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9 Mar

The 6 Craziest Nail Trends We’ve Seen This Year


From furry to straight up dirty.​

Just three months into 2016, and we're already petitioning for the MoMa to open up an exhibition dedicated to the next-level nail art that's been popping up everywhere. From the fur-adorned nails we saw on Libertine's fall 2016 runway to those Instagram-beloved mirrored talons, we are mesmerized—and these are our favorite to gawk at:

1. Furry Nails

Perhaps it was the chilly temps of winter that inspired Libertine to bust out the faux fur and decorate a slew of model talons in the furry stuff. The brainchild of Jan Arnold, style director and co-founder of CND nail polish, the artists painted each nail with their Rubble or Cream Puff shades, then...
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9 Mar

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Embrace Blue Lipstick

In my entire life, I've only stolen one thing. I was 10 and had never been allowed out of our apartment in New York City's Upper West Side by myself, so when my mom sanctioned my first independent excursion—my best friend, Shoko, and I could traverse the half a city block to Woolworth unaccompanied—we didn't think life could get any better. It took us a dizzying seven seconds to walk there. Once inside, we made a beeline for the makeup. There we stood in front of a towering pyramid of Wet N Wild lipsticks, entranced and covetous, a rotten idea already hatched in both our brains. "Let's take one." I can't be sure, but I think it was Shoko who first suggested...
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9 Mar

Here’s The Most Amazing Lip Art On The Internet


Forget everything you've ever seen about lipstick, because we're about to blow your mind with these pout-worthy lip designs.

Last year, we were obsessed with this Disney inspired lip art, but for 2016 we're all about intricate designs, pretty patterns and LOTS of colour:


? Inspired by 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' by Katsushika Hokusai. Almost didn't do this Lipart because I thought it would be too difficult but I'm so proud of how it turned out! Products used: @anastasiabeverlyhills 'Paint' liquid lipstick. @shopvioletvoss 'Slayed' liquid lipstick. @katvondbeauty 'Trooper' Tattoo Liner. @sedonalace 'White Wedding' gel liner. @wolfefaceartfx Essential Palette Brushes from the art store.
Andrea Reed | Victoria, Canada(@girlgreybeauty)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 3월 4 오전 8:52 PST

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9 Mar

​Your Bra Could Be Giving You Headaches


Headaches are the kind of pain that if you know what's causing them – hangover, dehydration, looking at screens, Tinder – then you can take a painkiller and hope for the best. But if you don't know what's causing them, they can be SO annoying, really frustrating and a little bit scary (and don't even get us started on migraines).
But could this be a part of your headache mystery? Apparently, our trusty bras could be to blame.

It has been reported that wearing unsupportive bras can cause headaches because it means that your neck and back muscles have to work twice as hard to hold up your boobs – obviously we're talking more than a handful here.

Tim Allardyce from Surrey Physio...
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9 Mar

Best Backstage Beauty Selfies


From electric eye makeup at Fendi to swapped hair colors at Balmain, it's been a big month for beauty at every stop on the fashion circuit for Fall 2016. While the runway is where the magic happens, sometimes it's what goes on behind-the-scenes that's even better. Here, 16 of the best backstage selfies from your favorite supermodels.

@BALMAIN with the sweetest super @karliekloss
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley(@rosiehw)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 3월 3 오전 10:13 PST

Dynamic Duo

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Karlie Kloss at Balmain @rosiehw

Fendi makeup ?? @fendi

Taylor Hill(@taylor_hill)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 2월 25 오전 5:24 PST

Butterfly Effect
Taylor Hill at Fendi


@jamiebochert ❤️ @kendalljenner ❤️ @eliesaabworld #fashionshow #fw16 #pfw #style @melaniehuynh1 ❤️ #hair @orlandopita #nails @anatolerainey #makeupbytompecheux @maccosmetics #chicrock #smokyeyes #makeup #beauty #backstage #eliesaab...
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8 Mar

Chanel’s ‘Quilted Eyes’ For AW16


If you can't afford Chanel's iconic, quilted 2.55 bag, then perhaps we could interest you in the French fashion house's autumn/winter 2016 eye look instead?

Anny Errandonea(@annyerrandonea_nailsartist)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 3월 8 오전 1:56 PST

Created by Tom Pecheux, Chanel's 'quilted eye' was previewed on the runway today in Paris.  The model pack, including Kendall Jenner and Lindsey Wixson, fluttered their way down the runway, showing off stencilled shadow, meticulously fashioned into Chanel's infamous handbag print.

@josephine_letutour @chanelofficial #fashioshow #fw16 #pfw by @karllagerfeld ?????? #hair @sammcknight1 #nails @annyerrandonea_nailsartist #makeupbytompecheux #chanelmakeup #makeup #chanel #tompecheux #beauty #quiltedeyes casting @aurelieduclos @djcori

tompecheux(@tompecheux)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 3월 8 오전 4:17 PST

While the hair, styled by Chanel regular - British stylist Sam McKnight, took on a "clean, unbrushed "morning'," the make-up came with a complicated,...
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8 Mar

5 Ways To Refresh Your Hair Color In Literally Five Minutes

In the quest for perfect hair color, getting the shade you want is only half the battle. The rest is all about maintenance—using color-safe products, shampooing as infrequently as possible, rinsing with lukewarm water, touch-ups that you’re supposed to get every six weeks but can stretch to the eight-week mark.… It’s the little things. No, but really it is. I know this better than anyone. (Well, maybe not better than people who actually color hair for a living.) I’ve dabbled in a wide array of hair colors, from an ill-advised red to black to (disastrously, in the end) platinum blonde and back to brown and then some. They say that red is the hardest color to maintain, which is probably true,...
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8 Mar

How to Get a Stella McCartney-Inspired Marble Manicure in 4 Steps


In need of nail art inspiration? Stella McCartney's fall 2016 collection has you covered. While manicurist Madeline Poole kept the models' nails virtually bare on the runway, she found a subdued nail art idea in look 18. "What I love most is textures or cuts that inspire a nail," says Poole, Sally Hansen global color ambassador. "This look is representation of a spotted woven fabric featuring four colors. What you end up with is easy to recreate and very three-dimensional."

Here, Poole breaks down the look in four easy steps.

Step 1


Create a burgundy base with two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure inRuby Do.

Step 2

Using Dark Hue-mor, wipe off excess...
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