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18 Dec

Michael Kors Is The Lates Fashion Label To Go Fur-Free

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Michael Kors has announced today that it will no longer use fur, with production phased out by the end of 2018. This applies to the entire global fashion luxury group, Michael Kors Holdings Limited, and includes brands like Jimmy Choo. "Due to technological advances in fabrications, we now have the ability to create a luxe aesthetic using non-animal fur," designer Michael Kors said in a statement. "We will showcase these new techniques in our upcoming runway show in February." "Killing animals for fur is archaic and inhumane," Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), said. "Forward-looking companies such as Michael Kors recognize that they can work with other fabrics and products and disconnect their enterprises...
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15 Dec

Gucci To Off-White, Street To Sequins—And The Return Of The Fanny Pack: What Sold In 2017?

When Vogue asked five online powerhouses about what sold in 2017, there was confirmation of what we expected—Alessandro Michele is still the King Midas of Gucci; everything he touches is retail gold, while the desire for Balenciaga knows no bounds—and more than a few surprises; who knew that the fanny pack would virtually obliterate the concept of the It bag? (Well, you, in all likelihood, since chances are you bought one.) And mazel tov to Virgil Abloh, because Off-White emerged as the label that really took off globally. Others, like Attico, Halpern, and a slew of quirky and less expensive bag labels, emerged as winners, too. In other words, it will go down as the year of the street, sequins, and sneakers—and...
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15 Dec

Here’s Why Your Mascara Keeps Sliding And Smudging Under Your Eyes

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your mascara. Okay, every single makeup-wearing human in the world can put their hands down, because I know you’ve all been there. I know you’ve all looked in the mirror at noon and seen faint black streaks on your upper lids from blinking, or had to wipe away black smudges from beneath your eyes at the end of the day. And I know you just blame your “weird eyelids” or your “bad mascara” and have resigned yourself to a life of melting makeup, but here’s a little secret: You can easily and totally prevent it from happening—like, even with the world’s weirdest eyelids and mascara—and all it takes is a few...
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15 Dec

Eytys Create Androgynous And Timeless Clothes For People With A Malleable Sense Of Style

Eytys x 032c. Image by Jonas Ingerstedt.

Swedish brand Eytys’ designs and ethos embody the best facets of the digital age: connectivity, collectivity and artistic freedom.

We live in the age of the internet. Our streams of influence are limitless, our scrolls infinite, and our feeds unending. The digital native’s conception of identity is multifaceted, and fashion is a daily opportunity to reflect a wealth of inspiration at our disposal. Eytys is a brand designed by digital natives for digital natives, and one whose brand mission is rooted in community, collaboration and unbridled creativity. They create reliable and exceptional basics which act as blank canvases, primed for the bricolage of modern style. Eytys does not aim to make products which define its customers; they make products which...
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15 Dec

Why The $195 Balenciaga Scrunchie Is Peak 2017

Is a $195 scrunchie worth it? Well, that’s how much the thick hair band from Balenciaga’s Resort 2018 collection costs—shipping not included. Its steep price tag is comparable to that of a Vetements hoodie, which comes at a whopping $885—a triple-digit number that could also get you a 1999 Lincoln Town Car with 300,000 miles on it, or nearly 90 “Blue Light Special” hoodies at $10 a pop. Lately, talking about ordinary items with extraordinary price tags has begun to feel a bit like Passover seder, where the first question at the table is: “Why is this night different than other nights?” In fashion terms that translates to: “Why is this item different from all other items?” In the case of this particular electric-blue...
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15 Dec

Dover Street Market Launches Exclusive Gucci Cruise Pieces


Get a look at the new exclusive pieces.

Tomorrow you're going to need to make your way over to Dover Street Market as exclusive pieces from Gucci's Cruise 2018 collection are about to drop, and they're some extremely fabulous closet essentials. On Friday, a range of Gucci Cruise 2018 special pieces of men and women's ready-to-wear will launch at Dover Street Market locations around the world including New York, London, Ginza, Beijing, and Singapore. The new range is part of the ongoing partnership between DSM and the Italian fashion house, and features a variety of daring accessories and garments. The collection embodies Gucci's move into chic streetwear with a number of innovative track suits, bombers, and tees. While the new pieces exude...
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15 Dec

Cardi B Gives The Most Extra Style Advice In Her Steve Madden Ads And We Are Living For It


After topping charts with a song about Louboutins, Cardi B continues her shoe obsession with a new partnership with Steve Madden. The rapper curated a collection of the brand's shoes—which ranges from vampy over-the-knee boots to work-friendly pumps—and models the styles in a video campaign. In the cheeky, unfiltered clips, (reminiscent of her own Instagram videos) she offers her "daily tips" on dressing, accessorizing, and basically living your best life.

On day-to-night style:
"Alright, motherf*ckers! Now, every woman needs to have a pointy shoe. If I button this shirt, I could wear this to a business meeting but I could wear this to the club."

On making affordable clothes look expensive: "I'm just gonna keep it real, right? I look rich as hell ('cause I am)....
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15 Dec

Gucci’s Helping Dapper Dan Open His Own Harlem Atelier

Dapper Dan

Earlier this year Gucci showed its Resort 2018 collection in Florence, Italy. If you remember, "Renaissance rock 'n' roll" was the theme of the 100-look show and designer Alessandro Michele "paid homage" to Harlem couturier Dapper Dan with a specific piece that bore a striking similarity to one of Dan’s (counterfeit) designs for Olympian Diane Dixon.

Gucci Resort 2018
Gucci Resort 2018 / GETTY
After some good ol' internet outrage the brand rectified the situation by placing Dan in one of their campaigns and revealing a collaboration was in the works. Today, the brand unveiled said collaboration: a studio atelier in Harlem, New York. In another homage, the house teamed up with Dan to create a Lenox Avenue-located studio close to the designer's original shop, Dapper Dan’s Boutique, which shut...
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15 Dec

Yay! A New Vivienne Westwood Film Is Coming Next Year

Photography Pierre Verdy, courtesy of Getty

Mark March 23 on your calendars

2018 isn’t even here yet, and already we have something to look forward to. The iconic activist and designer Dame Vivienne Westwood is set to get her first feature-length documentary in March next year. The new film directed by Lorna Tucker – entitled Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist – will debut at Sundance, and include interviews with her friends, family, and collaborators. Westwood rose to prominence in the 70s, dressing the Sex Pistols and being at the forefront of the punk scene thanks to her and Malcolm McLaren’s boutique SEX. The designer continued to grow her brand through the 80s and 90s and designs today alongside partner Andreas Kronthaler. They presented a circus-themed SS18 collection earlier this year. Of course, in addition to design, Westwood is also known for her...
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