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2 Jul

Home / Unusaul Store; VENAFRO, ITALY

Home / Unusual Store; the architect’s vision is in the name. Luigi Valente states his intention for the retail space to be “a place like home”, but on the contrary “a fantasy place that projects the client far away”. It’s perhaps a paradox too far, unless you live in the future, but what Valente has undeniably achieved, is a thoroughly exciting retail space that belies its diminutive space. Exposed concrete, monochrome colour scheme, arty lighting and Zaha Hadid-esque seating; it’s all very en vogue, and all very effortlessly realised. Luigi Valente’s Home / Unusual Store may not be a fantasy-land cum home, but it’s a bloody good looking shop, and surely that’s all that matters…   written by James Davidson Source - Photography  Stefano Pedretti...
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1 Jul

A Brief History of Baring It All on the Red Carpet

Photo: Getty Images
Twenty-five hundred rhinestones, but do you think anyone noticed? Marilyn Monroe was famously stitched into the custom Jean Louis gown she wore to breathlessly sing 45th birthday wishes to JFK back in 1962. Layer upon layer of sheer, flesh-colored marquisette offered coverage but left only a scant bit to the imagination. The star dubbed her gasp-inducing look “skin and beads.” That may as well have been the dress memo for May’s China: Through the Looking Glass Met Gala, so neatly did those three little words sum up the even littler dresses worn by a holy trinity of pop culture: the confectionary first piece of Roberto Cavalli that Peter Dundas whipped up on his return to the house for Kim Kardashian West; Jennifer...
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