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24 Nov

Feminist Betty Tompkins Is Changing The Art World With Sex

Her art is rebellious, controversial, and ballsy—literally, in the case of some of her giant genitalia paintings (hello, large-scale, up-close scrotum and vaginas). Native New Yorker Betty Tompkins is an iconic artist and an outspoken feminist—although, it hasn't always been the case. Tompkins has created paintings, drawings, and collages that celebrate images of graphic sexuality—with titles like Cunt, Pussy and Fuck—using pornography that belonged to her husband as references. While her early work in the 1970s was under-appreciated by art critics, and rejected by feminists, her provocative paintings now offer a timely feminist response to current issues in business, entertainment, and politics. "My career was a joke!" Tompkins laughs raucously, speaking about her past from her studio in New York City, where she's been working for...
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24 Nov

3 Last-Minute Hacks For The Perfect Thanksgiving Tablescape


Another year, another Thanksgiving where we find ourselves a tad behind schedule for the influx of family soon to be gathering in our dining room. While it's true we may not have the whole prepping-in-advance thing down just yet, there's no reason anyone else has to know that. To get our tablescapes up to par on the fly, we teamed up with Smirnoff to create three easy, beautiful decor hacks that will impress even the judgiest of the bunch (ahem, Aunt Carol). Now all that's left to worry about is how to dodge those questions about our relationship status.

From Refinery29

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23 Nov

An Afternoon Off With Tess Holliday: The Fat, Fed-Up Supermodel Ready For A Revolution

Tess Holliday pulls the wire from her strapless bra and passes it across the bread basket to her husband. "It's bigger than my head," the latter says as he holds it to his face and peers through, comparing the size of Holliday's left breast to that of his own head after the three of us order lunch in a downtown New York restaurant. International plus-size model Holliday is famous her enviable assets, but as I cradle the abandoned crescent her relief serves as a reminder that beauty — and perky tits — is pain. Strapless bras are not Holliday's only adversary. As a size 22, the star has battled for her place in the fashion industry from the outset. Ironically there...
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23 Nov

Why It’s Time To Kill Fashion’s Obsession With Dolls

The fashion world's obsession with dolls is creepy, more than slightly sexist, and it's got to go.

Fashion is notoriously irreverent. From murder to religion, there’s hardly any topic it shies from, producing controversial collections and questionable photoshoots season after season. However laudable this boldness might be, it can’t be denied that some of fashion’s favourite motifs would better be left in the past. Chief among them: fashion’s eerie obsession with dolls.

Why fashion creatives find dolls inspiring is easy to discern: the fashion industry is preoccupied with perfection, and dolls can be impeccably beautiful in a way real women can’t (just think of Barbie’s unachievable proportions). But presenting the fashion doll as the beauty standard for the contemporary woman...
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22 Nov

The Webster Brings Siz Stories Of Chic To NYC


Winter looms around the corner for New York, but founder of The Webster Laure Hériard Dubreuil is bringing a little Miami warmth to the Big Apple, opening a new location of the luxury boutique in a stunning SoHo location.
The shop has rebuilt an entire building at 29 Greene Street, creating six floors from scratch with 98 designer labels for men and women. Custom furnishings and décor—including wallpapers from the 1920s and ‘30s—help accentuate the charm of the site, which was constructed in 1878 until it burnt down years ago. The result is incredibly opulent—the intricate patterns and lush textures throughout the new store are accentuated by the moody lighting and bright open windows.

In a move mimicking the concept...
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16 Nov

Violet Chachki Becomes The First Drag Queen To Land A Lingerie Campaign

Anna Swiczeniuk

The 'RuPaul's Drag Race' winner talks the importance of her new pinup-inspired ad campaign.

In a year when gender norms are (finally) being challenged more than ever, Violet Chachki just made a huge stride by becoming the first drag queen to land a major lingerie campaign.
Chachki, who won the seventh season of RuPaul's Drag Race, faces a Bettie Page-inspired lingerie campaign for London brand, Playful Promises. In the series of photos, she models a range of vintage, pin-up-esque pieces from bustier bras to high-waisted underwear, corsets, and garter belts.

Anna Swiczeniuk
Anna Swiczeniuk
Channeling Bettie Page for the barrier-breaking campaign was especially fitting for Chachki, as the '50s pin-up model is a big part of her drag persona, "Bettie Page has been...
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15 Nov

Chanel Redefines The Traditional Gentleman’s Club


Get all the details about Chanel's pop-up space only for the girls.

Chanel knows the importance of creating spaces for groups of people to come together without judgment, and taking heed from from traditional men's social clubs, the fashion house is opening a pop-up space exclusively for women. Entitled the Coco Club, the pop-up, created to celebrate Chanel's new BOY∙FRIEND watch collection, aims to “takes the best from men and makes it even better for women." The space will feature a beauty room to update your look, a photo booth for those classic snapshots, and even a numerologist reader on site to help you find your true magic number (maybe 7 isn't so lucky, after all.) The Coco Club will be open to the public...
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14 Nov

The Limited Edition VMAN 2018 Calendar By Bruce Weber


Get all the details on the first-ever VMAN calendar.

In the first-ever VMAN calendar, iconic imagemaker Bruce Weber weaves a fantastical tale for 2018. Top male models, unique artist sketches, and golden retriever puppies beautifully chart out the 12 months ahead across 48 full pages. Packaged in a crisp deluxe portfolio, each month's four unique pages are presented unbound and folded inside, creating a total of 12 exclusive posters. This limited edition art project from one of fashion's most legendary photographers is a collectible keepsake and a chance to own exceptional Bruce Weber work. The calendar is set for release on Thursday, November 16, and will retail for $50. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Korean K9 Rescue....
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13 Nov

Welcome To The Coco Club


Leaning in to the old adage that time is the greatest luxury, Chanel has created the Coco Club—a new space in New York for fans to unwind and pamper themselves, and to promote its new Boy∙Friend watch collection.
This Sunday, the luxury brand will be taking over the SoHo location of The Wing (a women-only work and social space) redesigning the already bright and feminine rooms in the French house’s traditional minimalist aesthetic. Luxe cream and black furniture adorned with the label’s interlocking “CC” logo are juxtaposed with vintage picture frames and trinkets, as well as the neon pink photo booths where guests will have their portraits taken for their club “passports.”

Riffing on traditional men’s social clubs,...
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10 Nov

Topshop Says Its Changing Rooms Are Gender-Neutral After A Complaint from A Trans Customer

Getty Tim Goode/PA Images

The fashion retailer says customers are free to use any fitting rooms.

Topshop has announced that its changing rooms are gender-neutral, following a complaint from a trans customer who claimed they were refused access to female fitting rooms.
Performance artist Travis Alabanza, who identifies as trans female and uses the pronoun "they," claims they were told to use the male changing rooms when they attempted to use the female changing cubicles to try on dresses.
Alabanza—who was shopping in a Topshop in Manchester, England—was allegedly told by staff to use the male changing rooms downstairs instead.
"Hey @Topshop just experienced transphobia in your Manchester store. Not letting me use the changing room I decide is shit, sort it out," Alabanza tweeted.

Hey @Topshop just experienced transphobia...
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