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31 Mar

Victoria Beckham Calls Out The Haters Who Insist She Never Smiles


Victoria Beckham is hardly famous for one thing—she was part of a global music phenomenon called The Spice Girls, she’s still the chicest reigning WAG ever in existence, she has a flourishing fashion brand, and, of course, she rarely smiles. When asked about the latter phenomenon, Beckham once said, “I’m smiling on the inside, but I feel like I have a responsibility to the fashion community.” She does it—or rather doesn’t do it—for the people, people. Fash-un is serious business and should not be undermined with something as pedestrian as a smirk. Real fashion deserves a cold, hard stare, a pout and a pose, a girl’s best Blue Steel. And VB has always been happy—though she won’t show it!—to comply.

In honor of so many years of seriousness concealing utter joy, VB has released a new tee that reads, “Fashion Stole My Smile.” “I’ve just launched my collaboration with Target, which has been so much fun to work on. There’s a lot of print, a lot of bright color, and lots of kids clothes!,” Beckham explains, “Designing the kids’ pieces, with all these little bumble bees and bunnies, really made me smile…I wanted to create something to mark that feeling – poking fun at my sometimes ‘serious’ persona if you like. That’s what this VVB ‘Fashion Stole my Smile’ T-shirt is all about.” It’s perfectly Instagram-able, but don’t you dare pose with any teeth showing.

Courtesy Victoria Beckham
Courtesy Victoria Beckham

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