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22 Dec

This Sticky Goop Is Going Viral For Being a Magical Eyebrow Thickener


In an ideal world, we would all click our heels and have the eyebrows of our deepest, wildest dreams. Which, based on every brow trend of the last two years, means super-thick, bushy, Cara Delevingne-level arches—a look that’s been unattainable for the majority of the population…until now.

Because, as Allure first spotted, a K-beauty product called Reallyyy? (yup) is going viral for its abilities to bulk up your brows in the most natural-looking of ways, by using a mixture of clear gel and fibers to act as eyebrow extensions.

In an Instagram video of the product, which was posted by Vogue Koreaearlier this week, the dark, sticky gel is housed in a tiny pot with a brush-tip applicator, which is used to dip and brush the fiber-flecked gel into the shape of a brow on someone’s hand. Once the gel dries, the fibers are completely matte and budge-proof, meaning they won’t fall into your eyes throughout the day.

Hannah Kim
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