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14 Dec

Hitting Brooklyn With Cushnie et Ochs’ New Collection


Ahead of their 10 year anniversary, we catch up with the design duo on their journey to now

“It’s been a total whirlwind,” share Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs, as they reflect on their ten year anniversary (officially next February) as the names behind the label Cushnie et Ochs. “The company has certainly had its ups and downs (including starting at the height of the recession) but we’ve always managed to learn and grow from the process – professionally and personally.” The British and American designers, respectively, pride themselves on a decade of sharing a vision, “you are only as good as the sum of your parts,” Ochs explains. And it’s this shared vision which has seen their...
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14 Dec

Analyzing 2017’s Top Fashion Trends


It sounds cool and adult-like, but why diversify your actual stock portfolio when you can diversify your *2017 wardrobe?* Ahead, we weigh in on the buy-ability of 12 trends, just like those analysts who work for a certain "fake news" organization.



Shop similar: Daisy, $425


Did you know that the unofficial uniform of cool girls everywhere is a square-neck minidress, probably ruched around the shoulders and sleeves? (Tops too.) Now you do.

Buy-ability index: 9/10, as it's a flattering shape you might not already own lots of


Sarah Staudinger(@staud)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 11월 8 오후 5:01 PST

Staud, $250 BUY IT As one of the easier easy ways to dress better in 2018, the less practical but...
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14 Dec

Gucci Teams Up With The MLB For Guccified Baseball Caps

Baseball gear is about to get a high fashion makeover, thanks to Gucci. The Italian fashion house debuted its Pre-Fall 2018 collection today and amongst its signature rich prints, retro-inspired pieces, and sparkling sequins was a first look at its upcoming collaboration with the Major Baseball League. Featured in the collection's lookbook photos are a variety of Gucci x MLB Yankees hats ranging in color and style. From a classic Yankees hat emblazoned with Gucci's snake emblem to a pink rendition and even a Gucci x Yankees beanie, the toppers are just the first of the fashion and baseball mashup. According to a release from the fashion brand, the collaboration will extend to include several of MLB’s historic teams in both the apparel...
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14 Dec

This Cardi B-Approved Brand Was More Googled Than Dior This Year


On Wednesday, Google released its 2017 Year in Search, research determining the most-searched terms of the year, and while the usual suspects are noted as far as fashion brands are concerned — Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and Valentino — one fast-fashion brand managed to crack the top ten. If you’re thinking it was one of the established multi-million dollar brands like Forever 21 or Zara, then we’ve got a surprise for you. Drum roll, please: Fashion Nova, the brand championed by our favorite reality stars on Instagram, including Cardi B, came in at number three on the list.

Still on a budget hoe!!! I could never stop wearing my @fashionnova! Ima wear it till the day I die!!! Cardi...
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14 Dec

Want To Succeed In Fashion? Take a Tip From Google’s Top 10 Most Trending Fashion Brands of 2017

The days of fashion as an elitist and exclusive niche industry are done—just look at Google’s list of the most trending fashion brands of 2017 for proof. Every brand in the top 10 made headlines in 2017 for boundary-crossing collaborations, innovative ad and marketing campaigns, and projects with creative upstarts that reflected the pulse of the world at large. The number one spot on the list goes to Gucci, a brand that’s been on the rise since Alessandro Michele was named creative director in 2015. This year, though, Gucci has really been on fire. Not only has every one of its fashion shows outdone the last, but it’s also racked up new celebrity fans, from Rihanna to Harry Styles, and managed to...
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14 Dec

Celebrating 30 Years Of A.P.C. With Founder Jean Touitou

1200x600 (2)
If I'm unsure about whether or not I like a fashion person I've recently met, I always give them a simple test: I ask their thoughts on the brand A.P.C. If they don't like or, God forbid, haven't heard of it, there's no way we can ever be friends. If they love it, I know they're smart and "get it." The good news is in my 25 years in fashion, no one has ever failed the A.P.C. test. That's because since its founding 30 years ago, A.P.C. has been a consistent source of cool, well-made classics. Designer Jean Touitou celebrated the anniversary earlier this year with the book A.P.C. Transmission, which tells the brand's story across 544 pages. We caught up with Touitou...
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14 Dec

‘Alright Motherfuckers!’ Cardi B’s Steve Madden Collab Is Here


Steve Madden is today's luckiest — and undoubtedly smartest — fashion brand, having swooped in to book 2017's hottest hip-hop breakout right before the year's end. The iconic shoe designer partnered with Cardi B to create a series of how-to style videos, where the "Bodak Yellow" rapper gives "daily tips" to becoming a fashion fixation like herself.

"I'm so excited to be collaborating with one of my all-time favorite shoe designers," Cardi says of her partnership with Steve Madden. "As a little girl I would die for a pair of Steve Madden shoes, now I'm working with him. It's really a dream come true."

DAILY TIPS WITH @iamcardib ⠀ Tip: Every woman needs to have a pointy shoe.⠀ Featuring the DAISIE.⠀ #SMCardi #SteveMadden...
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14 Dec

Bella Hadid Gives Her Birkin Bag The Ultimate Cool Girl Makeover

Bella Hadid is upping her accessory game. Earlier this week, the model pushed the envelope in next-level ugly-pretty Nikes with a crushed velvet yellow finish, only to follow it up by sporting another transformative add-on with a twist the next day: a silver Birkin. She carried the bag to dinner at Zuma last night in New York, instantly breathing new life into the most classic of wardrobe pieces (and it did wonders for her off-duty style, too). Hadid kept the shine in check with a compact version that was small enough to fit right alongside her growing collection of micro bags. She was smart to go low-key with the rest of her attire in faded jeans and an unapologetically tiny crop top, braving...
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13 Dec

The History Of The Cartier Love Bracelet


The Cartier Love Bracelet has become one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in the world. Since it is comprised of two pieces that need to be bolted together with a tiny Cartier screwdriver, it requires a partner to put it on, making it the ultimate symbol of a committed relationship. Watch the complete history of the bracelet above, and shop more jewelry trends here.

From Harper's BAZAAR

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