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16 Aug

The Politics of a Woman’s Body Hair in the Workplace


How much better at my job would I be if I didn't have to add "figuring out what to do about my body hair" to the list of things required for me to do it?

The night before what was indisputably going to be the biggest day of my professional career, I should have been up late prepping interview questions, packing extra batteries for my recorder, or even catching a few extra hours of sleep. Instead, I was staring at the thick, black hair on my legs in frustration.

As a freelancer who mostly works from home, I don't often have to worry about the tendrils of hair that grow, visibly, down my legs. But I was going to be reporting...
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16 Aug

5 Travel Destinations For Pastel Lovers


Less about the hotel and more about the hue.

When you’re trying to decide where to take your summer holidays, there are a number of factors that can quickly turn the idea of a last minute long weekend getaway in to a mammoth 13-hour flight across the Atlantic, in search of a destination that’s obscure enough for you to actually Geotag. Your final decision could be based on finding somewhere with that elusive combination of hedonism and culture (yes, even Ibiza has a contemporary art museum) or you could be on the hunt for somewhere that’s so overwhelmingly aesthetically pleasing that you’ll risk your entire data roaming allowance to get that ‘gram. And now with Pantone’s bubble gum shade of ‘pale dogwood’...
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16 Aug

How Lilly Pulitzer Turned A Mental Breakdown Into A Fashion Ampire

Lily Pulitzer

Palm Beach's "Queen of Prep" launched her namesake brand in the confines of a psychiatric hospital. That was just the beginning. 

If you happened to find yourself strolling along Palm Beach's tony Worth Avenue on a warm day in the mid-1950s, it wouldn’t be unusual to encounter a small rhesus monkey. The monkey (Goony, as he was known) would likely be perched on the shoulder of a young, barefoot woman named Lillian McKim Pulitzer, who—despite what her dirty toes and unkempt hair might imply—was a local Palm Beach socialite with a privileged pedigree. For many people, the name Lilly Pulitzer conjures up images of an affluent, prim-and-proper woman on her way to the beach; not a free-spirited bohemian who loved martinis,...
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14 Aug

Pitch Perfect 3 Won’t Be The End Of The Barden Bellas, According To Anna Kendrick

Instagram+pitchperfectmovie+Universal Pictures


Pitch Perfect 3 might not be the end of the Barden Bellas, according to star Anna Kendrick.
Back in April, screenwriter Kay Cannon revealed that the upcoming threequel will be the "end of the Bellas as we know them" and that if there was a fourth movie, it would focus on a "new crop."
However, that doesn't sound like the case for Kendrick when EW asked her if there is going to be another encore for the Bellas: "Hell, yeah! We'd do them forever."

Anna believes bringing new blood onto Pitch Perfect 3 in the form of director Trish Sie helped keep series fresh. "She has such positive energy. She's this kind of crazy, lioness woman – a real force of nature," said Anna. And it sounds like Trish is...
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31 Jul

What A Healthy Period Really Looks Like


No cramping, no clotting, no spotting, no acne and no mood swings.

If I could compare my period to something, it would be as dry the Sahara Desert. I was 18 years old and in agony when my gynecologist handed me a packet of birth control pills to address my insane cramping, heavy bleeding and acne. “I have horrible cramps,” I told the nurse who chuckled and said, “Haven’t we all,” before handing me a packet of Advil. I was told too many times that cramping was a part of being a woman and to accept the painful side effects. So I was given synthetic hormones to mask the symptoms—rather than addressing the route of my hormonal problems—and after being on...
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31 Jul

Everything We Know About ‘The Princess Diaries 3’ So Far


The script has already been written!

It's hard to believe that The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement came out way back in August 2004. While the past thirteen years have just flown by, fans of the Disney series have never given up hope on getting another sequel. And if new reports are to be believed, The Princess Diaries 3 is finally on the way, but will Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine return? Here's what we know so far.


Author of The Princess Diaries book series, Meg Cabot told Entertainment Weeklythat a script exists. She also said that if the movie gets made, it'll happen "kind of as a tribute" to Garry Marshall, director of the first two movies, who sadly passed away in 2016....
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28 Jul

Cara Delvingne Just Released Her First Music Video


The music video for Cara Delvingne's single, "I Feel Everything," has arrived. Though it marks her first foray into music as a solo artist, she already has big names on the project: fellow Chanel muse Pharrell Williams produced the track, and her Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets director Luc Besson manned the visuals.
Like the song, the video starts off mellow and minimalistic—Delevingne simply croons in a suit and heels over a white backdrop—but things get interesting when she starts changing wigs and snippets of the sci-fi film grace the screen.
Watch Delevingne's new video below. Valerian's official soundtrack is out now. DOWNLOAD

From Harper's BAZAAR

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27 Jul

7 New Books You Need To Read In August


Pack them for that last-minute weekend getaway.

'My Absolute Darling' by Gabriel Tallent Every once in awhile there comes along a fictional character—Jane Eyre, Kunta Kinte, Jude St. Francis—whose plight and determination to overcome subsumes the reader so completely, we actually feel ourselves missing him or her after the final page. Turtle, the adolescent protagonist of Gabriel Tallent's debut novel, is that and so much more. For her unconventional wisdom and indomitable inner strength, and for Tallent's descriptive dexterity, which makes everything from Turtle's physical anguish to the smells and sensations of the lush California wilderness around her leap off the page—this is one of the most important books you'll pick up this decade. My Absolute...
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27 Jul

Black Women Using Ancient Healing Methods As Resistance

On Instagram, #selfcare makes for good content. Users have tagged over 2.5 million posts—acai bowls, atmospheric candles, yoga mats, green juice—with the hashtag. Over 75,000 people are practicing it on #selfcaresunday, and more than 25,000 photos bear witness to the fact that #selfcarematters. And it does; marginalized populations have performed self-care for centuries in the face of systemic oppression. But the term, whether it refers to critical activist work or a kind of spiritual nourishment, suggests that it's possible to practice care on our own. The truth is we exist in matrices of allies and friends who do this work for us. If we're honest, it isn't #selfcare. It's #squadcare. This week, scholars at Wake Forest University go deep on just...
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