffee, it’s time to breathe fresh life into your breakfast nook with a trendy 2017 color palette, bold patterns, and playful accessories. Start off by incorporating a little plant life and new artwork, then amp up your seating game to create the ultimate spot for enjoying everything the kitchen has to offer. This week’s edition of Decor Resolutions will show you how to get the most out of your breakfast nook all season long. Scroll on to see how we’d style it for the boho-chic space, the minimalist abode, and the preppy home.


Bring life into your space with a natural color palette of green and neutrals. Boho lovers are...
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28 Mar

The Top 5 Home Trends You Should Register for


Registering for a newlywed home is overwhelming. Big ticket items—sofas, rugs, coffee tables—are givens. But what about all the products in between? The ones that give your house character and personality? That’s where home trends come in handy. If you don’t know the interior design forecast for 2017, here is a shortlist of interior looks that are defining this year.



It’s all about the packed, busy print. If you’re feeling bold, register for the The Seletti Hybrid Collection for a striking set of mixed pattern china. Or as an alternative, bring your sofa to life with the Selamat Designs Chile Pillow.


2. 2017 PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR—GREENERY Tory Burch’s Lettuce Ware...
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27 Mar

Christian Louboutin Makes Crayons Now

There's a part in The Devil Wears Prada where Andy Sachs sells her tainted designer wardrobe, using it to fund her new life as an idealistic newspaper rookie. Five years ago, Australian artist CJ Hendry did the same thing, unloading every investment piece in her closet onto eBay. "I was studying finance, and hopeless at it. But I didn't believe that being creative was an actual job, so I got a job on the sales floor at Chanel in my hometown—Brisbane, Australia," says Hendry. "I did it for a while and then I said, 'Right, I've got to do this. I've got to be an artist.' So I sold everything I owned on eBay—bags, shoes, jackets, everything— and I made...
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24 Mar

CULTURE 15 Famous Puppies You Should be Following on Instagram

제목 없음
Puppy is a loose label. To some (the Oxford dictionary), a puppy is a “young dog.” To others (me), puppy is used to describe a cute dog of any age. For example, most of my canine introductions start with me shrieking “Hi, puppy!” in the highest pitch humanly possible. It doesn’t matter if the dog is 15 days or 15 years old—I don’t discriminate. Instagram is full of baby-voice-worthy pups of all shapes, sizes and ages. You might think Instagram is a place for selfies, street style and latte art, but I’m here to tell you that Instagram is a place for puppies. Puppies who wear Supreme, eat brunch and have book deals, PR agents and celebrity BFFs. If you aren’t following these puppies already, then you’re doing...
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