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14 Sep

So Thats’s Why Kim Kardashian Always Looks Like She’s Glowing


The reality star dropped some beauty wisdom on her website.

Kim Kardashian is somewhat of a selfie master, who literally created a glowing phone case to always have perfect selfie lighting. But that doesn’t explain why she always looks so picture perfect in everything from video livestreams to paparazzi snaps:


Kim Kardashian West(@kimkardashian)님의 공유 게시물님,

my muse 🙏🏻 iconic beauty @kimkardashian ♥️ #MakeupByMario hair @chrisappleton1

MARIO(@makeupbymario)님의 공유 게시물님,


Kim Kardashian West(@kimkardashian)님의 공유 게시물님,

Now, the reality star has taken to her website to explain what’s behind her seemingly all-body glow. And as reported by Allure, the answer is… all-body highlighter, naturally.

“Body highlighting” is pretty much what it sounds like: Using highlighter on focal points of the body. Much in the way that boob contouring is a thing, body highlighting adds some extra, barely perceptible shimmer to places toward which you want to draw the eye.


For Kim, she uses her very own KKW Beauty Crème Highlight sticks (of course) to draw attention to her legs, with a stripe down the length of her shin and her thigh to add perceived length. (Avoid the knee, or else you’ll just end up with shiny kneecaps.) Her other favorite body highlight area? The shoulder blades, for “the illusion of a more defined back.”

So, should body highlighting be a part of your daily routine? You probably don’t need it the way the ever public-facing Kim does, but it can’t hurt to try these tricks out for the next time you need to glam yourself up.

Sunyoung Hong
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