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25 Apr

Amber Heard Isn’t The Only Celebrity Using Beauty To Confirm A Relationship

There are two types of celebrity couples in this world: those who flaunt their relationship so aggressively, you'd think they were filming a pilot for the re-make of Newlyweds, and those who consider double-tapping an S.O.'s photo a blatant form of PDA. And while we fully respect the latter's personal space, sometimes it's nice to get a little confirmation of the "are they or aren't they?" question. Pics or it didn't happen, right? Which is why we all emoji-clapped when Selena Gomez confirmed her relationship with The Weeknd via a photo of them wearing matching shades. Ditto to Jennifer Lopez, who posted an entangled sneaker shot with A. Rod. But it was Amber Heard's sly relationship announcement yesterday that we appreciated...
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25 Apr

Stop Everything: Rihanna Shared a Sneak Peek of Her New Highlighter for Fenty Beauty

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line has been in the works for years now, a very painful couple of years if you're as big a fan of Rihanna and her makeup looks as I am. So although the September launch is still two seasons away, the collection finally feels within reach. And it turns out that light at the end of the tunnel is really the glow from Rihanna's cheekbones. At a Fenty Puma event in L.A. on April 18, a fan asked Rihanna what highlighter she was wearing, to which she responded with, "It's mine. It's a secret...
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25 Apr

How to Rock the Watercolor Eyeshadow Trend This Season


We all know that life can imitate art. When it comes to beauty, though, it’s more about techniques imitating art. Think: calligraphy-inspired eyeliner, abstract nail art and, as of late, watercolor eyeshadow. Our Instagram feeds have been flooded with soft, dewy, and colorful eye makeup looks that mimic the effect of colorful paintings. Scroll down for seven mini masterpieces that are perfect for warm weather seasons.


1. Holographic Gloss: This look combines two of our favorite trends: watercolor eyes and glossy lids. The wet finish on the holographic purple and blue hues look stunning paired with barely there blush and a soft lip. (via Nicolas Coulomb)

Pastel soft. No harsh lines, just pure colour game. @nyxcosmetics @nyxitalia primal colors eyeshadows mixed -...
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25 Apr

Kylie and Kendall Jenner Reveal What Their Hair Actually Looks Like Beneath the Wigs and Extensions

Kylie Jenner once staked the following very weighty claim: "I started wigs." That’s definitely not true, but nonetheless, she’s still wearing wigs all the time. She’s even wearing them this week at Coachella, where temperatures are topping 100 degrees. But in an interview with at said music festival, both Kylie and Kendall Jenner took a few moments to discuss what their hair looks like beneath the wigs. After Kylie clarified that the wide-ranging hair colors she often sports are wigs, Kendall chimed in to say, "She would have no hair otherwise." "It’s not a secret,” Kylie added. "I couldn’t do [bleach] on my hair. This is much easier…You know, my hair is actually to my shoulders." Kendall added: "We have the...
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24 Apr

Meet the Crazy Colorful Corset Braid Trend Taking Over Instagram


There’s no shortage of ways to braid your hair — we can think of at least 100 off the top of our heads. There’s one style in particular that seems to be blowing up our Instagram feeds as of late, however: corset braids.

We first told you about the trend back in March of last year, after the corset braid first made its debut at Vancouver Fashion Week last season. Models walking in Toronto-based designer Lesley Hampton’s show hit the runway with thick, see-through ribbons weaved in between two large braids. Now, as  the search for ultimate festival hair picks up speed, the look is being picked up by thousands of devoted followers across the country, like the awesome creation from @ray.voltage above:...
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24 Apr


A surprise is the spice of life. Take your cues from these off-duty models and revel in the ephemerality of a rainbow. A little bit of colour never hurt anyone.
Colour your life using M.A.C eyeshadow in Ruddy, STILA Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid eyeliner in Turquoise, HOURGLASS Girl Lip stylo in Lover and TOM FORD Sheer Cheek duo in Paradise Lust.

From left: Georgia Hilmer @georgiahilmer; Astrid Holler @astrid_holler. Georgia Hilmer @georgiahilmer.    From left: Sonia Ben Ammar @itsnotsonia; Erin Shea @erinshea_. Constance Jablonski @constancejablonski.  Elsa Hosk @hoskelsa.


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24 Apr

Cool or Creepy? Barbed Wire Brows Are the Latest Badass Trend to Hit Instagram


In case you thought you were fresh out of ways to style your face, there's a new revelation in the too-cool-for-spool saga. Enter: Barbed wire brows, the badass cousin of the recently-hatched feather brows.

Barbed wire brow
@athenapaginton님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 3월 10 오전 8:05 PST

Makeup artist Athena Paginton first shared her devil-may-care creation on Instagram, further proving that the days of the picture-perfect, pencil-chiseled arch will soon be behind us. And who's complaining? Any trick to disguise those rogue morning hairs (or the undeniable wreckage the week before I see my brow guru) is welcome here.

Just for fun the "barbed wire" brow inspired by @athenapaginton ! This photo is simply for brow appreciation, I used red glitter and clear gloss on...
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24 Apr

It Took Nine Years to Make the New Clarisonic Device


ICYMI, Clarisonic recently introduced a brand new device, the Smart Profile Uplift, a souped-up face massager designed to fight 15 signs of aging. How does a massage improve the look of skin? The vibrating applicator–27,000 micro-massages per minute–stimulates collagen regeneration and strengthens the skin. It also claims to help any creams, oils, and other treatments penetrate deeper into the skin. Each treatment takes just three minutes a day in 30-second intervals per area on your face and neck (it beeps when it's time to move to the next area).

Smart Profile Uplift
Smart Profile Uplift / CLARISONIC
The Smart Profile Uplift is the product of nine years of research with the help of four scientific research institutes: the Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore (MBI) and the...
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21 Apr

Unicorn Frappuccino Hair is Now a Thing Thanks to This Canadian Hairstylist

제목 없음

When Starbucks announced it would be releasing a Unicorn Frappuccino (for a limited time only), the Internet went wild. But given the world’s obsession with anything unicorn-inspired and how Instagrammable the pink and blue drink is, it wasn’t surprising.
What did surprise us, however, is the beauty look this viral beverage inspired — a hairstyle resembling the blue and pink drink, green straw included.

UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO?! UNICORN HAIR!!! Stay tuned tonight for a hilarious video!!! Ps. My clients are amazing. @kianarae96
Winnipeg Canada(@hairbymisskellyo)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 4월 19 오전 11:53 PDT

The woman behind this Unicorn Frappuccino hair is Canadian stylist Kelly Woodford. The Winnipeg-based hairdresser took to Instagram to share images and videos of a client sporting the whimsical ‘do.

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21 Apr

Noodled: Our Favorite New Beauty Book Also Benefits the Planet

Hairstylist James Pecis was on a surfing trip in Costa Rica when things went south. The waves got bigger. The wind picked up. “The storms were washing all this trash out to sea. You don’t realize how bad it is unless you’re right by the water,” says the legendary hairstylist (and amateur surfer) . “It all became so clear — why don’t I do a charity project?” He’d take all that ugliness, and turn it into something beautiful: a fine arts book that blends oceanic and hair photography. The limited-edition hardcover is called Noodled, it's available at small bookstores and on, and all of the proceeds go to Mission Blue to help support marine conservation. Here's a look at...
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