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31 May

Featured Blogger: Clothes Minded


Hey Come Trenders!

We hope your Memorial Day weekend here in the US was well spent with family and friends! This week we’re featuring up and coming fashion blogger: Andie of Clothes Minded.

About Andie

Growing up my love for fashion was kind of looked down upon and I was told time and time again that fashion wasn’t a real career and that I shouldn’t pursue it. So, I spent a lot of my high school/early college years trying to find something that held my interest or that I was passionate about. In college I studied criminal justice, dancing, theater arts and marketing. While I was trying to find my passion I started to fall into a depression because I didn’t feel like I was ever going to find my true passion and that made me feel miserable. The only thing that helped me get through this was retail therapy, I enjoyed going online and looking at clothes and imagining all the outfits I could create even if I couldn’t purchase them at the moment. Another thing that really helped me was reading different kinds of fashion blogs; I fell in love with fashion blogging and created my own blog via tumblr. I really admired how people photographed their outfits and how no one style was exactly the same. It was a challenging time in my life but the more I immersed myself into the fashion and beauty world the better I felt and the more confident in myself I became. After 4 years of being an undeclared major I took the plunge and became a fashion-merchandising student, at first my actions were looked down upon but after a while I started to gain their support and I was full speed ahead towards a fashion-merchandising degree. I officially launched Clothes Minded in December 2014 as my own creative outlet, people then started to reach out to me to say that they admired my blog and my sense of style and that made me even more passionate about what I was doing and I felt like I found my niche and my community. I named my blog Clothes Minded because I literally am clothes minded I never stop thinking about fashion and my mind is constantly racing with new outfit ideas and trends I’ve started to take notice of. Yes, I am a newbie at blogging and yes I’m still growing into my style but I am growing and if I can just inspire one person with my story and it pushes them to pursue their dreams and to not let anyone stop them from living their life that would mean the world to me.

Serving Some Body(suit)


Do you know how much I love a good bodysuit? the answer is very.

This striped one is my current fave! I love it because it has a retro flare and zipper detailing. But, overall bodysuits are currently an essential for me and they have taken over my closet and my life for all that matter. Am I mad about it? not at all. These babies are so versatile and come in many different colors and styles that I can really never get tired of them. I styled my red striped bodysuit with some destroyed straight-legged cuffed jeans and of course some signature booties.


until next time,
xoxo Andie
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