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13 Apr

How Puffy Tacos Became The Unofficial Food Mascot Of San Antonio

If you haven’t been to San Antonio, you may not be familiar with the puffy taco. I’m from Dallas—a mere five-hour car ride away—and had never heard even the name until someone informed me that it was the unofficial food mascot of San Antonio. I hopped in my car to investigate. At first, I was skeptical. The puffy taco, for the uninitiated, is a member of the filled tortilla family that’s distinguished by its bubbly, fried shell. It’s not the same thing as a crispy taco, whose exterior is more like a tortilla chip; nor is it as pliable as a regular soft taco. The puffy taco occupies an ideal middle ground between the two. The outside is delicate and crispy,...
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11 Apr

The Moon Is Turning #MillennialPink This Week


An entire generation is currently obsessed with the color pink, but the story behind this week's "Pink Moon" dates back hundreds of years. Look up into the sky this week, and you'll catch a glimpse of this historic lunar event.
April's full moon is also known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon and the Fish Moon, reports. The trendiest nickname, however, doesn't refer to the orb's actual color.

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the term "Pink Moon" alludes to pink phlox, the moss-like wildflowers that bloom this time of year. Native Americans used the name, among others, to denote seasonal changes. For example, the "Fish Moon" marks when certain fish swim upstream to spawn, Bustle reports.

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10 Apr

How To Do Las Vegas The Low-Key Way


Las Vegas is known for five things: casinos, clubs, the Strip, all-you-can-eat buffets, and the fact that nothing that happens there should be communicated to anyone who wasn't there with you. And while partying 'til all hours of the night/morning is fun and all, there's a chill side of the city that's well worth exploring. Here, your guide to doing Vegas the laid-back way. (Don't worry, there are still plenty of drinks.)

Where to Stay If you're not into the Strip scene, you can try staying in Old Town/Downtown, where some of the original casinos are. If you want to be closer to the action (but still away from it all), your ideal spot is really the Mandarin Oriental, which is so...
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5 Apr

Here Are The Best And Worst States To Live If You’re a Woman

What factors into a woman's choice of where to live? Proximity to family, friends, and a good job, perhaps, or visions of perfect weather and wide open spaces—any or all of these traits might lead a woman to unpack her bags and settle into a place. New research from ranks the best places for women to live based on a state's policies and statistics, because hey, maybe one's future wage potential is a pretty good aspect of lifestyle! MoveHub compared info from the National Partnership for Women and Families, Violence Policy Center, Kaiser Family Foundation, and more to examine the status of women in each state. They considered items like a state's wage gap, women's access to healthcare, number of...
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3 Apr

You Can Buy One Of The Mansions That Inspired The ‘ Great Gatsby’


If you've ever dreamed of living out your own Gatsby fantasy like Leo, one of the early-20th-century mansions that inspired the set design of Baz Luhrmann's 2013 film is on the market for a cool $85 million, according to Trulia.
This 14,551 square-foot colonial-style mansion sits on 7.7 acres of gated land on Long Island's Kings Point, in an area of the North Shore that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald's fictional West Egg in The Great Gatsby. Built in 1928, this 18-bedroom palace also has a wine-tasting room with a full cellar plus an in-home hair salon.

While the property went on the market for $100 million back in 2015, there were no takers. Currently the property is...
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3 Apr

Here’s How You and Your Beau Can Score a Free Trip to Tahiti

There’s pretty much only one thing that’s better than a tropical vacation: A tropical vacation with your significant other. The tourism board of Tahiti agrees, and wants to send you and your beau to a Tahitian paradise, free of charge. There’s just one catch: You’ll each be experiencing the vacay completely solo. The board is holding a contest in search of one lucky duo to participate in its “Two Stories, One Mana” (a term for supernatural or magical power) video series. The idea here is to be treated to different experiences on the Polynesian island while still being connected by mana, or the “life force and spirit which connects all living things.” At the end of your journeys, you’ll be reunited...
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30 Mar

10 Super Cheap Countries To Travel To Right Now


Traveling can cost a pretty penny, especially if you want to venture outside the U.S. and explore the far reaches of the world. But not every destination has to break the bank. Sure, the flight might set you back, but once you arrive in certain places, it’s budget-friendly all the way.

We’ve rounded up 10 inexpensive countries to travel to this year, from Vietnam to Bolivia to Greece. And while we picked these places because they're relatively affordable, no matter where you go, the memories will be priceless.

Vietnam Asian destinations like Japan and Singapore can be pricy, but Vietnam is notably budget-friendly. The food, which is just as good from a street cart as it is from a...
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29 Mar

5 Dreamy, Off-the-Radar Destinations That Are Worth the Trek


When it comes to traveling, don’t just think about it being easy. All-inclusives can be a bore after awhile, and cookie-cutter destinations are just that. More and more, we’re getting into this idea of working for your dream vacay. Not so much that it feels like actual work, but enough that you end up in a place where few have gone — a strenuous hike that leads to a hidden colony in Colombia, chasing planes, trains, and automobiles to the end of the world, or following an underwater tunnel to a hidden cove off the coast of Mexico. Sounds like a stretch? We promise these five destinations are totally real and worth the effort.

1. Playa del Amor, Islas Marietas,...
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29 Mar

A Guide To The Most Elegant Neighborhood In Buenos Aires


As far as classic neighborhoods go, few can beat Buenos Aires’s Recoleta. While many might label it a place better reserved for buttoned-up, moneyed ladies who lunch, it’s surprisingly diverse, offering a wide array of experiences that the Argentine capital’s currently hip enclaves can’t match. It mixes fine dining with street food, fine arts with craft cocktails, and it is home to one of the world’s most oft-visited cemeteries. Here, a guide to making the most out of its timeless grandeur.

Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt
 / Photo: Alamy
Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt / Photo: Alamy
Where to Eat If you do decide to shack up at Palacio Duhau, you needn’t go far to partake of one of the neighborhood’s premier culinary experiences. The hotel’s fine-dining masterpiece Duhau Restaurante & Vinoteca marries...
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