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10 Aug

How To Apply Fake Eyelashes Like A Pro

You don't need a makeup artist's precision to master the skill. While applying a flawless set of flawless might seem best left to the pros, you don't need a makeup artist's precision to master the skill. First, choose between individual falsies or full lash strip. Strips give a dramatic, defined evening look, whereas individual lashes are create a natural finish. To start,"hold a mirror under your eyes an stare down," says M.A.C makeup pro, Gisel Calvillo. If you're using a strip, "remove it from the case and bend it back and forth so it's easier to adjust to your eye shape."Dip your lash band in lash glue and allow a few seconds to dry. Using your fingers, place the strip along the lashline, gently pressing the band down to set the glue. "Pinch the falsies with your...
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10 Aug

Clara Used This Amazing Mantra To Lose 60 Pounds of Baby Weight

Just five magical words.   When Ciara, 29, was pregnant with her son Future, she gained 60 pounds. That's a lot given that the average woman is only supposed to gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, according to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. But by the time Future was four months old, the singer had recovered her pre-baby body, losing all 60 pounds. She recently shared her weight loss techniques in the September issue of Shape ​magazine: "I have three tricks for sticking to my diet. First, I give myself a break. When I'm on a strict eating regimen, at some point I have to have French fries, a cheeseburger, and some pizza. And Oreos and vanilla ice cream! I also believe that drinking tons of water and flushing your system is crucial for training. It really helped me drop...
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10 Aug

14 Things Only People Who Wear Lipstick Understand

  That moment when you try to kiss an acquaintance's cheek and accidentally rub color on her face… 1) Eating a sandwich while wearing lipstick requires skill. Good luck emerging without Ruby Wooall over your chin and nose. 2) Trying on clothes must be done with heart surgeon precision. There's nothing worse than that guilty smudge of red all over the inside collar of a white dress. 3) That moment when you kiss hello on the cheek and accidentally leave a trail of red… 4) Makeouts are extra messy. Stick to a nude shade (or better, ChapStick) for date night. 5) The constant refrain: "Did I just smudge my lipstick all over my face?" 6) The horror of accidentally getting it all over your teeth. Stop staring and tell me already! 7) Slathering Vaseline on your...
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30 Jul

Watch This Woman Capture 100 Years Of Beauty In Germany In One Minute

The difference between East and West Germany is especially interesting. Cut's global beauty tour has moved from Italy to Germany in its latest 100 Years of Beauty installment. Model Brooke shows a century of hair and makeup trends in just a minute—and it gets particularly interesting post-World War II. The then-split East and West Germany had very different aesthetics before the Berlin Wall came down in 1990.​​ Watch the full evolution: BY ALYSSA BAILEY Source:
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29 Jul

10 Secrets To Mastering Kim Kardashian’s Makeup

Over the course of his Master Class this past weekend, makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic took Kim Kardashian from #IWokeUpLikeThis to #ThisTakesFourHours (literally) and shared his best tips, tricks, and product recommendations each step of the way. We took pages of notes; now we need to find the time to practice. 1) Makeup first, hair second. "When clients get their hair done first, there's usually hairspray on the face, so I always start with a makeup wipe," said ​Dedivanovic as he prepped Kardashian's skin for the makeup tutorial (she had her hair in her signature slick and low ponytail). Plus, if you're getting a big, bouncy blowout, you won't want to pin it back for the duration of the makeup application and risk creasing. 2) Swap primer for emollient moisturizer. Dedivanovic recommends applying a...
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28 Jul

6 Wet Hair Looks To Try In Any Situation

From soaked après-swim hair at Balmain to slicked ponytails at Prada, the spring runways were rife with damp hair. Then, during my recent trip to Paris, temperatures reached record-breaking heights, and I inadvertently put this season's sweat-drenched look to the test. Turns out there's no better time than a heat wave to hang up the blow-dryer and experiment with every rendition of dripping hair. Here, six wet hair looks for every situation. BY JULIE SCHOTT Source:
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27 Jul

How To Look Good After A Weekend Of Parting

You may have spent Saturday night dancing on tables until the lights turned on, but give yourself 24 hours of antioxidants, vitamins and reparative skin treatments and no one will be the wiser come Monday. Here's your hangover cheat sheet. Before drinking: Consume a balanced meal that includes protein and fat to help shield your digestive system from the damaging effects of alcohol. "In addition, you should be hydrating all day prior to your party with water and coconut water," says nutritionist Steve Macari. "Add a pinch of sea salt to your water bottle to boost the mineral (electrolyte) content." Pop an extra multivitamin for an antioxidant boost before heading out. Before you to to bed: ​Eat a piece of fruit that's high in fructose, like an apple, grapes or watermelon. "Fructose is...
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26 Jul

Is “SQUINCHING” The Celebrity Secret To Looking Perfect In Photos?

All signs point to yes.     Do candid photos even exist anymore? In an age when #flawless selfies are among the hottest commodities, any technique that promises a photogenic upgrade—from classic posing hacks like the skinny arm or the Olsens-coined "prune face" to makeup tricks like blurring and extreme contouring—is going to garner interest. The latest advancement in strategic, double-tap-amassing picture taking is squinching, which is narrowing the eyes by tightening your lower eyelid and letting the top one drop down just a bit. This definition comes by way of portrait photographer and squinching pioneer Peter Hurley via Who What Wear.Hurley recently decided to reexamine the trend after its initial heyday in 2013 by having WWW's editors test it out. Hurley believes that squinching is the easiest, most effective way to convey...
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24 Jul

Ask Julie Anything: How Can I Look Better In A Bikini By This Weekend?

"I have a bachelorette party in Miami this weekend, and I need to get toned quick. Help!!" Welcome to Ask Julie Anything, a #safespace where's Senior Beauty & Fitness Editor Julie Schott answers questions about beauty, fitness, food, body hair, flesh-eating skin diseases, traumatic haircuts, and more. DM her your acne pics @julie_schott or Snapchat a rash to elleusa. Julie...
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22 Jul

Hair Trend : Pastel Hair

Pastel hair has been big for a long time, but the trend recently boomed on social media. The trend has been sported by celebrities and bloggers alike (such as In the Frow) since, and has been a popular request in hair salons. Anya Dellicompagni, Director of Hairdressing at Francesco Group, talks all things pastel hair: "Pastel hair colours are always a Summer hit and look great particularly on blondes as the colour really shines through...
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