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22 May

“Hygge” Is Taking Over Summer Makeup Trends, Too

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Fuzzy socks, crackling fires, piping hot cocoa, soft sweaters — what do all these things have in common? They all fit snuggly into the Danish concept of "hygge," (pronounced hoo-guh), which translates to coziness, comfort, and general conviviality. And they're probably the last thing you want near you when the temperatures rise above 80 degrees. But you can have Hygge in the summer too, says Ole Henriksen, the Denmark-born founder of the synonymous skin-care line. "You sit on your terrace or balcony and create the same environment," he says. For us, we're holding on to Hygge in our beauty routines. First it was with our hair (which is still going strong) and now our makeup is decidedly moving toward the warmer...
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22 May

Learn How To Do a Smoky Cat Eye From Top Beauty Bloggers


If all your best attempts at smoky eyes left you looking like more like a panda than a person—remain calm. Grab your makeup and a mirror, and press play on one of these six tutorials from top beauty bloggers. Above all, remember: blending is key.

Jaclyn Hill
Hill calls this tutorial a "smoky cat eye for dummies," which means even beginners can nail the look. Pro tip: you'll need a lot of translucent powder to catch any shadow fall-out.

Lisa Eldridge
Eldridge relies on an arsenal of super-luxe Armani and Chanel beauty products for this tutorial, but you can get the same result with drugstore dupes.

Huda Kattan Kattan used a Too Faced palette of shimmery brows and vanilla shades—plus black...
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12 May

Brow Carving Is The Newest Form Of Arch Art Taking Over Instagram

Over the past few weeks, our newsfeeds have been dominated by arch art, from barbed wire brows to dragon brows. The latest trend? That would be brow "carving," which is less about the styling of the brow hairs and more about creating intricate designs around the edges of the arches. Texas-based makeup artist Alexa Link, the originator of the carved brow, has been posting different variations of the look on her Instagram since April. Now, other MUAs are trying their hand at it too. After studying Link's designs closely, we believe she first traces eyeliner along the brow bone (and beyond), then uses a shadow to blend it out for a gradient effect. In each instance, color on the lid is minimal...
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10 May

Yellow Blush Is The Latest Mystifying Instagram Trend


Rihanna's Met Gala beauty look was a bold reminder that blush can do very cool things to the face in drop-dead-gorgeous fashion. But these days—with no-makeup makeup and an extreme Instagram highlight on either end of the trend spectrum—blush can, sadly, get lost in the mix. That's why we're fully here for an unorthodox new look gaining traction: Yellow blush.

So I finally did the yellow blush and I LOVE IT! 🐥✨🍋💛I used @nevecosmetics eyeshadow Banana. Now I want to try a thousand other non-conventional shades for blush 😍
💗 Tova Tomiko(@tomikosbeauty)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 1월 4 오전 7:45 PST

While rouge traditionally falls in the red, pink, or taupe color family, a handful of makeup artists and beauty vloggers are bucking tradition...
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5 May

Perfect Looks To Copy This May

Maybe it's because May delivers the unofficial start of summer, but there's just something about this time of year that has us feeling really excited about getting dressed again. After a decently wet April (here in New York City, at least), we're a bit tired of wearing jackets, clunky shoes, and anything else constricting — or, to be honest, anything that'll leave us sweating. So something new, albeit something we experience every single year, helps reignite our creativity. The tricky thing about May, though, is while it helps usher in the warmest days of the year, the month itself isn't always no-jacket, no-pants weather. Instead, it's a transitional time that requires adequate layering and styling — something we don't necessarily dedicate...
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1 May

Why Wyoming Broke Out Their Tutus In A Show Of Tolerance, Acceptance, & Love

A photo says a thousand words, so the saying goes. Then what do a thousand photos of people wearing tutus in bars say? In Wyoming, those photos say tolerance, acceptance, and love. So what do tutus and Wyoming have to do with each other? Let us explain. During a speech at Greybull High School and Middle School in Greybull, Wyoming on Thursday, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) remarked that a man shouldn't be surprised if he got a punch for "wearing a tutu to a bar." Enzi's statement was part of a story about a man he says he knows who does just that. "I know a guy who wears a tutu and goes to bars on Friday night and is...
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1 May

How 6 Women Maintain Their Unicorn Hair


When I dyed my naturally black hair to silver last December, and then purple-pink in February, I faced a steep hair care learning curve. It opened up a whole world of products and techniques my formerly low-maintenance self never even knew about. The best way I learned was to talk to women with brightly dyed hair—I'd literally stop them in the street and ask them what shampoo they used. Thankfully, you won't need to do that. We asked experts who have tried every wild color under the sun how they keep their hair looking vibrant and feeling healthy. Judging by the ongoing unicorn craze, this will come in handy for all of you ready to take the rainbow-colored plunge.

Kristen Leanne...
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28 Apr

The Best Hair In Belgium Belongs To a 6-Year-Old Rapunzel

It’s no secret that beauty’s biggest street style trends belong to the smallest stars: North West and her topknots, Blue Ivy and her braids, and Suri Cruise and her shoulder-grazing hair. And now, another genetically blessed child is stepping into the arena. Meet 6-year-old Belgian Lou Mungiele, whose hair comes straight out of a fairy tale. She and her curls made waves on the anonymous 23-year-old stylist @YouthSmhr’s Instagram a few weeks ago with a Yeezy-inspired athleisure look, accessorized with none other than her teddy, that garnered nearly 2,500 likes. According to Lou’s mother, Gisele Mungiele, who is half Congolese and half Belgian, her daughter’s hair reaches 20.5 inches long. (To give you a sense of just how long that is, the...
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19 Apr

Leave Jeans Alone


I need someone to explain something to me. It is very confusing and I don't understand it. What is happening to jeans? Is there a conspiracy against jeans? As Racked pointed out, many sins have been committed against jeans in recent times. Wherefore? Whyfore? They are just a humble working pant!
You're a fashion-minded person. You've known for a while that all is not right in the world of denim. But if you think you knew just how not-right it has become, you are wrong. So, so wrong.

The stepped-hem jean

#VETEMENTSxCHAMPION now @matchesfashion
VETEMENTS(@vetements_official)님의 공유 게시물님, 2016 12월 26 오후 1:25 PST

Where were you when you first saw the stepped-hem jean? At home? At work? Serenely browsing the shelves? For some reason,...
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