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16 Jun

The Right Way To Clean All Your Jewellery


Jewellery – whether it’s a beloved ring, a lavish necklace, or a fierce bracelet – often looks and feels so good, it can be tempting to wear them all the time! Especially with sentimental pieces like engagement or wedding rings that you’ll never want to take off. So it’s important (and not to mention hygienic) to keep your precious jewellery clean, but how?When it comes to cleaning jewellery of all sorts, you can never go wrong with a mild soap and soft, cotton cloth. But each metal has its own unique characteristics that respond well to different cleaning methods to bring out their best features!


As a soft metal, gold (especially at lower carats) is easily scratched,...
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16 Jun

6 Off-the-Grid Meditation Retreats to Reboot Your Life


There’s no denying meditation works wonders on our mental and physical state — some even claim meditating regularly can make your skin glow! But for the overworked, always-on, ambitious boss ladies of today, turning our minds off isn’t always easy. There are plenty of apps, classes, guides, and articles promising to make it happen, and those are good places to start. Another choice? Fully commit to your practice at one of these six meditation retreats, which benefit from their natural surroundings and professional-led workshops to encourage frazzled newbies and seasoned zen-masters alike.

1. Mii Amo, Sedona, AZ: The Southwest’s rust-colored land feels charged with a deep-rooted healing energy, and Mii Amo takes advantage in its adobe resort surrounded by majestic Boynton Canyon. The staff’s focus on...
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16 Jun

4 Fashion Trends We Spotted from the Hugo Runway Show

FLORENCE, ITALY - JUNE 13:  Models walk the runway at the Hugo SS18 show during 92. Pitti Immagine Uomo on June 13, 2017 in Florence, Italy.  (Photo by Pietro D'aprano/Getty Images)

Straight out of Florence comes the Hugo Hugo Boss spring/summer 2018 fashion show and with it a bevy of fashion trends you can expect to dominate the fashion set. That’s just how runway works—designers send the best of their latest best down the catwalk and set the tone for what’s to come. In the case of Hugo, the overall tone is “relaxed.” We’re seeing a lot of loose, breezy, and stripped-back silhouettes—but that’s not all Hugo has in mind for the future of fashion. Lucky for you, we’ve studied their latest show and we’ve got the trend report to prove it.

Scroll through to see the four fashion trends we’re sure to dominate fashion, straight off the Hugo spring/summer 2018 runway.

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16 Jun

London’s Best Dressed Get Political


Here's what the best dressed at LFWM had to say about the election

Tension was in the air last week with the UK’s general election occurring the day before LFWM was set to start. So we roamed the streets to ask London’s brightest prospects about their thoughts on the election results. Here’s what they had to say:


Ben Archer (left) @benarcher_
“It’s just fucked!”
 King Owusu (right) @Kingsillustrat
“Happy for the young voters – It is inspiring that we came together.”


Sam Lambert & Shaka Midoh (left) @Artcomesfirst (for both)
Jan Urila Sas (right) @janandnaomi
“The election is a surprise. Amazing results of all the people coming together but it should have been like this before.”

Milo (left) @citywormss Stevie Ango (right) @steviedemerde “I didn’t even...
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16 Jun

The New Milk Makeup Glitter Stick Gives Back to the LGBTQ+ Community

After days of teasing us with videos of people vogueing on Instagram, Milk Makeup finally announced its new mystery product. To celebrate Pride month, the brand is dropping its Milk Makeup Glitter Stick today. The limited edition addition to the inclusive beauty brand's popular line of sticks was made in partnership with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center (The Center) in New York City. The Glitter Stick just landed on my desk, and I'm already obsessed. Of course, it's packed with glitter in every single color of the rainbow. However, the hues aren't bold or bright. Instead, they have more of an iridescent, pastel vibe. It's like Milk Makeup's popular Holographic Stick went to a disco and came back...
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16 Jun

Models-Off-Duty: Dots On The Map


From Italian coastlines to Parisian balconies. Jeet, Lise and Elsa make it a true romance in polka dot dresses.
Try on our pick from RÉALISATION PAR.

From left: Sarah Lysander @sarahlysander; Jeet Pavlovic @jeetpavlovic1. Elsa Hosk @hoskelsa. From left: Bambi Northwood Blyth @bambilegit; Sarah Stephens @sarastephens7.  Lise Bjørgen Olsen @lisebjoorgen. From left: Lucinda Taffs @lucindataffs; Sarah Stephens @sarastephens7.


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16 Jun

Meet Antwerp’s Fashion Hopefuls of 2017

Antwerpse Academie 2017
Friday 2 June 2017 - 20:30
Parkspoor Noord
Antwerp, Belgium

Meet 5 MA graduates from Royal Academy of Fina Arts Antwerp who are making eye catching collections

“The largest class I’ve ever taught” – says Dirk Van Saene of Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Art about his 2017 MA-graduate class. The 18 fashion MA graduates not only have eye catching designs but bring a creative approach to their collections.  With collections dedicated to identity issues, climate change and politics, this year’s graduates demonstrate not only strong technical skills but also active engagement with contemporary culture and society. Out of the 18 individual collections Sleek has chosen the five you should know about.

180 The Strand, London,UK. 10th June 2017. Charles Jeffrey Loverboy shows his Spring Summer 2018 collection at London Fashion Week Men's. ©Chris Yates
Woojic Jo The Korea-born designer tries to imagine what a tailored suit would look like if it were designed by...
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16 Jun

Balenciaga Wants to Sell You Eye Masks and Coffee Mugs


Balenciaga is may be known for high-end designs that range from the luxe to the extravagant and kooky but the brand does offer accessories that more accessible.

The fashion house is slated to take over the Colette store in Paris as a guest host this summer, and in celebration, the brand is launching a line of unexpected novelty items.

Instead of releasing jewelry or beauty products, Balenciaga has opted to create eponymous eye masks and coffee mugs, WWD reports.

Johnny Dufort / Balenciaga
Johnny Dufort / Balenciaga

The items are exclusive products, so they won't be around very long. They'll also be displayed in the Colette store alongside the women's and men's fall collections.

Johnny Dufort / Balenciaga
Johnny Dufort / Balenciaga
In addition to showcasing its designs, the fashion house will...
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15 Jun

Sofia Coppola’s Colour Palettes

To watch a Sofia Coppola film is to be transported to an alternate universe, defined by her fondness for soft, natural lighting, meandering, drawn-out shots, and, most notably of all, sumptuous pastel hues. But while there’s no denying that her films look good enough to eat, there’s more to the American director’s distinct aesthetic than first meets the eye, her films’ visual codes serving to reflect the emotional journeys of her protagonists. As video essayist Jacob T. Swinney points out, “Coppola’s atmosphere seems to mirror the inner workings of her characters. [She] crafts these dreamscapes to show us not only who her characters are, but who they want to be.” Next week marks the UK release of her anticipated sixth...
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15 Jun

3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Bar Cart for Summer Party Season


Throwing a last-minute pool party? What about a summer dinner soiree? Whatever the occasion, a well-stocked bar cart is an obvious *must-have* during the sunny season. This week’s edition of Decor Resolutions will show you how to give yours a refreshing makeover fit for every fabulous fête. So pour a slushy cocktail and scroll down to see how we’d style a bar cart for a boho-chic space, minimalist abode, and preppy home.



SunnyLife Pineapple String Light ($26), Target Wyndham 2 Tier Bar Cart ($260), Leif Tropical Ombre Corkscrew ($22), Oh Happy Day Tropical Party Napkins ($6, set of 20), H&M Textured Pitcher ($15),  W&P Gold Pineapple Shaker ($80), W&P Design Pineapple Shot Glasses ($35),Zara Home

[vc_single_image image="56565" img_size="full" add_caption="yes" alignment="center"...
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