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20 Nov

This Beauty Vlogger’s Trick For Hiding Zits Is Honestly Freaking Genius

At this point in my career, I feel comfortable saying I’ve watched at least 300 beauty tutorials on YouTube—and honestly, that’s probably a conservative number. Which means that by now, pretty much nothing surprises me in the ways of applying makeup. But that was before I saw an acne-masking tutorial from makeup artist Desi Perkins, where I was legitimately shocked by not only her transformation, but also the final trick she used for hiding her zits. Because please look at that before-and-after image above. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Just some intense glow, a few freckles, and airbrushed-looking skin. Oh, but surprise! Those freckles are actually fake—just some zits disguised as beauty marks, thanks to some strategically placed eyeshadow dots. And...
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2 Nov

Fashion’s New Era: The Collage Artists Of Instagram


Meet the next generation of artists.

Artists have taken to Instagram to share their work and connect with industry members previously inaccessible. The resulting work opportunities have allowed many of these artists to build out careers, growing their business network and influence with each post. Accredited by the companies they work with, earned media and reach online, Instagram is an artists’ most important public entity.
A few artists have developed a practice, style and following that has resonated within the industry, these are Fashion’s chosen children, the collage artists of Instagram whose work you’ve undoubtedly ‘liked’.

@PortisWasp1 Scottish collage artist Portis Wasp has amassed an online presence for his Disney inspired works. Responding to new releases with his fast paced adaptations of magazine...
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1 Nov

This Is The Brand Behind That Polka Dot Wrap Dress You See All Over Instagram


The modern way of shopping is likely familiar: casually scroll through Instagram, and a few rabbit holes later you stumble across a cool girl wearing something you need to buy. A couple more swipes and you suddenly realize every cool girl is wearing the same friggin' thing. That's how Réalisation Par, the Australian-based clothing brand, burst onto the scene: the internet's version of word of mouth. Next thing you know Baader-Meinhof kicked into gear and, suddenly, you saw brand was everywhere.

Alexandra Spencer (left) and Teale Talbot.
Alexandra Spencer (left) and Teale Talbot. / COURTESY OF RÉALISATION PAR
This frenzied magic, comes courtesy of Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, Aussies and It-Girls themselves. Launched in 2015, Réalisation Par consists of only eighteen styles and everything is priced under $250 so customers are instantly turned into rabid collectors (causing styles to sell...
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1 Nov

Reviewing The Ballet Flats You’ve Seen All Over Instagram​

In today's retail-scape, you can shop anywhere—including on Instagram. In our new column The Tag, we're highlighting indie brands we've discovered (and fallen in love with!) through the social media platform. Read brand backstories and product reviews, then share with a friend so you can both amp up your wardrobe. Easy to wear and suitable for nearly everything in your closet, the ballet flat is a classic that's not going anywhere. The essential proved the perfect entry point for Alexa Buckley and Sarah Pierson, who decided to cast careful consideration on the basic when developing Margaux. Launched in 2015 with an almond-toe flat, the brand has since expanded to offer multiple versions. Must-have products: The classic, rounded ballet skimmer, yes, but also other shoe types: a pointed...
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1 Nov

This Woman Uses Glitter To Turn Stretch Marks Into Art And The Results Are Stunning


These are so beautiful.

Instagram collage artist Sara Shakeel has become known for her spectacular images, where she often superimposes different photos together to create beautiful alternate realities.

Thirsty💦🌊🌊 . . CollageArt.SaraShakeel #backtobasics . . #art #wave #collageart #water #thirst #blue #juxtaposition #gloss
Sara Shakeel(@sarashakeel)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 10월 23 오전 9:47 PDT

Tea Delicacies 💎 . Happy birthday @makeupbymario !!! as an artist i admire you & your work from the core of my heart! 💎🌹 lots of prayers, happiness & success for you & happy birthday once again! from a girl far far away! 🙏 🌈 . Love.Sara . P.s i just got to know about the shooting at vegas! I hope everyone is safe and fine! 🤕 i heard 20 got killed...
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1 Nov

Where To Eat, Shop, And Party In London, According To Lady Clara Paget

Photo by Bartek Szmigulski.
You would hardly know from looking at Clara Paget’s Instagram that her proper title is Lady Clara Elizabeth Isis Paget. Her account is a frequently updated mixture of goofy videos, memes, pictures from late nights out, and the occasional cameo from BFF Cara Delevingne. But maybe that’s why we like her so much—Paget is by definition an “aristocrat,” but she handles her pedigree with an ease that is both approachable and irresistible. The 28-year-old feels just as at home acting in front of the camera and posing on the red carpet as she does posing for selfies with her glamorous pack of girlfriends. And through that very feed, you can’t help but get the sense that Paget is the woman...
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31 Oct

Bettina Bakdal’s Dresses Are Made Slow With Vintage Hermès Scarves

Photo: Courtesy of Bettina Bakdal
According to Danish designer Bettina Bakdal, there’s nothing wrong with slowing down. She studied at the Royal Danish Academy School of Design, graduated, and went to work for several large retail corporations in Denmark. She was the head designer for Inwear, producing somewhere around 800 garments between 2006 and 2007. After her stint there, she finally decided to pump the breaks. “I needed space from making clothes,” Bakdal says. “I worked on two independent films as a costume designer and was teaching fashion at Design School Kolding—I needed to clear my head.” It wasn’t until 2013 that she started an eight-person design collective studio and shop called Konrög in Copenhagen; now, she’s turning her attention back to handcrafted fashion with her...
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27 Oct

The Under-The-Radar Fashion IG Account We’re Obsessing Over

Food made to look like fashion, elementary-aged children dressed with an abnormal amount of sartorial sense, dog anything: Instagram is nothing if not a repository for clickable content. With a solid four years of carefully crafted images scrolling before our eyes (IG was purchased by Facebook in 2012, marking its unofficial birth into mainstream culture), we should all be forgiven for being just a tiny bit jaded. Beyond the sheer volume of it all, it's common for today's square-crop peddlers to count Insta as their full-time gig, a distinction that's helpful to remember if your own posts ever seem a little blah. All of the above explains why we're obsessed with @MonsieurSaturday's feed. Beyond the obvious (shoes!), Monsieur is run by Octavio Platón Akel, an...
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24 Oct

This Jewelry Designer Should Be Your Next Instagram Girl Crush

Photo: Courtesy of Daniela Jacobs
While there are countless brands devoted to a clean, minimal aesthetic, there’s something special about ARC Objects, the brainchild of designer Daniela Jacobs. A Parsons graduate who splits her time between New York and Mallorca, Jacobs says her work celebrates mindfulness and encourages a greater appreciation for “the beauty in small, transient moments.” From her simple yet bold jewelry to her disc-shaped home objects, the porcelain and metal pieces that Jacobs creates are intentionally seasonless. Her off-kilter designs allow for a greater appreciation of details that might otherwise be overlooked. As she explains, “My designs encourage the reconsideration of the objects we use and wear—for example, a plate of unusual shape further highlights what’s on it.” And now that Jacobs has a new website, it seems...
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28 Sep

7 Poses That Make Instagram Stars Look Unreal, Modeled By Iskra Lawrence


"Not everything is real, but you are. And being you is good enough."

Everyone knows many of the things and people you see Instagram are products of illusion. But ask body-positivity queen and model Iskra Lawerence, and she'll tell you it goes beyond filters and Photoshop: In a YouTube video and corresponding Instagram post that received more than 132,000 likes in a matter of days, she revealed seven common contortions that people — including models and influencers like herself — rely on to accentuate their assets, resulting in illusions that people can't possibly measure up to IRL.

EXPOSING all the model poses on the gram in this weeks self-care Sunday video ▶️(Link to watch in my bio)👆 Swipe to see 6 of the 7 before and...
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