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12 May

Brow Carving Is The Newest Form Of Arch Art Taking Over Instagram


Over the past few weeks, our newsfeeds have been dominated by arch art, from barbed wire brows to dragon brows. The latest trend? That would be brow “carving,” which is less about the styling of the brow hairs and more about creating intricate designs around the edges of the arches.

Texas-based makeup artist Alexa Link, the originator of the carved brow, has been posting different variations of the look on her Instagram since April. Now, other MUAs are trying their hand at it too.

After studying Link’s designs closely, we believe she first traces eyeliner along the brow bone (and beyond), then uses a shadow to blend it out for a gradient effect. In each instance, color on the lid is minimal with the negative space punctuating the “carved” effect. It’s basically a cartoonish brow highlight.

From Link’s O.G. carved brow creations to friendly copycats of the look, see all the designs below:

Hannah Kim
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