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28 Sep

This Lipstick Is An Actual Heartbreaker


Read their lips: This season, Margiela models were real heartbreakers. This show is where makeup artist Pat McGrath gets to play and today, she created a negative space lip look that made the models’ mouths look like plump sideways hearts. Using the cupid bow of the lips, the heart’s curves perfectly matched up to create two distinct but symmetrical hearts.

Photo: Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images
Photo: Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

Accompanied with a liberal amount of McGrath’s highlighter #SkinFetish003 on the skin and feathered hair containing actual feathers (a style created by Eugene Soleiman), models’ mouths were painted with shades of ruby red (McGrath’s new Luxe Trance lipstick in Psycho Candy) or shocking blue pink (McGrath’s Matte Trance lipstick in Full Panic). Although McGrath didn’t share details on how to create the look, one imagines she created the clean illusion lip using very steady (and warm) hands, slow precise movements, zillions of tiny Q-tips dipped intoBioderma makeup remover and a firm lip brush to assist with drawing the curves. It’s not a quick beauty look – but it is a heartbreaking work of staggering makeup genius.

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Hannah Kim
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