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22 Jun

13 Must-Have Nail Polishes For Summer

Summer—with its festivals and vacations and pool parties—is always a good excuse to grab the blindingly bright polishes you'd steer clear from all the other months of the year, but if you're feeling colors that are a little less in-your-face predictable, you're in luck. Click through to see the best of the season's new color collections, from pastels with heft to toned-down, creamy neons to decorative top coats. More By Alexandra Tunell Source=
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18 Jun

15 For ’15: The Hottest Summer Haircuts

Maybe you let your hair grow (and grow and grow) all winter. Maybe you're done with bangs. Maybe your one-length crop is feeling blah. Whatever your hair woes, we've gathered the prettiest celebrity haircuts of the moment: Super-short, model-long, and every inch of in-between bob. By Hannah Morrill Source:
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12 Jun

Nivea Dolls Get Sunburnt to Teach Kids about Sunscreen

  To help teach kids the importance of sun block, Nivea made and distributed dolls made of UV sensitive materials that turn red when exposed to the sun without sunscreen. Kids could apply sunscreen (Nivea, if you please) to the dolls so they won’t burn. Teaching kids a valuable lesson, while also offering a distraction for when it’s time to lather them up—kids can apply sunscreen to their dolls, while parents apply it to them. Don’t forget to get an extra bottle of sunscreen for the doll, moms and dads. (Cha ching!) Brought to us by the winners of the 2014 Cannes Mobile Grand Prix for the ad that turns into a kid-tracking bracelet. Source –
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12 Jun

2015 Spring & Summer Makeup Trends

2015 Spring & Summer Makeup Trends. Top looks in makeup to rock this spring and summer season! By now you’ve probably already figured out what’s going to be hot….and what’s not so hot for spring 2015.  If makeup collection are any indication at what’s to come then we can expect plenty of matte lip shades, contouring galore as well as fabulously bold lashes.  Those of course  are just a few of the trends we’ve been spotting in the designer makeup world… we’ve also been eying more trends on the red carpet as well as on runway shows. With that being said let’s get to it!   by Fashionprincess Source =
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12 Jun

The Top Ten YouTube Beauty Vloggers

YouTube isn’t just for watching cat videos, or discovering new music stars; it is also a growing online venue for entrepreneurs and beauty gurus. From Michelle Phan to Makeup Geek, beauty vloggers are drawing in millions of fans. These fans tune in daily and weekly, anxiouslyawaiting each new video to see hauls, tutorials, trend reports, or for a peak inside the world of their favorite beauty maven. Fans aren't the only people taking notice. Beauty companies, magazines, TV shows, and more are helping to turn beauty vloggers into household names, with some starting their own makeup or clothing lines. Companies send vologgers products to showcase on their channels, invite them to be part of collaborations, and provide them with discounts they...
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8 Jun

Top 10 Eyebrow Tips And Tutorials That Could Change Your Entire Face.

One of the first things people notice about your face is your eyes and your eyebrows. The trend right now is big, strong and full eyebrows and they are definitely new focal point for the face. Eyebrows are the frame for your eyes, so you should always keep them in check. Plucking your eyebrows is an acquired skill that involves patience and creativity. It can make your eyes look bigger and give your face that clean, youthful look. Because your eyebrows can change the entire way your face looks, we collected 10 tips and tutorials which will help you to create the perfect eyebrow. Before you reach for the tweezers check the tips and tutorials below!
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5 Jun

Top 10 trendy runway eyeliner looks to try out.

  If you are bored from your usual cat eyeliner, then you need to try out this fun and playful new trends that were created on the runway and are great hit for 2015. This year is all about experimenting with makeup, which gives you a lot of space to express yourself. Don’t be afraid to use some strong colors and to go bold with the eyeliner. Here you will find some inspirational looks that are very easy to re-create, they are super simple and yet can make a whole lot of difference in your makeup look. Wear this looks as your daytime makeup, or choose some of them for your night look. It’s all about the eyeliner, so go ahead...
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