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19 Apr

Leave Jeans Alone


I need someone to explain something to me. It is very confusing and I don't understand it. What is happening to jeans? Is there a conspiracy against jeans? As Racked pointed out, many sins have been committed against jeans in recent times. Wherefore? Whyfore? They are just a humble working pant!
You're a fashion-minded person. You've known for a while that all is not right in the world of denim. But if you think you knew just how not-right it has become, you are wrong. So, so wrong.

The stepped-hem jean

#VETEMENTSxCHAMPION now @matchesfashion
VETEMENTS(@vetements_official)님의 공유 게시물님, 2016 12월 26 오후 1:25 PST

Where were you when you first saw the stepped-hem jean? At home? At work? Serenely browsing the shelves? For some reason,...
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14 Apr

Pretty Or Creepy? Feather Brows Are The Most Love-It-or-Hate-It Trend To Hit Instagram Yet


As far as we knew, the outer bounds of eyebrow creativity were limited to coloring, bejeweling, and maybe some highlighting. But then Finnish MUA Stella Sironen made one small parting for makeup kind, one giant leap for exciting ideas in beauty.
Earlier the week, Sironen posted the first known photo of what she'd later call the #featherbrow, in which the arch's hairs are split down the middle using a glue stick (!!!) for an effect that resembles barbs diverging along a quill. Note 1: She credits her friend Leevi for dreaming up the avian look while brushing her brows. And Note 2 : Get a load of that holographic eye and blue mascara—really nice.

so i'm starting this new brow trend please...
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13 Apr

The Unexpected Place To Find The Perfect Vintage Levis (On The Cheap!)

We're not hyperbolizing when we say that trying to find the perfect pair of vintage Levi's is like searching for a needle in a haystack. The market has more quantity than quality; the sizing (and pricing!) is wildly inconsistent. And, even if you go somewhere and try on 20 pairs, you could still not find one that fits: They might be good at the waist but then do that baggy thing at the crotch (you know what we're talking about), or maybe they make your butt look great but hug way too tight at the calf. Basically, that "effortless" look does not come without headache. On my quest for the "perfect" pair of jeans, I've found one no-fail way to track...
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11 Apr

This Instagrammer Has The Best Ear-Parties

Remember when arm parties were the thing? Before jewelry took a more minimalist turn, we couldn't pile enough bracelets (and watches, and other stringy things) onto our wrists at once. But lately, there's one Insta-girl making the case for the ear party — and all of a sudden, our maximalist dreams have resurfaced (that, and we want a lot more piercings). Erika Bowes has racked up 130K followers for her on-point selfies and trendy wares, but it's her ears we can't stop staring at. Constantly decked out with hoops, studs, and tons of other dangly baubles, Bowes' ear styling makes us want to leave our super-simple pieces in the past and pile on as many mismatched earrings as possible. With the...
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10 Apr

5 Bold Beauty Lessons From Instagram’s Wildest Makeup Star

Slithering snakes with flecks of ice blue; sherbet-hued flames; rainbow lines extended into feline flicks. These are just a few of the otherworldly designs Nashville-based @claropsyche, née Juliana Horner, draws around her brown almond-shaped eyes and shares with her nearly 40,000 followers. “I like to show off,” says the 25-year-old Pratt Institute graduate who recently exchanged thread and needles for makeup brushes and palettes. “With fashion you can do a beautiful inseam, but no one will see it. With makeup, details are visible immediately.” Though, like fashion, she has found that mastering those details takes both practice and the right tools. Here, Horner sounds off on the rules for creating a bold statement look of your own. Look for Inspiration Everywhere“You...
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4 Apr

Get Lost In The Inimitable Style Of This Nigerian, Texas-Bred, New York–Based Insta Star

One glance at Erykah Ijeoma Achebe’s Instagram, and it’s easy to think you’ve gained access to a far-flung world—somewhere full of color, exuberance, and a certain knack and appreciation for mixing improbable prints with perfect results. Curated with selfies, #OOTD posts, and dispatches from recent travels, the 29-year-old’s page is awash in transportive references. But the Barneys New York stylist, who is of Nigerian descent, but grew up in Texas and now calls New York home, enjoys using expressive fashion to help whip up far-fetched tales. “The clothing I wear tells my story. It expresses my mood and attitude in ways that words can never describe,” she tells Achebe’s interest in African designers like Maki Oh and Orange Culture connects...
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3 Apr

7 Spring Outfit Ideas From The Week’s Best Blogger Instagrams


In need of some fresh outfit inspiration? Check back each week as we round up styling tips to take from the best blogger looks spotted on Instagram. From kimonos to embroidered denim, 7 Insta-friendly outfits worth recreating from the week.

Grasie Mercedes

GRASIE MERCEDES(@grasiemercedes)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 3월 27 오전 8:45 PDT

Styling Takeaway: A colorful silk kimono makes the perfect topper to any look this season—especially high-waisted denim and mules.

Rocky Barnes

Rocky(@rocky_barnes)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 3월 27 오후 4:43 PDT

Styling Takeaway: Welcome the warmer temperatures with a pair of bright pink mules that bring a little extra fun to any look. 

Paolo Mathé

Paola "Pao Pao" Mathé(@findingpaola)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 3월 20 오전 6:09 PDT

Styling Takeaway: Add a little dimension to your...
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31 Mar

Forget Your Hands–Toe Nail Art Is Everything Right Now

It's getting to be that time where we swap out our winter boots in favor of more breathable *toeless* footwear (Riri's new Fenty x Puma slides, anyone?). For many women, that means defaulting to a monochrome pedicure. But after zombie scrolling through Instagram and stumbling on a few miscellaneous nail art accounts, we're considering giving our feet the same treatment we do our hands in the self-expression department. Yes, we mean nail art for the toes. At first blush, it may seem a bit unorthodox—is that really where we want to point people's attention?—but we've stumbled upon some undeniably-gorgeous designs that make a compelling case. Take for example New York-based nail artist Asumi Higashimura (AKA @asumi_0127) who has made the toes her canvas...
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27 Mar

14 Non-Basic Makeup Ideas For Coachella


The desert is calling, so we're leaning into the freshest makeup ideas to wear this year at Coachella. From quick-fix makeup stamps to an opalescent glow, there's a look for every skill set. Here, 14 Instagram-worthy ways to look the festival part.

Quick-Fix Details
With Milk makeup's easy stamps and fuss-free temporary butterfly tattoos, even a makeup-phobe could get this look. Add a quick-fix addition like this to a bare look for instant festival vibes.

Have u caught Feelz yet? Our new #OilLipStain shade is moisturizing, long-wearing, + has a sheer plum tint that looks as rad with a bare face as it does with a whole lotta #TattooStamps ⭐
Milk Makeup(@milkmakeup)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 2월 6 오후 1:04 PST

Today on, "Butterfly"...
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27 Mar

7 Outfit Ideas To Try From Instagram This Week


In need of some fresh outfit inspiration? Check back each week as we round up styling tips to take from the best blogger looks spotted on Instagram. From conductor hats to bright yellow ruffles, 7 Insta-friendly outfits worth recreating from the week.

1 Sylvie Mus

Sylvie Mus(@sylviemus_)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 3월 22 오후 2:31 PDT

Styling Takeaway: Make a sleeveless spring dress work for a chilly day by styling it with a turtleneck, bomber jacket and black sheer tights. 

2 Vanessa Hong

Vanessa Hong(@thehautepursuit)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 3월 21 오후 7:41 PDT

Styling Takeaway: Power sleeves continue to reign as one of fashion's favorite trends. Try a ruffled, statement-making sleeve for a lighter spring look.

3 Pandora Sykes

P A N D O R A S...
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