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12 Sep

Premiere: Gothic Tropic Channels Debbie Harry on ’80s Dance Ballad, ‘Don’t Give Me Up’


Los Angeles indie darlings, Gothic Tropic, are hard to pin down. The brainchild of songwriterCecilia Della Peruti, the band has experimented with everything from the lo-fi garage rock of their debut EP, Awesome Problems, to the ’80s pop of their latest release, “Don’t Give Me Up.” A lovelorn dance ballad, the single is a catchy mix of ’80s synth-pop with a hint of rock ‘n roll, à la Debbie Harry—with minimal guitars and a subtle synth line, Peruti’s voice is the star.

“I wrote it on a long drive while I was out on tour,” says Peruti. “At the time, a friend was going through a breakup and I was inspired by his experience. […] I identified with what he was going through—knowing their connection was unbreakable and even sympathizing with her, as she was going through her own frustration and heartbreak, all the while deflated from rejection. The verses scan through all the possible errors of the relationship, and desperately look for a logical explanation. The choruses are pleading with the partner to ‘snap out of it, wake up!’”

For Peruti, “vulnerability that leads to self-prescribed confidence,” was a huge inspiration. The result is an upbeat track with an underlying desperation— “Don’t give me up,” the singer pleads, atop bouncing synths and an unapologetically pop hook. Though a departure from the guitar-centered sound of the band’s previous work, “Don’t Give Me Up,” is an exciting glimpse of what to expect from Gothic Tropic’s forthcoming album, Fast or Feast, out this October.

Listen to the BULLETT premiere of “Don’t Give Me Up,” below.


Anna Jo
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