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28 Apr

Meet Shanghai’s Newest Generation of Designers

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These Shanghai natives are pushing boundaries and enhancing China’s relevance in the industry

With Shanghai Fashion week coming to an end these three designers have proven themselves ones to watch.  Looking back at the buzz surrounding past seasons, there are three designers in particular that are likely to find themselves in the global spotlight.  Known for pushing boundaries and enhancing China’s relevance in the industry, each of them further increases the nation’s currency by drawing inspiration from youth culture, the digital age, and modern notions of beauty.

Angel Chen

Shenzhen native Angel Chen was first recognized on an international level in 2014 when she was awarded the prestigious “Top 5 Graduate Designers of the Year” from Central Saint Martins. Chen’s striking aesthetic makes use of mixed fabrics, textural layering and ­­­­­intricate embroidery. Her Spring/Summer 2016 collection “Youthquake” – inspired by the 1960s new wave movement of the same name- caught the attention of the industry for its bold, youthful spirit and outlandish colour scheme.

Feng Chen Wang

London-based menswear designer Feng Chen Wang made her debut in 2015 after graduating from the Royal College of Art. Wang, whose work is known to reflect a well-defined worldview, speaks of being greatly inspired by her day-to-day interactions. Wang’s collections utilised adjustable cabling as a playful and innovative way to alter the shape of the garments- touched heavily on ideas surrounding digital age connectivity.

XIMONLEE(@ximonlee)님의 공유 게시물님,

Ximon Lee

Berlin-based designer Ximon Lee was trained at Parsons School of Design and is known for his austere aesthetic, extreme cuts and hand crafted constructions. In his last collection, “Shame”, Lee set out to define his own notion of “beauty”. In the collection he presents a thoughtful dichotomy between bold and delicate: oversized garments with severe cuts accented with pearl detailing. He too draws inspiration from his personal life, citing an early memory of his mother in pearls as a conceptual starting point.


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