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28 Sep

Bella Hadid Wears a Denim Skirt Over Jeans


This year has been filled with several perplexing denim trends—from those cheeky Vetements x Levi’s jeans to Topshop’s clear panel jeans and more—but now one of them is getting the ultimate stamp of approval from Bella Hadid.

While in Paris, the model stepped out in a NASCAR-inspired Off-White crop top and a pair of Ksenia Schnaider jeans featuring a denim skirt overlay. And yes, Bella managed to make a frayed denim skirt over a pair of jeans look cool.


The designer of Bella’s hybrid bottoms has a penchant for inventive denim, with many of her jeans featuring denim short overlays with frayed ends, mix-matched denim, and even a pair of overalls with her signature faux short overlay.


From left: Ksenia Schnaider jeans, $340; overalls, $175; and jeans, $340, SHOP

It’s yet another trend that would’ve made any early 2000s It girl happy but the real question is, can the rest of us who aren’t Bella Hadid or Paris Hilton circa 2002 pull it off?

Hannah Kim
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