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30 Nov

Adele New Album 25 Is FINALLY Here!


The Adele new album is one of the most highly anticipated records EV-AH – and it’s out today. Here are a few things you might not know about 25…


Given the success of single Hello  – which has now been streamed 4.7 million times by listeners online whilst more than 600,000 copies have been bought – the success of the Adele new album is going to be MAJOR.

It went on general release this morning, and within minutes the hashtag #Adele25 was trending worldwide. One thing fans aren’t particularly happy about? The fact that they won’t be able to listen to Adele’s new album on their favourite streaming service.

According to the New York Daily Times, record bosses informed digital music services services – including Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer – earlier this week, that 25 would not be made available. Cue A LOT of online debate.

Streaming gripes aside, the reaction from fans has been overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what you’ve been saying…



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