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4 Jan

What To Wear In January 2017

Ahhhh, 2017. FINALLY, am I right? By now, we’ve earned a fresh start—and with that, a wardrobe reboot. By that, I don’t mean you should feel compelled to go on a blowout shopping spree, but rather take a look at what you already have with new eyes and challenge yourself to try something different. Have you been meaning to wear that crazy-in-a-good-way faux-fur coat but haven’t found the occasion? Throw it on tomorrow with your favorite pair of jeans. Want to take things in a more streamlined direction this year? Home in on the pieces and silhouettes that work best for you and create your own version of “uniform dressing.” Whatever your style outlook for the year, kick things off on the right...
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4 Jan

7 Winter Skirt Outfits Because Jeans Don’t Keep You from Freezing Anyway


A chilly bum. Chiller ankles. When the wind enters through that gap between your HeatTech sock and the selvedge hem and blows up the legs. These are a few reasons jeans, unless they're lined in fleece, aren't much use in winter at all. Below, seven cold-weather *skirt* ideas from Pre-Fall 2017 and the internet at large, because if you're going to be cold, might as well have some variety.


..19.19 a Zara Some Something.. ✨
Candela Candela(@candela_________)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 12월 7 오전 10:14 PST

If you manage this level of coordination between your coat and skirt, your life must be quite together. (This is just as chic in all black or white, FYI—but requires less planning, checkbook-planning, and booster-shot-booking.)

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4 Jan

OITNB Star Taryn Manning Has New Hair That Reminds Us of Cotton Candy

I love Pennsatucky (Tiffany Doggett) from Orange is the New Black. She’s outspoken, not afraid to be herself, and has a positive demeanor. What’s not to love? When Taryn Manning dyed her hair soft pink this week, it made total sense—she’s stepping outside of the box and channeling her character Pennsatucky (sans the stringy hair and toothless smile, of course). Manning usually keeps her hair a blonde shade, but she decided to jump on the pink-hair train for the new year with a shade that reminds us of cotton candy. And she’s not alone. Both Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars recently made switch to pink. And, (we still can’t believe this one) even Kanye West added a few shades of pink to his blond hair...
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4 Jan

The Cool Girl’s Guide To Venice

At first glance, Venice feels more like a movie set than a real city where people live and work. But once the reality sinks in that this idyllic place is a living, breathing, and floating metropolis of culture, characters, and cucina, a love for this city will stay in your heart forever. Is that cheesy? Absolutely. But I'm one of the converted ones. This wasn't my first visit to Venice, and while I've certainly enjoyed roaming the city tipsy on Aperol spritzes in the past, I recognized the fact that cichetti pubs and cafe-hopping with friends wasn't exactly getting to the cultural heart of the city (just my stomach). So I was excited to reutn to the city on a Trafalgar...
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4 Jan

5 Makeup Mistakes You’re Making If You’re Always in a Rush


We're all for a five-minute face beat, but no matter how tactful you are, skipping certain steps will result in fatal consequences—otherwise known as creasing, shine, and dry patches. To keep your hard work in tact, make sure you're not guilty of these same ol' mistakes.

1 Not nixing excess oil from the get-go. Oil is enemy numero uno for a long-lasting face beat—even when you're cleansing properly, it can still rear its ugly head. Before you apply anything, run an oil-absorbing sheet over the most shine-prone areas of your face like your T-zone or chin. But don't stop there—your eyes are just as important. Celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose suggest blotting the lids with a tissue or cotton ball, as well...
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4 Jan

How Viktor & Rolf Interrogated Consumption Through Couture

Just five years after starting their label, a young Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren were added to the couture calendar and, for their Autumn/Winter 1999 collection – their fourth couture show – the duo wowed a crowd with a nontraditional show both in terms of presentation and concept. While model Maggie Rizer stood on a turning platform, the two designers dressed her in layers of clothes from the collection until she began to resemble something more akin to a fashion sculpture than a human being. The show audience cheered as the hands of the designers dutifully applied each layer, the show itself a statement about the never-ending cycle of fashion and consumption. The designers refer to it as the Russian Doll collection,...
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4 Jan

Silhouette Inspiration – A/W ’17-18 – “Blanket Coat”


The floor duster will be one of outerwear’s most important pieces for the season, presented in a robe or wrap style. Continuing the trend for oversized outerwear, the Blanket Coat is a favorite for both women and young contemporary markets


As a naturally bohemian item, excess fabric is necessary, with asymmetric lines and kimono sleeves capturing the blanket reference.


Lapel interest includes fur lining or double-faced techniques, while oversized collars are also seen being featured. A self-belt draws in the excess bulk, while fringed hems nods to nomadic roots.


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4 Jan

14 Of The Coziest Small Mountain Towns To Visit This Winter


Treat cabin fever by booking a winter break in these high-altitude towns where snow is considered a good thing.



This bright star in the western firmament has about everything a winter traveler could want: a thrilling ski resort (in spite of its past reputation as an experts-only hill, lots of intermediate and groomed runs have opened for the rest of us), great food (go high and splurge on a meal at The Kitchen or snag some spicy takeout at Teton Thai), and plenty of activities for non-skiers (say ahhh to a spa day or take a winter snowcoach tour of Grand Teton National Park to see snowy bison).

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4 Jan

5 Mistakes You’re Making When You Brush Your Hair

Sometimes, the things that seem like they should be simple tasks, like folding a fitted sheet, are the toughest to figure out. Same goes for brushing your hair. (Really? Really.) Don't worry: We're not going to state the obvious five times over. Although it seems stupid-easy—pick up brush, comb it through hair, repeat—there's a legit science to it. Do it wrong and you could suffer serious hair issues, from breakage to a mass of tangles. But with the right brush and expert tips, you can keep your hair so soft, strong, and shiny that you'll make it a staple among your hair products—we promise. Here's how to brush your hair the right way; plus, the biggest mistakes to avoid. Using the...
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4 Jan

DIY Disco Pom Pom Shoes

images by HonestlyWTF
I can’t even keep track of the amount of times I’ve gone sifting through my craft supply arsenal, at the 11th hour – just before the start of a party, looking for any odds and ends I can find to ameliorate a pathetic accessory situation. Because as you also know, it’s all about the accessories. After lusting over Aquazzura’s disco sandals, I was inspired to create my own version. With pom poms, naturally. So if you happen to be staring at pair of strappy, metallic sandals right before your New Year’s Eve celebrations, wondering how they could possibly be even better, this is a quick and easy fix for you. These shiny kicks are quirky, optimistic and over the top – just how I wanna ring in...
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