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13 Jun

Airbrush Tanning and Beachwear with Kelley Tretter

Hey Cometrenders! Summer is on the horizon and the latest bikini bottoms are shrinking as we speak! Leg lifts and squats are recommended, but if you don’t have 30+ minutes to exercises, my moto is, “if you can’t tone it, tan it!” And I don’t mean in the tanning booth. As the owner of Siren Sunless Mist Airbrush Tanning, I’m a huge advocate of spray tanning. Not only is spray tanning fast and easy, it’s also the healthy and safe alternative to tanning booths…15 minutes and you’re done! Can’t stand that sticky spray tan feeling? What if I told you all it took was a sprinkle of baby powder. That’s right, sprinkle on a pinch of powder and dust off any excess...
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13 Jun

Paris with The Fashion Playbook

Last weekend I visited Paris, my favorite city in the world. I just love the Parisian way of life. Sitting outside, drinking coffee or a glass of wine whilst eating cheese. Ok, I know that’s really cliché but don’t you feel the same way? Just two days later I went on a business trip, first to Barcelona and then to Bilbao. It was my first business trip ever and I was so nervous. In the end I have to say that it was quite cool, but so exhausting. Unfortunately I didn’t really have time to see the cities at all, still I was a little bit closer to the ocean and had palm trees around. That’s something too :) I shot this...
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8 Jun

Choker Top Trend by Style By Pear

As a 90s kid, I’m really digging this trend as it’s a huge nod to this decade and making a big revival in fashion. Whatever color or form you wear it as a top, dress or jumpsuit, it’s universally flattering as it’s an easy and classy way to show some skin without being too revealing. It’s also one of the easiest trends to DIY. You can just grab any top from your closet and simply tie a ribbon around your neck that’s a similar color and voila! Instant choker top creation! When it comes to styling this chic trend, it’s pretty easy to put a look together in seconds as it’s extremely versatile to pair with jeans, skirts, shorts etc. For accessories,...
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31 May

Featured Blogger: Clothes Minded

Hey Come Trenders! We hope your Memorial Day weekend here in the US was well spent with family and friends! This week we're featuring up and coming fashion blogger: Andie of Clothes Minded. About Andie Growing up my love for fashion was kind of looked down upon and I was told time and time again that fashion wasn’t a real career and that I shouldn’t pursue it. So, I spent a lot of my high school/early college years trying to find something that held my interest or that I was passionate about. In college I studied criminal justice, dancing, theater arts and marketing. While I was trying to find my passion I started to fall into a depression because I didn’t feel like...
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24 May

Featured Blogger: Champagne Lifestyle


I’ve been wanting to make this announcement for awhile (as in since late last year), but wanted to make sure I had the right words to tell you all.  I think I’ve finally found the words…so here we go…

Before we delve into the how or why, I want to give you a bit of a background story.  I started this blog in 2011 while I was working the front desk of a financial firm as a creative outlet.  I would finish my daily work in about 2-3 hours and had a lot of time to browse Pinterest when I wasn’t doing homework (I was still in college classes).  I wanted to share the things I found,...
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19 May

Hi, Come Trenders! We’re On Social Media (Finally)!

Hello, readers! We are finally on social media - about time, right? Give us a follow or like using the icons below - that way, you can be even more informed and up-to-date with the trends trending around the world and can enter for a chance to be a part of giveaways & even be featured! See you there!                  ...
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18 May

Meet Blogger – Elisa Lee

Meet today's featured blogger: Elisa Lee aka Memorable Days Elisa Lee is a beauty blogger from The Netherlands. Not only does she write reviews about American and European products, she also blogs about Korean beauty products on her blog, Memorable Days. Check out her blog, link below, and have your eyes opened to the world of Korean beauty products, and of course, Elisa's flawless skin (that we're totally jealous of)!     "The Korean beauty trend is starting to fly over to the US, hence there are more and more Korean beauty shops that are opening there. Korean beauty products are famous because of their innovative products, adorable packaging and affordable prices. Their special ways of how to treat the skin well is just...
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9 May

Weekly Roundup: Beauty Instagram

Hey Come Trend readers! This week for our weekly roundup, we’re featuring our favorite beauty accounts to follow! Whether it's from hair to skincare, these accounts will definitely give you the know-how's, the no-no's, and the "inspo's" of all things beauty. Beauty away~! 01. @sereinwu 02. @hairromance 03. @budgetbeautyblog 04. @yetanotherbeautysite 05. @sokoglam 06. @fromluxewithlove 07. @temptalia   08. @seduireessentials   09. @krysrenee   10. @kawaiipeaches  ...
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5 May

Vatos Urban Tacos: KoMex Food

"Eat, Drink, Chill." That's the slogan of this Korean-Mexican restaurant that is satisfying foodies in Korea and Singapore. After growing up in Southern California and Texas, three Korean-American friends living in Seoul realized they were homesick for a taste from their childhoods. They were missing Mexican — and not the fast food kind. Budding restaurateurs Sid Kim, Jonathan Juweon Kim, and Kenny Park decided four years ago to fix that, opening their own taqueria — Vatos Urban Tacos — in a diverse neighborhood of the capital. Their success has ushered in the Ko-Mex revolution, which marries typically Korean flavors — like kimchi and pork belly — with Mexican staples such as jalapenos and carnitas. -  READ MORE HERE ON NBC Inside Photo: The Seoul...
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