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19 Apr

3 Music Festivals For People Who Hate Music Festivals

Just as some have an aversion to all-inclusive resorts or cruises, others cringe at the thought of joining the sweaty hordes at music festivals. (The crowds! The crappy food! The muddy fields!) But there’s another breed of festival on the rise—those that combine dreamy settings, excellent food (prepared by actual chefs using local ingredients), artisanal cocktails, and of course, excellent entertainment. It’s time to add these three to your bucket list. Bilbao BBK LiveBilbao, SpainJuly 6–8, 2017 Architect Frank Gehry put the Spanish city of Bilbao on the map, and Bilbao BBK Live is aiming to do the same for music lovers. The festival grounds, atop Kobetamendi Hill, offer awesome views of the city and countryside beyond it. Beyond the festival, there...
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10 Apr

6 Stylish Picks for Your Kentucky Derby Party


The countdown is on to the 143rd Kentucky Derby.

The 143rd Kentucky Derby will take place on Saturday, May 6, 2017. In addition to classic Mint Juleps and Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Pie, here are the essentials you need to throw a Derby bash without making the trip to Churchill Downs.




A monogrammed mint julep invitation will set the tone for your Derby party.

BUY IT: $2 per invitation;



All of the essentails needed for your Derby party featuring the official logo of the 143rd Kentucky Derby.

BUY IT: $29;

3. ROSE BANNER No celebratoin will be complete without roses, the official flower of the Kentucky Derby. BUY IT: starting at $25;...
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9 Feb

5 Super Easy Ways to Send Valentine’s Day Flowers


Valentine's Day is almost upon us. Chances are, there's someone in your life who's expecting some flowers (and if that someone is yourself, that's fine too—we've all pulled a Cher Horowitz at least once). Either way, don't fall victim to the perils of never-ending 1-800 calls. These five online flower services make ordering a romantic bouquet a feasible reality in just a few quick swipes.

1. URBANSTEMS Besides releasing new bouquets each month (The Bey, pictured above, is part of a limited-time collection of pop-star inspired arrangements), UrbanStems includes a handwritten note with each order and even sends you a photo confirmation to notify you when it arrives—so you can be rest assured this #flawless assortment of roses...
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9 Feb

8 Woke Valentine’s Day Gifts To Help You Spread the Love


Sure, Valentine's Day can be a time to profess your love for your significant other. But it's also a broader celebration of love—like the love you feel for your friends and family or even your own body. So why not make it about love for humanity as a whole? That may seem like a lofty goal, but it turns out you can accomplish it just by picking your gift wisely.

Here are a few presents that'll make your Valentine and a lot of other people happy.

1. Unbound Body Jewelry

This elegant set includes nipple clamp earrings, a cock ring bracelet, a massage ring, and other jewelry that doubles as sex toys and reminds us sexuality is...
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22 Dec

Amazing Artists’ Christmas Cards

Nothing beats a handmade Christmas card, except perhaps one made by a world renowned artist. And few people received as many of these as Monroe Wheeler, director of exhibitions and publications at the Museum of Modern Art from 1939 to 1967. Wheeler’s passion for publishing began young: he received his first printing press on his 18th birthday and before assuming his role at the New York museum had spent six influential years in Europe where he befriended some of the most famous artists of the day, including Picasso, Renoir and Chagall. His gift for friendship also extended to other areas of the art world – from museum administrators to trustees to collectors – a knack that served him extremely well...
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21 Dec

Five Times Christmas Lights Crossed Over Into Pop Culture

Christmas lights hail from humble origins: they first festooned the indoor firs of early 20th-century German households as miniature candles, clinging to tree branches with tiny blobs of melted wax or delicate dress pins. Today, the ritual of stringing up festive displays of light is a yearly extravaganza, a global celebration of excess that can at times surpass the parameters of ‘good taste’ and enter into the realm of ‘naff’. What exactly defines our cultural palates is indeed a question in and of itself, so on this occasion we’ll leave that debate for 2017. Instead, we consider five instances in which Christmas lights have become separated from their purpose as a means of decoration, and placed instead into a conceptual and creative context. 1....
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20 Dec

The Best Candles To Burn This Christmas


‘Tis the season for lighting candles

It’s the 1st December which means we are officially allowed to fully embrace anything and everything Christmas related. Cheesy festive songs on repeat in the office, mince pies after every meal, and mulled wine by the bucketload. It also means it is now totally acceptable to give your home its yuletide makeover.

Whether you plan to go the whole hog with a tree, tinsel and more, or are taking a more minimalist approach with a sprinkling of lights and a few tastefully placed holly branches, candles make a great addition to any festive home.

From forest pine to spiced gingerbread, these are our favourites.

Roja Parfums Christmas Eve

For an indulgent Christmas candle look no...
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20 Dec

These Holiday Cocktails Served in Snowglobes Are the Only Drinks You’ll Need This Season


As Buddy the Elf once wisely declared, “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” He’s going to want to cover his ears for this, because a New York City bar may have found a better tactic — holiday cocktails served in snow globes. They sound like the stuff of dreams, but we assure you they are very real. LOCL, a New York City bar in the Nylo Hotel, is serving up holiday libations in serious style, and it’s the most festive way possible to get on your holiday buzz.

Called Shakespeare’s Globe, the festive holiday drink is made with gin, root beer, vanilla syrup, cointreau, and Douglas Fir liqueur (Christmas tree-flavored booze).

Yes, that’s a...
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7 Dec

The 13 Best 100 Layers Challenges of 2016


In case you were hiding under a rock (or 100 layers of rocks), you've def come across one of these crazy YouTube challenges that dominated the Internet this year. To sum it all up: vloggers basically got bored of their regular makeup tutorials \and took things to an insane new level by trying on 100 layers of, well, pretty much anything. Nail polish, foundation, lipstick, self-tanner — the list goes on. And yes, each challenge is as bizarre as it sounds. Here, the 13 best 100 layers challenges of 2016 for you to cringe over.


The OG of the bunch, Simply Nailogical decided to be the guinea pig with this challenge that prompted bloggers to paint...
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24 Nov

4 Need-To-Know Rental Services to Score the Perfect Holiday Look


We all know about Rent the Runway, but when it comes to renting there's a whole other realm of possibilities, especially when it comes to gearing up for holiday merriment. From office parties to Friendsgiving to New Year's Eve festivities, there's a lot of territory to fill in the style department—but only so many funds available! Thankfully, this line-up of super-helpful subscription services has your back no matter the occasion, whether it's casual and intimate or big and dressed-up, and are forgiving on your wallet. Oh, and sizes above 0-12? Yep, we've got you covered there, too.

1. Le Tote There’s the office thing, the neighborhood thing, the girls’-night-out thing…. Le Tote has you covered for everywhere you’re...
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