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30 Nov

This Liquid Gold Hair Look Is Stunning


Model Lais Ribeiro had her hair painted molten gold for a Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot—and it was absolutely stunning. The look was modeled after hair from angel statues in Paris, and was created exclusively by DOCUMENTBEAUTY. Take a look above at how to create the gorgeous hairstyle yourself.

Model: Lais Riberio; DOCUMENTBEAUTY Editors-In-Chief & Beauty Directors: Kayla MiChele & Christine Cherbonnier; Contributing Video Editor: Luis Marciliano; Original Music: Timo Ellis; Deputy Beauty Director: Anne-Marie Guarnieri; Style Director: Joanna Hillman; Senior Photo Editor: Lauren Hechel; Assistant Photo Editor: Ignacio Murillo; Photographer: Kenneth Willardt; Hair: Kayla MiChele; Makeup: Erin Parsons; Hair Assistant: Sonny Molina; Makeup Assistant: Christian Briceno; Manicurist: Sunshine Outing; Location: Milk Studios.

Hannah Kim
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