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21 Feb

The Advanced Insider Guide To London


As the owner of La Buvette, the city’s most celebrated natural wine bar, she has a welcoming network of chefs and wine geeks around Shoreditch. With such great places to choose from, she’s barely ventured beyond the east. So on this trip, her friend Claire Ptak, the owner of Violet bakery, gave her new addresses in nearby Hackney and far-flung Mayfair and Soho that she’s already added to her must-hit list.

A few years ago, the Eastern reaches of Shoreditch — a 40-minute subway journey from central London — were as far as you needed to go to find the coolest restaurants, boutiques, and hotels. But as the creatives who made it interesting were pushed northeast, neighborhoods like quiet, leafy...
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31 Jan

Exploring Goa, India’s Beachy Bohemian Paradise


A tropical enclave popular among American hippies in the 1960s, Goa—a state in western India that hugs the Arabian Sea—is now home to as many rustic yoga retreats as there are luxury hotels. Over the last two decades, dual-personality Goa has earned a following among tourists for its all-night parties in the north and its calm disposition in the south (most style their holiday based on latitude).

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Goa
 / Photo: Courtesy of Taj Exotica Resort
Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Goa / Photo: Courtesy of Taj Exotica Resort
Relics of Goa’s past as a Portuguese province still color the architecture and cuisine; in its southern capital city of Margao—also the state’s cultural hub—Indo-Portuguese mansions and churches are most ubiquitous. Goan cuisine is a combination of a Catholic affinity for pork and the Saraswat Brahmins’ vegetarianism, the “repertoire of...
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31 Jan

NYC’s New Freehand Hotel Is Your Perfect NYFW Escape

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For those of us lucky enough to live in New York, we're inundated -- to the point of being paralyzed by choice -- by cool places to eat, drink, shop, hang, visit or explore. Not only are there thousands of old school gems and old-ish favorites but every week brings a million new openings. Hotels, in particular, occupy a tricky space in our lives. There's a ton of glamorous grande dames, cool mainstays that haven't lost their luster and countless buzzy, new properties opening their doors each year. But as much as savvy hoteliers over the last few decades have realized the value in creating hotels that locals also want to hang out in -- and upped...
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26 Jan

How a Mushroom Farm Grows In a Manhattan Restaurant


Walking into Mission Chinese Food on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, a mix of textures provide plenty to look at. The pink chairs and robin’s-egg blue tabletops contrast with the stark reds, whites, and blacks of the walls and wainscoting. A chandelier glitters above, sparkling against the stock of bottles behind the bar, itself electric with aqua-hued lights.
But the most alluring sight is an overhead box at the entrance that glows neon blue. Clear plastic bags tied at the top and stretched taut sit inside. Abstract and intricate forms protrude from them—some pink, others bright yellow, a third variety bluish in hue, they look as though they have been pulled from the ocean deep.

Mission Chinese Food's mini-farm
/ Photographed by Caroline Tompkins
Mission Chinese Food's mini-farm / Photographed by Caroline Tompkins
“A lot of people...
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25 Jan

Escape To South Beach’s Delano Hotel This Winter


Why settle for the frigid cold, when you could tan on the beach?

If you live anywhere in the United States besides southern Florida, this winter has been extremely bitter. While the majority of the country has been rocked by 20-degree weather and massive blizzards, it's no shock that the sun has continued to shine on the Sunshine State. So if you're struggling with a vitamin D deficiency, a brief stay at Delano Hotel in South Beach, Miami could be the answer to your seasonal affliction. Tucked between a couple of five-star hotels right along Miami Beach, Delano is a boutique hotel designed to be the perfect destination for a warm winter getaway. Offering luxury amenities, like an extensive spa menu (which...
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24 Jan

A Decadent Visit To Jaipur, Rajasthan’s Fabled Pink City

Known as its pink capital, Jaipur is also Rajasthan’s largest city. The cityscape is so beautiful that it’s no wonder models, fashion editors, designers, and style lovers alike have become completely intoxicated by its charm. It’s full of terra-cotta pink hues, centuries-old palaces, sandstone forts, and decadent Mughal havelis. As of late, the old city has been rejuvenated by the alchemy of new innovation. Ancient palaces and havelis are becoming hotels and restaurants, giving visitors the opportunity to live like a maharaja. With Jaipur also being a major international hub for the gem and textile industries, tourists are flocking to the city to buy emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds by the dozen. So, seeing a pink city, staying in lavish palaces, and returning...
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22 Jan

Take Me To The (Danube) River


I never imagined there could be anything easier than lying in bed at home for a week—until I went on a river cruise. Having traveled on a few large ocean liners, I wasn’t sure what to expect aboard a smaller boat. What is it like to be in the company of 190 people—rather than 1,000? The last ship I was on had 18 restaurants; how would I fare with just two options? I’d only ever cruised the sea to the Caribbean (and, well, New Jersey—but that’s another story); what draws people to travel Europe’s rivers by boat? This past fall, I set sail on one of the world’s most beautiful rivers and discovered all that I’d been missing.

[vc_single_image image="68897" img_size="full"...
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18 Jan

The Best Healthy Restaurants In Austin


There’s a joke among Austin locals that, until 10 years ago, no matter what restaurant you were in, your food came with a side of corn chips. These days, you’re just as likely to find avocado toast on a menu as you are queso dip. And, as good citizens of Texas’s “healthy city,” Austinites will never turn down a fun night out, but they probably won’t miss a day sweating it out on the yoga mat either. While visitors are steered (with good reason) towards BBQ, Tex Mex, and tequila, locals frequent a growing number of un-self consciously health-conscious establishments. From the iconic food trailer parks to Design Sponge-worthy interiors, these places focus on fresh, local ingredients and vibrant food, delivered with little dogma and always a good playlist.

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17 Jan

Where To Eat Your Face Off In Charleston, South Carolina


You can’t visit Tokyo and not order sushi, or Paris without buying croissants. And you can’t—or shouldn’t—visit Charleston, South Carolina, without devouring lots of pristine seafood. The city is home to unparalleled bounty, and chefs are ultra-committed to making the most of it.
You’ll find it raw in three-tiered towers and deep-fried in shacks where you can spy on fishing boats nearby. You’ll find dishes that are proudly Southern and ones boosted by fragrant Sichuan sauce. And you’ll find that for all the city’s culinary delights—and, yes, there are many—none show off chefs’ chops better than seafood. So let’s dive in.


The seafood marvels at The Ordinary

The Greatest Raw Bars in Town Over the past several years, Charleston has evolved into a top-notch...
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11 Jan

The Yoga Studios To Try In 2018


Whether you like your yoga one-on-one in a smart studio or prefer to sweat it out in a group class, new studios are popping up all over the French capital. From traditional hatha to kundalini and New Age chroma yoga, the choice of classes is now wider than ever before. Here’s where the Vogue team is signing up this year.

Bromance Paname

"At Bromance Paname, we mix gentle exercise with chill-out vibes,” say founders Elise and Audrey. At this hybrid studio where you can also grab a coffee with a friend or curl up with a book, yoga is approached as a sport. Try Hip Hop Yoga, a dynamic class set to a hip-hop soundtrack, or California Barre,...
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