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10 Aug

14 Things Only People Who Wear Lipstick Understand

  That moment when you try to kiss an acquaintance's cheek and accidentally rub color on her face… 1) Eating a sandwich while wearing lipstick requires skill. Good luck emerging without Ruby Wooall over your chin and nose. 2) Trying on clothes must be done with heart surgeon precision. There's nothing worse than that guilty smudge of red all over the inside collar of a white dress. 3) That moment when you kiss hello on the cheek and accidentally leave a trail of red… 4) Makeouts are extra messy. Stick to a nude shade (or better, ChapStick) for date night. 5) The constant refrain: "Did I just smudge my lipstick all over my face?" 6) The horror of accidentally getting it all over your teeth. Stop staring and tell me already! 7) Slathering Vaseline on your...
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9 Aug

5 Inspiring Summer DIY Projects From YouTube Star LaurDIY

Thanks to bloggers like Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This, fun YouTube tutorials and step-by-step Pinterest pins, it’s easier than ever to get inspired to DIY. Why spend your bills on gilded vases or ombre tumblers when you can just grab a spray can and do it yourself? Clearly the childhood pastime isn’t just for the artistic little ones anymore. “The best thing about DIY is you can make it your own. To whatever extent you want,” says Lauren Riihimaki of LaurDIY. We caught up with the DIY guru and YouTube sensation this week to talk about her recent collab with Starbucks and all things arts and craft. With over two million subscribers, you can say she’s quite the star...
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9 Aug

Resort 2016 Trend: Tropical Prints

Monique Lhuillier's botanical print clutch
What inspiration best suits a season that’s based on travel and leisure? Designers gave an enthusiastic nod to the tropics, using bold blooms and leafy botanical prints on both ready-to-wear and accessories to give resort looks a vibrant dose of color — and customers a tempting tease of island ambience. Written by Andrew Shang, writer for Source -
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9 Aug

The #ILOOKLIKEANENGINEER Hashtag Keeps Getting Better

isis_anchalee_engi_3398011b Earlier this week we flipped for #ILookLikeAnEngineer, a hashtag that went viral in the wake of platform engineer Isis Wenger, whose image and words were used to advertise OneLogin Engineering, the San Francisco-based company she works for, being told by a backwards-minded Internet that she didn’t “look” like someone employed in her profession. Wenger took to the Internet to right this wrong, wrote a must-read piece on Medium about the problem, and started the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer, calling on the women of her profession to get on social media, post their photos, and show the world what an engineer looks like. Now it looks like the hashtag is going to get a second life, off the Internet, as a (drumroll please) billboard. As the...
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8 Aug

J’adore Dior…Especially on Charlize Theron

On a bed of glittering gold satin lies Charlize Theron, a bottle of Dior’s J’adore perfume in her hand. That’s the sensual scene that welcomed Charlize Theron into the Dior universe in 2004 as the spokeswoman for the J’adore Dior fragrance line. Since then she’s stripped bare, climbed up through silken ropes, and posed with Marilyn Monroe—thanks to some CGI—in the brand’s campaigns, though those aren’t the only Dior moments that propelled Theron into the fashion spotlight. On the red carpet she frequently sports Dior ensembles, to the delight of both Hollywood and fashion fans. In honor of her 40th birthday today, see 12 of her best Dior looks in the slideshow above.   written by Steff Yotka Source -
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6 Aug

10 Street-Style-Inspired Shopping Updates for Fall

Ready or not, the fall shopping season is upon us. Rather than panic and try to suss through the season’s biggest trends—though we can help you with thathere—find 10 easy style upgrades worthy of inclusion in your wardrobe in the slideshow above. Whether you’re in the market for a fresh take on pajama dressing or looking for a cozy coat to get you through September, we’ve found it all, and more.   written by Steff Yotka Source -
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5 Aug

Where to Shop in Copenhagen, According to the City’s Most Stylish Girls

Some think New York is the most stylish city in the world. Others would argue it’s Paris. But we think Copenhagen deserves to be high on the list—just click through any Tommy Ton slideshow and you’ll find that some of the chicest girls on the street-style scene hail from Denmark. With Copenhagen Fashion Week kicking off this week, we asked five of the city’s best-dressed locals to give us the scoop on their favorite designer boutiques, where to score vintage YSL, and—of course—what they’re planning to wear to the shows. Click through the slideshow for can’t-miss tips from Pernille Teisbaek, Alexandra Carl, and more. written by Emily Farra Source -  ...
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4 Aug

We Discovered the Secret to French Girl Hair

O_lou  The one word that’s always bandied about when describing those uniquely divine creatures who stalk the streets of Paris iseffortless. While the amount of energy that actually goes into appearing unfettered is debatable, one aspect of this laissez-faire look that cannot be disputed is great hair. Strands that manage to appear at once unwashed yet well cared for play a pivotal role in producing that I-just-woke-up-like-this effect.  Gallic hairstylist Wendy Iles knows a thing or two about this kind of casual coif from working with noted French cool girls Léa Seydoux, Lou Doillon, and Marion Cotillard. After years of using her signature three-step system on her celeb and model clients to transform even the most brittle strands into “spun silk,” Iles...
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1 Aug

16 Influencers Share Their Fall Wardrobe Must-Haves

Ready…set…shop! With Fall styles just hitting shelves and a great excuse to trot them out just around the corner (scarcely more than a month till Spring ’16 kicks off…deep breaths), we’ve got retail therapy on the brain. Since we’ve written plenty about the season’s best, we tapped 16 well-heeled influencers to share what they’re shopping for this fall, from bags to boots. Click through the slideshow above to see them all.   written by Kristin Anderson Source -
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